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Privacy Policies of

This policy is documented for the visitors, users, and affiliates of The purpose of this document is to assure the individuals mentioned above that our privacy measure is well within the confines of the law. This policy also ensures the safety and security of any individual who is present at the site at any time.

All users are required to read through the whole document and understand the parameters that we have set for all those who access the site. By understanding the document, users agree that they are aware of the risks and will not hold liable for any breach that is not mandated in this document.

Information Collection on the Site

The website collects data from all users and visitors who access the site. We compile general information and private information as well.

General information pertains to the following:

  • The type of browser being used
  • The IP address of the visitor
  • The pages visited
  • How long a user or visitor stayed on a page

This data is collected because it will help improve user experience, as well as help us resolve any issues that arise within the site.

The website also uses cookies to store this information. We also use “persistent cookies” that can be used to help users keep their log-in credentials on the browser. These cookies may be deactivated at any time on your personal browser.

Private information, on the other hand, is data provided by the user him/herself. This consists of the user’s email address, name, and other details required to gain access to the site. A user is required to register first before accessing the site. Once they do, they will have access to all the features of the site including reviews, ratings, and other services.

Posting on Profiles

Every user must agree that the content they post publicly can be used by any person who accesses their public profile. If a user hacks into your account, changes your details, or plagiarizes your private content, the site will not be responsible for any of those consequences.

Inviting Other Users

Members of the site can invite other people to register on Simply send us the email address of the person you want to invite and we will forward the prompt to their email. If they refuse, we will still store the given information. In order to remove that from our database, contact the site and request for this action as soon as you wish.

Relocation of Information

Information that is given to the site will be routed through the United States. If it so happens that the site is bought by someone else, the information will also be transferred to the new party. If the new owner is based in a different country, your information will be routed there. If you wish to remove your information from our database before this process, contact us immediately. We will inform users of this transition through email notifications or public posts on our site.

User Age and Eligibility

Children, who are 13 years old and below are not permitted to use the site. If the site discovers a minor falsifying their age, they will be banned from the site. If this is false information, the user can make an appeal by proving their true age.

For children, who are aged 13 to 18, they must acquire permission from their parents. This document will be verified by the site.

Company Usage of Personal Information

Once a user joins the website, they will be asked for their full name. However, only their first name and last name shall be visible to any other visitors or users of the site. Once a user decides to share public information, that will be free to use for anyone who gains access to it. The site is not responsible for any misuse of that data.

Third-Party Sharing

Third party entities are those who are not directly affiliated with, but may still be present on the site in the form of ads. The purpose of this is to allow our clients access to products that may be interested in. Users can ignore these offers, but the ads will remain on the site. The site will not share your private data with these entities; only what is shown on your public profile.

When Shares Information

  • The site shares personal information only when a user purchases something through our site. This information is processed through secure payment processors.
  • The site shares information to law enforcement agencies when mandated to.

When Users or Visitors Share Data with Third Parties

Third party links are not vouched for by Once you visit these sites and share your private data (name, address, credit card information, etc.), the site will not be liable for any damages or consequences incurred. The site is not aware nor obligated to check the policies and terms of the third party sites that appear on our site. Once you leave our site, our protections no longer cover the users.

When Editing User Profiles

All users are allowed to edit their profiles. We have editing tools on every profile page, which users can access to change their privacy settings, personal information, and public posts. Any changes a user makes will appear in real time on the site.

When a use erases any information on their profile, it may still exist somewhere else on the net. This is because profile information is public. Any user or visitor can use this information in any way. The site is not responsible in the event that this occurs.

Security Features is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures that will protect sensitive information from any malicious entities. We use encryptions and firewalls to protect your information, as well as your browsers. These measures are necessary for users to experience safe and secure access to the site.

However, emails and messages are not governed by these same security measures. If a user voluntarily shares their private information with someone else, or if they click on a malicious link in their inbox, the site will not be responsible for any consequences.

All Terms and Conditions and Policies Are Legally Binding

When a user chooses to access or visit, they agree to be bound by all the legal agreements that exist in the privacy and conditions documents of the site. If an individual wishes to use the site, they should have read these documents and internalized all the information mentioned.