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The worst part about hiring a random custom paper writing service is choosing one that is going to steal your money. Not just in a way that they won’t submit any papers; they can also steal your money by giving you low quality custom paper writing services.

When you hire a professional writing service, there are certain factors that verify their credibility. They should not just be popular through word of mouth; they should also show that they can actually make good on their promise to serve their clients with exceptional custom paper writing services.

To give you an idea of what to look out for, here are some red flags when it comes to hiring professional paper writing services:

Low quality website

The best custom paper writing service has a website that is high in quality, but is also efficient in its design. A sales company like that would have a promotional offer on their landing page and easy-to-navigate controls for other services. If the essay writer website you’re looking at looks like it was done by a 5th grader, get out of there fast.

Bad text and grammar copies on the site

You’re hiring a writing website. If they can’t even write on their website well, what else can you expect from the work that they’re selling. Even if you’re not that good at writing, you will see that there are some sketchy word placements that look like they weren’t written by proficient English writers.

Too many broken links

Professional paper writing services may have some issues now and again with their websites, but it does not mean that their site is dysfunctional. If, however, most of the links don’t work, even if the site is live, that only means one thing. They’re expecting you to just email them or click on the link that says, “Order now.” They might just be a front to steal your money or your credit card details.

Generic feedback

Genuine feedback consists of details that you usually expect out of an essay writers service. Clients will mention how they feel about the quality and the price of their essay writer service. If, however, all they say is, “This site is good. I will hire them anytime”, it could be written by paid reviewers who have never ordered their products.


This is tricky because papers are generally pricey, but if they are asking for more than the other companies, you should ensure that they really are worth that price. Sometimes, these people do not understand the concept of supply and demand, which means that they’re just looking for clients to scam. Check for a professional review and see if they really are worth that much.


Now, this is another story. Underpricing can mean two things. Either they are just starting out and have very little services to offer or they’re just crafting low quality and plagiarized content for their clients. If it’s the former, you should check the quality of their work first. You can see this if you look up one of their professional reviews.

No available customer service

Customer service representatives must be available for the best essay writers site. Any issues can arise at any time, which means clients need to contact the site immediately in order to resolve problems before deadlines. If the CSR option is non-functional, they might not be invested in giving you best essay writer service.

Long waiting time for replies

The standard waiting time for inquiries for services is at least 24 hours. If a site offers rush job, they must be able to reply within a moment’s notice. If neither of this apply to the site you are looking at, you might miss your deadline, or worse, buy a paper that will never arrive.

No valid presence on the internet

A valid presence means that a site must have reviews or press releases from credible news or review sites. If they don’t, they hardly exist. They probably got up on the search rankings through SEO methods and that’s not really a good marker for a writing service.

Too many bad reviews about different features and services

Aside from generic reviews, you also have to weigh the genuine reviews. There will be positive and negative reviews. If you see more bad than good, then maybe that site is not for you. Remember, no matter how good one review is, the rest still count.

In order to check these factors, you must visit a review site like PickWriters.com. We cover all these aspects and put them in one condensed professional review. You will be able to see everything from the prices, the services, the testimonials, as well as our own professional assessment of their products.

Once you choose the company that you like using our star-rating system, we can assure you that you will not regret your decision.