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Post why you need your digital content translated for effective seo
Why You Need Your Digital Content Translated for Effective SEO

Companies, which target not only local but also global users, should understand the importance of SEO translation. They should use this magic wand to optimize digital content.

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Post 6 ways of becoming a better writer in your target language
6 Ways of Becoming a Better Writer in Your Target Language

Today writing skills are equally important as speaking since a lot of interaction is happening through text. Especially, when it comes to professional communication.

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Programming Languages Translation & Interpretation

Despite the language barriers, developers all over the world are able to join their efforts to create new products and keep the world moving. If you want to get the answers on questions: why are programming languages in English, and how programmin...

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Learning English as a Second Language: Who in Europe Speaks It Best?

Twenty per cent of the world speaks English, a total of 1.5 billion people. Of these, only 360 million speak it as their first language. Given these statistics, it isn’t surprising that English is one of the most frequently studied languages aroun...

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The Challenges We Face When Translating Idioms

Contrary to popular belief, translating a piece of text into another language isn’t just a matter of swapping each word for another. If this were the case, it would be a much easier job! In reality, those doing this work face difficulties in trans...

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International Translation Day 2018 Promotes Cultural Heritage in Changing Times

The International Federation of Translators was established in 1953 and is the world federation of professional associations. It brings together interpreters, translators, and terminologists.

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