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We are committed to providing consumers of writing services with up-to-date and objective information about companies vying for their business. As a part of the commitment, we are providing a review of, an organization that has been in business for the past three years. We have been able to gather information from our standard sources – information about policies, procedures, and pricing, testimonials posted on the company website, customer reviews found on other sites and social media, samples of product, and the quality of a research paper that we ordered as a regular customer. We have compiled all of these findings into this summary of Paper Help.

Services Offered

There are four categories of services provided by PaperHelp for students and professionals:

  • Academic Products and Services: The company offers academic products, such as essays, papers, reviews, presentations, lab reports, cases studies, and including graduate school projects such as theses and dissertations. Other services offered to students include homework and coursework help, especially in the fields of math and the sciences.
  • Admissions/Applications Product: Paper Help offers admissions, scholarship, and personal statement essays as a part of college and graduate school admissions.
  • Resume Services: For both entry level and experienced job seekers, the agency provides resume and CV design and development, as well as cover letters.
  • Business Writing Services: Web-based entrepreneurs can order site content, blog and social media posts and maintenance, product/service reviews, business pans, and other marketing materials and reports.

In all of these categories, also offers editing, proofreading, and re-writing services.

Customer Service and Quality

We spoke with customer support, as is our practice, on three occasions – twice by phone and once through live chat. Our concern in this realm is that the reps seem to have little detailed information to answer the questions we asked. When we asked for samples, we were told to check the website – there are no samples on the site; when we asked about the fastest completion time for a 160-page dissertation, we were told 14 days. And that included a minimum of 26 resources.

Quality can only be judged by product. Because there were no samples to view, we had to assess the text on the website, and the verdicts of customers who had received pieces from the company, as well as the paper we received.

  • The main pages of the website reflect adequately written English, with some few errors in the use of articles (a, an, the) which is typical of an ESL writer. The footer pages, however, cause us significant concern. Very poor English as well as little-to-no detail about the products lead us to believe that they have been produced by ESL writers. Here is a simple from the detail/footer page on a thesis:

“If you don't want to get into such an unpleasant situation, you are recommended to make use of our thesis proposal help, as in this way you will ensure that you submit the result only of the highest quality.”

  • Customer comments we found on other review sites as well as on social media were more negative than positive. Product recipients complained about style of writing, grammar, lack of cohesion, and the resources that were used. Many stated that it seems as if a “foreigner” had written the piece.
  • The paper we received included the same errors in grammar, composition, and word usage that other customers found. Further, we asked for professional journals as resources and received instead books, one of which bore a 1993 publishing date.

Overall, we can say that Paper Help is not a fraud or scam. However, we must also say that product quality should be improved.

Prices and Discounts

Paper Help academic writing prices are on the low side for the industry. They begin at $10/page for a high school essay with a 14-day deadline and move up to $56/page of urgent doctoral level work. Admissions essay work begins at $40/page and moves up to $197/page – quite high for the industry. We did not see and newcomer discounts or promo codes on the site; however, there is a bonus plan that begins with the first order. Once a customer takes delivery of a piece, 10% of that order price is put on account for to be used for a discounted future order. A customer is also given a discount coupon code for a discounts when an order exceeds $500.


There are extras – table of contents, outline, editor checks and a plagiarism report – but they are all fee-based. This may be one of the reasons why prices are a bit lower than average.

We have also noted that there is no Paper Help BBB membership – something that most reputable writing services have.

Final Remarks

As we consider pros & cons, we find more cos, specifically in the area of quality, and quality is the true final verdict that any customer will judge a writing service. For this reason, we are assigning a rating of “Fair.”

3 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I ordered a resume from PaperHelp, because I needed a serious paper that will increase my chances to get a good work. The support manager convinced me that the resume written by their writer will bring me dozens of interviews and good job offers. However, having paid hundreds of dollars, I still haven't got any interview invitation and none of the companies seems to be interested in me. This service appeared to be a waste of money!

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: None

Negative: 1.Not able to meet the deadline. 2.Give you 100+ reasons why they weren`t able to do the first thing. 3.High price for low quality. 4.Overall opinion about them is below average. Looks like this service needs help itself.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: cannot provide its customers with good care. I was looking for help at this resource but got only bad essay examples, or better to say An idea of how and where I shouldn`t order essay online. Direct contact with the writer wasn`t given to me (as the writer was way to busy to answer to any of my messages, according to the support team). The deadline wasn`t stipulated but only promised to be met. Overall quality was lower than expected in thousands times!!! Whenever I would feel like I don't want to write my essay, I`d still better do it on my own instead of wasting time and money for a service like this. And definitely I won`t advise my friends to buy essay papers here!

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Grace commented:

I ordered a term paper from this service, but the writer failed to meet the deadline! I received the paper 3 hours later! It's a pity that you can't rely on their writers.

Annabell commented:

They promise to write good paper for $10 - run and run away from them. Sadly, I believed them and found myself with an awful writing at the end of the deadline with no chance of changing it.

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