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Legal Translation Services

Legal translations are generally required to have a certificate that proves the particular document is valid. Although most often legal documents are used in governmental institutions, such as courts, in many situations business contracts and terms&condiitons require translation as well. Below you will find the list of services that deliver certified translations for almost any legal use:






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This company claims to serve e-commerce entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses that offer their products globally. We have taken the time to make a research and found that the company demonstrates high expertise in legal translations. Their translators do have skills and backgrounds in the legal sector.

Legal Translation Services


So many translations have legal implications. Even a website localization may be in for a legal issue if local laws are somehow violated in the content, payment procedures, etc.

The point is this. Any time you have a need for translation services, there should be an evaluation of any legal implications it might have in the target country.

Bu there are certain translation needs that fall into the category of “legal translation services” that are commonly understood as such:

  • Legal briefs that must be filed in a foreign court
  • Testimony and depositions that must be used in court cases
  • Documents – marriage licenses, divorce decrees, immigration paperwork, birth and death certificates
  • Wills and trusts that involve foreign citizens or that must be filed in a foreign court
  • Property titles
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Articles of incorporation and tax documents, etc., required by governments when establishing business operations in a foreign country

Obviously, there is a large need for legal language services for both individuals and businesses. And finding the best legal translation services will be important, in order to avoid any issues moving forward.


Looking for that Legal Translation Agency


So, how do you go about finding the right legal translation company for your needs?

There are some key elements to look for when you look at any legal translation agency that you are considering:

  1. History and Experience

Most translation agencies are pretty comprehensive and do not focus solely on legal translation. However, if they do advertise this service, they must have the expertise to serve clients well. You have the right to request detailed information about a company’s successful history and for references, specifically in the type of legal translation you need. That company should be happy to provide this for you.

  1. Background of Employed Legal Translators

You also have the right to request the academic and certification backgrounds of the translators who will be completing projects for you. Whether you need legal document translation services, contracts, briefs, depositions, etc., you want someone with the background that matches your needs.

  1. In-Country Legal Counsel for Review

No matter how much education and training a translator has, and no matter how much background in the law they have with respect to the target country, a highly reputable legal translation company will have a contact person in-country – preferably a licensed attorney – who can review all translations and ensure that they meet the legal requirements of the target country’s government. Some companies actually use ex-patriots who have been lawyers and who are well-versed on local law and provide consultation services.

  1. Machine vs. Human Translation

The role of machines in all translation, including legal language services, has increased over the years. Glossaries of terms can be entered into databases and entered into machine systems. And, AI and machine learning “remembers” common terminology, especially with standard legal document translation services, and make parts of legal translations more streamlined.

However, there is still no viable substitute for primarily human translation, and a reputable service that promises professional legal translations will not rely on machine translation.

  1. In-House Review

The best legal translation services will not rely on a single legal translator, especially for complex pieces such as contracts, depositions, legal briefs, etc. They will always have a second translator to act as a reviewer and editor of the primary translator’s work. Once that has been accomplished, the next step will be to transmit the piece to a target country legal consultant for a final review.

Be certain that any agency you choose for important legal translation provides these steps in the production process.

  1. Shop Around

If you need legal translation on a regular basis, especially for business purposes, you might find a few services that meet the criteria that has been listed above. There is nothing that says you have to turn over all of your legal translation projects to a single provider. You can “test” agencies by giving them a single project, provide your detailed stipulations, such as deadline and communication with the primary translator, and see how each one operates within your requirements. Do you have access to your translator? Is there a customer service center that will respond to your questions and issues? For a large project, is there a project manager who oversees completion of your order? You will soon see which agency is the best “fit” for you. And then you can move the rest of your legal translation needs to that agency.

These are just six criteria that you can use to find the best legal translation service for your needs. There may certainly be others that you will want to consider. However, if you begin with these six, you will be well on your way to finding the legal translation services that will meet our needs.