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International Translation Day 2018 Promotes Cultural Heritage in Changing Times

The International Federation of Translators was established in 1953 and is the world federation of professional associations. It brings together interpreters, translators, and terminologists.

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Professional Translation Services vs. Bilingual Employees

Ability to speak two languages or more is not enough to be a translator. A professional translation requires a skill to convey the original message in the same context.

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Businesses Need Patent Translation, and That’s Why

Patent translation is a specialized job or task, converting patent-related documents into another language.

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How Language Can Shape the Way People Think and Behave

Language provides a powerful lens on the culture of people; the assumptions, beliefs, and the way they operate and work even in organizations.

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Advantages of Using Transcription in Academic Research

While qualitative research sees enormous benefits with transcription, the task requires a great deal of time to review and compose information. Transcription is a central practice when it comes to qualitative research.

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Want to Learn a New Language? Turn On Subtitles!

How to learn a new language quickly can be a big nightmare to many, but a big inspiration comes in whereby regardless of the mistakes one is making or how slow they are progressing, they are still far better ahead of everyone who is not trying.

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