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Translation Tips for Multilingual Websites

Going global is a goal for many businesses that have products and services to sell. There is growing international audience of consumers who are entering the middle class and whose buying power is expanding. Don`t miss the advantage.

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Cost of Translation Services in the U.S.

The cost of getting documents, materials, etc. translated varies as much as the huge variance in the costs of cars. And just like cars, costs depend upon the types of documents or materials, the desired level of quality, etc. They also depend on a...

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How Independent Insurance Agents Can Use Language Services to Expand

There are many businesses in which the benefits of using language translation services are quite obvious. For example, it’s easy to think of dozens of reasons a travel firm might use a translation agency online.

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Forget About Google Translate: 4 Ways to Get an Accurate And Quick Translation

Google does a great job at many things. Unfortunately, if you want a quick translation, they’re not the folks to trust. Here are just a few reasons why Google translate is bad.

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Top Location Independent Businesses That Need a Good Translator

Imagine being a self-employed location, independent worker. Now, imagine spending your days working with other like-minded professionals. If you are a professional translator, you can do that. Not only do you get to enjoy the benefits of being a d...

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Why Translation Services is a Top Industry to Start a Business

Did you ever sit around with your friends as a kid and talk about opening your own business? Back then, you probably fantasized about opening a business that was exciting. Maybe you wanted to open a fashion boutique or own a recording studio where...

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