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Arabic Translation Services

Below you can find the list of professional and complete Arabic translation services. We have analyzed and selected the best agencies that have experience of work with international clients. Our criteria included the presence of a translation test for freshmen and usage of computer-assisted translation tools.






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TheWordPoint is a reliable company that makes expert Arabic translations. They use a unique combination of the latest translation technology and carefully trained Arabic translators who are expert in the majority of industries.

Arabic Translation Services: Worldwide


Due to a variety of socio-political changes, more and more people are seeking out Arabic translation services. We can help you find the best Arabic translator for your next project. While most of our audience is primarily interested in the best English to Arabic translation, most of the providers we recommend have translators that can translate to and from Arabic dialects and many languages. Not only that, but they can be counted on to deliver quality results even when timelines are short.


Finding a Trusted Arabic Translation Agency


To meet the highest standards, translation agencies that offer Arabic translation services must be EN 15038 certified. This is a translation standard that is set on the global level. In addition to this, translators should have sufficient training and experience. This means language fluency, certification, and specific industry expertise. We work hard to vet out translation services so that you can trust that we will steer you in the right direction.


We start the translation agency verification process by researching providers online. We read reviews from consumers. We verify that websites are well-designed and easy to use. We also check to see which services are offered specifically. Most importantly, we order translation services. This gives us first hand experience by which to judge quality and trustworthiness.


We also welcome feedback from our audience. This gives us a balanced perspective as we attempt to help you find the best translator possible.


Facts About Arabic Language And Dialects


There are eight Arabic dialects. It is spoken in nineteen countries as the primary language. There are many Arabic speaking communities in other countries as well. There are several industries thriving in many of these nations. These include but are not limited to oil and energy, electronics, finance, automotive, and technology. There are many Arab nations that are highly sought out by people who wish to start or expand their businesses. Many countries also have an established political and military presence in Arabic speaking nations as well. This opens  up additional civil and defense related business opportunities as well. In addition to all of this, there are several of these nations that are considered to be a draw for tourists.


The nations with the top three GDP are Saudi Arabia, The UAE, and Egypt. This can be attributed to both business interests as well as tourism. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most visited by tourists. Cairo is the third. Casablanca, Mecca, and Beirut are also quite popular.


Translation Service Prices


Whether you are looking for the best translator English to Arabic or the best Arabic to English translator, price is likely one of your primary concerns.  We think it’s important that our readers understand the way that pricing works. This is why all of our reviews contain information on the price structure each translation service uses.


The majority of services charge per word. The specific amount varies depending on the service provider. You can also expect to pay extra for complex projects and urgent deadlines. It is important to remember that many services will not give an exact quote until you upload your documents.


There are some things that you can do to lower your cost. First and foremost, get everything together and organize. Clean up your documents. Remember that you will pay for each word that is translated. Make sure there isn’t anything that needs to be edited out.


Finally, remember that if you need editing and proofreading services, you will pay extra for those. In the vast majority of cases, the translation process does not include any sort of accuracy checking or verification. It is simply translating from one language to another.


Common Translation Services

Some of the most common translation services in this niche are related to business and industry. These include:

  • IT Software Development And Technology
  • Energy And Oil
  • Legal
  • Banking And Finance
  • Marketing And Advertising
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Retail

Most people seeking out Arabic translations also consider using localization services. This is because there are significant cultural differences between many western nations and Arabic speaking nations. Localization services can be used to ensure that no violations of decency standards exist, and to ensure that content is meaningful and relatable. This is especially true when translated content will be made available for public consumption.


There is also a need for translation services in the travel and tourism industry. People choosing to travel to Arabic speaking nations are responsible for having all of the documents they need. Having them properly translated can make the travel process safer and easier.


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If you need a reliable translation service, we can help. Check out our reviews and other content. We are dedicated to helping you find the service that is the perfect match. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.