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Post best ways of improving power point translation
Best Ways of Improving PowerPoint Translation

PowerPoint is perhaps the most popular presentation software in the world, used by a wide range of people from entrepreneurs, economists, advertisers, scientists, teachers, and even elementary school students. Since its launch around three decades...

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Post guide to choosing a language services provider
Guide to Choosing a Language Services Provider

Nowadays, with the indisputable globalization of most markets, many professionals and companies seek to export their products and services in the hope to increase revenue. During this process, one of the biggest challenges they encounter is the la...

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Post seven hysterically funny localization fails in advertising
Seven Hysterically Funny Localization Fails In Advertising

In the field of marketing, advertising mistakes in foreign countries are mostly associated with bad localization – which in turn might lead to offended consumers, low sales or a complete failure to consolidate into a market segment effectively. As...

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Post specific features of english spanish medical translation
Specific features of English/Spanish Medical Translation

Medical translations are one of the most sensitive areas of translation as it often involves human and animal health and welfare, while also representing new discoveries, inventions and innovations in the field of medicine. Thus, they are those th...

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Post 5 pitfalls of localization you should avoid as a marketer
5 Pitfalls of Localization You Should Avoid as a Marketer

We are all impacted by marketing actions on a daily basis. Whether it is that giant fast-food enterprise, the shampoo sales leader, or the local butcher shop – it is impossible to get away from it. Yet, marketing is not just that. As consumers, w...

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Post multilingual websites translations
Translation Tips for Multilingual Websites

Going global is a goal for many businesses that have products and services to sell. There is growing international audience of consumers who are entering the middle class and whose buying power is expanding. Don`t miss the advantage.

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