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Post the travel guide 10 surprising english speaking destinations
The Travel Guide: 10 Surprising English-Speaking Destinations

No matter if you’re working from an office or in the comfort of your own home, the moment comes when you decide to sit back, relax, and choose a new travel destination. Your decision might be difficult to make when it comes to the language aspect ...

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Post 10 languages you probably havent heard of
10 Languages You Probably Haven't Heard Of

‘What is the rarest language in the world?’ is definitely a question that might cross your mind now and then. If you’re looking for an answer, either for curiosity’s sake or because your brain wheels won’t stop spinning before sleep, then you’re i...

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Post maria teneva 1342328 unsplash
The Guide to Audiovisual Translation – Subtitling or Dubbing?

When a movie is imported to a country, there is one process that has to be chosen regarding translation, which is either subtitling or dubbing. Although each person has preferences in this regard, these forms of translation are usually chosen acco...

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Post thibault penin 1105943 unsplash
4 Things You Need to Know About Movie Translation

When you think about the creation of a movie, you’d think that all it takes is for the actors to play their parts, after which they go home, the team assembles the videos and that’s it. However, this can’t be further from the truth. Movie producti...

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5 Things to Know About Legal Document Translation

A mistake in translation of a legal document can have devastating ramifications that go far beyond the loss of time and money. To understand the process of legal document certification translation, check out these 5 things you should know about le...

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25 English Words Borrowed From Other Languages

It doesn’t take long to realize that many words in the English language have been taken from other languages. In fact, we continually deal in loaned words from other languages.

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