What is the mission of your website?

Our mission is to help individuals and businesses to find professional translation services and receive the best experience possible. We write our reviews with the purpose to make the choice of the language service providers an easy and more pleasant process.

How do you choose a service for review?

Our Expert Review Team browses the Internet and social media like Reddit threads and Facebook communities in search of translation services. We also listen to suggestions from our website users and pick a service they recommend.

What do you review?

To provide equally honest reviews, we evaluate every service based on a certain list of criteria. There belong offered services, languages, industries, certificates, prices, quality of translation, speed, pros & cons, social media presence, reviews on the web about this service.

Do you order services from websites which you review?

Of course, we make an order as it is the major step of the investigation. It helps to uncover the true attitude and workflow of the translation company. Who reviews services? Our Expert Review Team does all the investigation and completes reviews. The team consists of former translators, experienced linguists, editors, and proofreading specialists.

Can I write a review about the services you reviewed?

We encourage every website visitor to leave their reviews that are based on real experience. It helps us to collect more information about the service and helps other users to make their final decision about the company.

Do you provide translation services?

We do not provide translation services. Our main goal is to provide reviews of translation agencies. We strongly believe that our website can help translation companies to improve their services and individuals to find a reliable and accurate translation agency that will be worth the money spent.