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The most substantial difference of Russian language from English is that a Russian word tends to have multiple variations. This makes terminology usage complicated and often causes misunderstandings. Here is the list of tested translation companies that won't leave you frustrated.






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Russian Translation Services


The interrelationships between Russia and many other countries of the world are ever-increasing and sometimes incredibly complex. Global business functions, internet-based e-commerce, travel, international study, government agency functions and relationships, collaboration among researchers and other professionals, finance and banking, personal documents, and more all require translation services that are of top quality. In most instances, there is just no room for error.


Russia is a complex language, and accurate translations either as a source or target language require true experts. There are any number of translation services that offer Russian translations but offering them and completing them with the necessary top quality are two very different things. Many agencies have rushed to add to their Russian translations staffs, in order to meet the growing demand, but in doing so, they often sacrifice the quality they should expect. What this means is that those looking for Russian translations services need to be very careful in selecting the right agency for their needs. Fortunately, Pick Writers can ease the burden of finding that top quality agency through our comprehensive reviews and scoring of these services in all transation areas.


Here’s a rundown of the types of Russian translation services that are common today:

  1. Business Translations

Russia is a major player in the international business community. And in that field, there are a huge number of companies setting up shop in Russia, as well as Russian businesses extending their global reach into other countries. A faulty translation can result in misunderstanding, legal issues, and failed business relationships/dealings.

Any translation service that purports to offer Russian business expertise should have experts both in the target and source language, as well as a business background and a successful history or working with businesses of all sizes. It is perfectly reasonable to request background information on any translator that may be assigned to your project, and a reputable service will gladly supply it.


Here are typical types of business translations a professional agency will offer:

  • Contracts and Business Legal Documents
  • Financial Records
  • HR Policies and Manuals
  • Employee Manuals and Records
  • Technical Manuals and Specs
  • Patents, Copyrights, and Intellectual Property Documents
  • Packaging and Instructions
  • Website and App Localization

In the course of some business translations, there will be phrases, idioms, and cultural nuances that are critical – this is especially true when translating websites, apps, and blog posts. Nothing can be offensive to the target audience; cultural references and visuals may need to be changed; all elements regarding money, dates, and times must also be localized.


The expertise required for specific translation services should be in all areas of business, including:

  • Manufacturing, energy, and oil
  • Science and Technology/Software Development
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Government laws and Regulations of Target Country
  • Marketing
  • Medicine

Be certain that any translation agency you choose has an expert in your business field. If not, you may end up with an inaccurate and potentially damaging translation.


Russian Translations for Personal Needs


Tourists, students, and foreign workers all need documents that will have to be translated, both to enter and leave a foreign country and to move around within that country. And, individually, they need specific documents as well.


Here are some of the most common documents needed by these groups:

  • Health and immunization records; other important medical documents
  • Passports and Visas
  • School Transcripts
  • Birth and Marriage Certificates
  • Adoption Records
  • Travel Brochures and Other Information about the Target Country, specifically for foreign tourists and residents

Russia is a massive country with many requirements for foreigners. When you find a reputable translation agency, it will have native experts that will not only translate your documents but advise you as to what documents you need based upon the reason for your travel and what you plan or want to do while there. They can also put you in touch with local tourist agencies and guides who will make any tourism activities much more pleasant and streamlined.


Translation Agency Pricing


You will find that pricing varies a great deal, depending upon the types of documents you need, the complexity of those documents, the need for certified documentation, the urgency of your deadline, and more. For complex and government documents, it is common for a professional agency to have a translator and then another expert review it, so that accuracy is guaranteed.


Agencies will provide pricing guidelines based on the details you provide. And you should have a final pricing before you complete your order. No additional charges should apply unless you change that original order. Choosing a translation provider based on low pricing is generally not a good idea.


How Pick Writers Can Help You


We are a review site that provides evaluations of translation agencies. Our reviews are based on lots of research into those companies, looking at the reviews of customers, and ordering translations ourselves, to assess their products and services first-hand.


Before you choose an agency to provide Russian translation for you, check out our reviews, so you will know those that will give you exactly what you need.