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Technical Translation Services

Taking on to technical translation requires deep knowledge of the subject as well as profound linguistic skills. Be it a technical manual, website or operation instructions, it is crucial to understand the context and have a grip on the professional language. High quality and accuracy of translation can be achieved with the help of the following technical translation services:






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This agency provides native speakers only to do technical translations, regardless of the project. They gladly accept software tools, manuals, marketing brochures and more.

Technical Translation Services


Consider this: An operations manual for an expensive piece of equipment must be translated from English to Russian, so that the purchaser of that piece understands all of the procedures for operating it safely and correctly. Unfortunately, something went awry in the translation, and the buyer has now broken the equipment. Or worse, someone has been injured because of faulty instructions.

Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence when companies use low quality scientific and technical translation services. People without the academic credentials, along with native understanding of the target language cannot be relied upon to provide such translations.


Finding the Right Technical Translation Agency


This is no easy task. There are hundreds of translation services out there, all of whom will promise qualified technical and scientific translation and total accuracy.

And the fields of technical translation are wide – all engineering disciplines, research and scientific documents and reports, software, CAD drawings, instruction and maintenance manuals, and more. Each one of them requires a technical expert; and each one requires someone who is fluent in the source language and an absolute native master of the target one.

So, as you look for a technical translation company for your needs, you will need to consider several factors:

  1. Competencies

Technical translation services that produce true quality will be happy to share their certifications, as well as the background information on the translator they will use for your project.

They will have a history of success in your niche and be willing to share that history with you.

They will have references that you can contact – references that have been fully satisfied with the types of translation services you need.

They will have great ratings on translation services review sites – sites that provide objective information and evaluations.

  1. Customer Communication and Support

No customer of a translation service should be left “out of the loop” as the translation project is being completed. There should be continual communication between translator and client, so that progress is known. While a client may not have the language proficiency to review and approve of drafts, there should also be a customer support person available to answer questions and respond to any issues.

  1. Manual vs. Machine Translations

The advent of machine learning and translation tools has brought about some changes in the translation industry. And a lot of services have moved to machine translation for many of their projects.

This should not happen with technical translations in general. With long-term clients, there may be the use of machines to “remember” recurring terminology and phrasing. But for each project, technical manual translation services should be the norm. There are just many terms, details, data, charts, graphs, etc. that must be perfect to trust machines yet.

In addition to a manual translator, reputable technical language services will also supply an editor with the same necessary background and qualifications. This editor will review the original translation document and check for any errors. Two eyes on a technical or scientific piece are always better.

  1. Pricing

You certainly want the best pricing you can get, but never sacrifice quality for price. If you check reputable translation services and translation review sites, you will get a feel for what the most reputable services charge. If you stay within that range, pricing should be right.

  1. Speed and On-Time Delivery

Accuracy and speed can be a double-edged sword. But premier services will have enough staff on board to meet urgent deadlines, if you have them. It will be important to check the history of any service, relative to its ability to make on-time delivery to clients, even under urgent circumstances. While your current need may not be urgent, you may have one in the future that is. You need to be assured that such urgencies can be handled.

Technical and scientific translations can be complex, tedious, and critical, especially when they involve safety, important protocols, and very accurate translations.

You do not want to leave your technical and scientific translations to chance. Do your research. Find a translation service that has the proper certifications and successful history, and you will get what you need.