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Post weird english sentences
Weird Sentences in the English Language that Confuse Foreigners

What are the weird sentences in the English language that foreigners should know? Learn more about the sentences and their meaning.

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Post song translations
Translating Songs: Challenge to Take

What are the challenges when it comes to translating songs? Find out about the most efficient strategies to translate lyrics and learn about some great examples of song translations.

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Post how much do translators make
How Much Do Translators Make in the US and Worldwide?

Being a translator is a challenging job, but it's also extremely prestigious. So, how much do translators make, and how do their rates differ globally?

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Post translating trump
The Headache of Translating Trump

The main challenges for interpreters while translating Trump. Learn what makes the translation process so difficult.

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Post bible translation
Error In the Danish Translation of the Bible in 2020

Translation of the Bible must be accurate and clear. Find out which mistake in the Danish Bible Translation has led to a serious confusion.

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Post corronavirus vocabulary
New Terms Related to the Coronavirus Enter the Lexicon

Why it is important to understand Coronavirus vocabulary and implement new terms in translations. New slang related to COVID-19.

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