Our Review Process

How Do We Rate Websites

There are many different translation and localization services available online. All of them claim to be professional and the best for your type of project. But is it really so? At PickWriters.com, we take translation companies to the test and complete an honest review of each. Our aim is to help people find the best translation services that will follow their specific requirements and will not leave them disappointed with the final results.

How Do You Choose a Service for Review?

When choosing a service for a review, we try to think like an ordinary customer of translation services. So, we browse the Internet using different queries and in different languages, do research on social media, read comments, join communities, and threads. Also, we pick services that our website users recommend. Anyone can do it via the “Suggest a website” button. We try to review the most popular and requested websites at first to help people make the right choice.

Main Criteria for a Review

Before starting a review process, our Expert Review Team did thorough research and came up with the criteria they use to evaluate each service. These criteria do not change from service to service as they aim for honest reviews. Here are our common evaluation features.

Offered Services

There are companies that offer not only translation services. Among others are certified and notarized translations, localization, audio, and video transcription, and interpretation. Before hiring a company, make sure they provide the services you need.


Check if the agency works with your target language. Usually, they place this information on their website. If you find out that your language is missing but the company still promises to find you the translator, it’s better to take a step back and look for other options.


Identify the industry your text belongs to. Is it a legal document, personal correspondence, or technical manual? You should ensure that the agency has language specialists in your specific field.


Some organizations demand translations of documents along with certification. Double-check if the service can help you with that. Still, not all companies have certified translators.


When one chooses translation service, price is an important factor. We examine the market and help you determine if the rates offered by the company are affordable and if the price-quality ratio is fair.

Accuracy of Translation

Our team checks the quality of translation by placing an order. They want to ensure that the company is able to handle not only simple and short documents but also long and complicated projects.


How fast one receives the order may be crucial as delays are not acceptable in some cases. We make an order with each service to test their ability to stick to their promises and deliver the translation on time.

Social Media Presence

Every reliable service has social media accounts. We check if their profiles are active, relevant to the translation niche, and how the brand uses social media to interact with the audience.

Reviews on the Web About This Service

It is a known fact that each agency posts only positive reviews on their website. So, our team searches the Internet with a purpose to find real customer reviews and see how the company manages them.

Who Reviews Services?

Our reviews and ratings are not random. In order to provide an honest and unbiased opinion, we have created an Expert Review Team. It consists of professional translators and interpreters, experienced linguistic experts, editors, and proofreading specialists. All of them are aware of how translation services operate, what translation rates are average, and how a professionally translated document looks like.

Can I Write a Review About the Services You Reviewed?

Some people may find our ratings subjective. That is why we encourage every user to help us make our reviews better. Anyone can write a review about the translation service they have cooperated with and rate their performance. Just press the “Rate” button and leave your comments. Your reviews can help other users to pick the right service or avoid a company you had a bad encounter with.