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German Translation Services

Here is the list of award-winning translation agencies that offer translations from and to the German language. To select and rate the companies for the list the PickWriters' team had considered professionalism, vocabulary, translation memory software usage and price for each of the services.






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TheWordPoint has a team of native speakers who are experts in the German language. They are on hand day or night to meet your deadline and take full responsibility for the quality of their translations.



German Translation Services


German is widely spoken in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, and Lichtenstein. It is also a minor language in Italy, The Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Vatican City, and Slovakia. There are many other places, including the United States where there are plenty of Native German speakers as well. In fact, it’s possible to find neighborhoods of German speaking migrants. Germany is also commonly spoken in Namibia, South Africa, and Kazakhstan.


That’s a lot of countries. If you plan to to work, travel, live, or get an education in a German speaking region, or need to communicate with people who are German first speakers, you will want to find the best German translator available. We are happy to provide comprehensive reviews for you so that you have the information that you need to accomplish your goals. Whether you need the best German to English translator, or have a different target language we can help you find the ideal translation services.


German to English Translation Services And More


When you place an order for translation services, you’ll be asked to select an original language and one or more target languages. If you need professional German translation services, obviously one of your choices will be German. A good translation provider will have translators who are capable of working with a wide variety languages. This will mean you can have any documents or other content translated to and from Germany and a wide variety of other languages.


We have worked hard to find translation providers who employ enough translators from a variety of backgrounds. This helps to ensure that whatever your specific language needs are, you can find a quality provider who can help you.


Translator Certification And Qualifications


Depending on the type of translation you need, you  may be concerned with certification. There are two types of certification. The first is document certification. This may simply mean that your document is translated in a way that it can be notarized by someone who is authorized to do so. It can also refer to ISO certification. This means that your translation meets the standards of the International Standards Organization. This need is most common in large corporations and financial organization.


In addition to these kinds of certifications, your translator may have obtained special certifications or qualifications as well. For example, they may have a degree in linguistics and translations. They may have also passed the requirements to be certified by an agency or association such as the ATA (American translators association). Various government agencies may also have specific requirements of both translators and the documents they translate. A good translation service will have the qualified professionals you need, and they will be able to advise you on the best choice for your translation project.


Translation Services


When you think of translation services, you  might think of document translation. This is not surprising. Most translation services focus on document translation as one of their primary services, however it isn’t the only service available. A good translation servicer will offer several services. These include:

  • Transcription Services
  • Voiceovers And Audio Translation
  • Closed Captioning
  • Localization
  • Interpretation
  • Document Management

One service in particular that many people don’t realize they need is localization services. This is modifying your web content, ads, apps, and other content so that it is meaningful to your current audience. For example, you might need to have cultural references modified to make them meaningful to an audience in Germany if your original content was written for an audience in the United STates.


Translation Prices


German translation service pricing can vary greatly. The specific type of work you need completed, the timeline, the complexity, and number of words are all factored into the final price you will be quoted. Most providers charge per word. The providers we recommend charge reasonable prices for high quality services. We encourage you to try and find a great price, but also to remember that cut rate prices often mean low quality.


Preparing For German Translation


The first thing you will want to do is to identify exactly what you want translated. This includes identifying files, scanning in paper documents, and doing any editing and proofreading. Keep in mind that a translator simply translates. They do not provide fact checking. The less administrative work a translation service needs to do, the faster your projects will go. It’s best to have everything cleaned up and ready.


Translaton Industries


Most providers offer a variety of services that are relevant to many different industries. Most good translation companies can help with German translations for:

  • Travel And Tourism
  • IT And Software Development
  • Marketing And Advertising
  • Healthcare
  • Web Development
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking And Finance
  • Government
  • Engineering And Science
  • More

If you have a need that isn’t listed here, continue reading our reviews. There is almost certainly a translation provider who can offer you the specific help that you need.