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Software Localization

If you are thinking of presenting your product to global audiences, it's time to get your software localizated. Below you can find services that have the ability and expertise to localize your software in the majority of languages. In order for you to make an informed choice, we've conducted a research regarding a company's willingness to ensure that every word, parameter and icon in your software will get a match in the target language.






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Not only does this company make a difference in the realm of academic translations, but they also proved themselves competent in dealing with idioms, slang and cultural references. They don't use machine translation for localization purposes so you may rest assured your software won't have any display issues.

Software Localization


Online consumers buy a lot of products from foreign countries. They are able to do this because those companies have localized their websites for foreign audiences and have provided a culturally appropriate and easy user interface.

But a global economy and the need to reach wider audiences goes beyond e-commerce websites. Many of those companies have developed apps for mobile device use; other companies have software products or apps that they want to market in foreign locales. Sometimes these products are developed simultaneously, and sometimes they come later, as a company makes the decision to move into foreign markets.


It’s a Labor-Intensive Process


Software localization is not just a matter of translation. It requires careful collaboration among clients, translators, and developers.

Software localization services can occur in two situations. First, a piece of software or an app may have been developed in a native language and has become successful. The client then wants to expand his reach (and profit) by moving into foreign markets. Second, the client realizes that he wants to have a foreign audience up front and needs localization for foreign audiences as the software/app is actually being developed. In either situation, the collaboration is critical. There are several activities involved – software engineering, project management, testing after each iteration, and desktop publishing.


The Typical Process for Localization of Software


Successful localization of any software product means that it looks and feels like a product that was originally developed for the target audience. To accomplish this, there are several things to consider, and they are not just a matter of the best language translations. Here are critical steps in the process:

  1. Analysis of the entire piece and identification of the resources and tools that will be required.
  2. An assessment of technical, cultural and linguistic requirements
  3. A translation from the native to the target language
  4. Adapting the user interface
  5. Localizing the graphics and any other media, including cultural awareness with respect to replacements
  6. Building localized files and the testing them all along the way
  7. Quality assurance activity
  8. Ultimate delivery of the product

If you are looking for a software/app localization agency, you will need to ensure that they have the history and the staff to successfully complete your project. Look for the following:

  1. Does the agency have a history of software and/or application localization in your niche?
  2. Can the agency provide samples of their localization work? If, for example, you need iOS localization services, can you see specific samples?
  3. How will the agency provide for cultural appropriateness?
  4. Will there be a project manager assigned to the localization project?
  5. Will the project manager and the localization team provide you with regular updates and completed iterations as the occur?
  6. How will they test the iterations of the development?
  7. Will user tests include locals from the target country?

The End Result


Here are the guarantees you will want when you contract with a software localization agency:

  • Code integrity
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Consistency
  • Proof of a satisfied customer base through user trials
  • Software updates as needed
  • A set budget with penalties for not meeting deadlines



One of the best ways to secure software localization is to have that software designed and developed for adaptation to target languages in the first place. This is called internationalization, and it saves a lot of engineering changes, if adaptation must occur after the original has been developed.

If you have an idea for an app or piece of software that you believe may have an international market, then find an agency that has the engineers and developers to craft it for adaptation to various languages. They will understand the need for such things as wider menu items and the fact that some languages move in opposite directions (left to right, up and down). When all of this is planned for in advance, there is a great cost savings in the long run.

Globalization is only going to grow. Whether you need a mobile app or have a piece of software that could reasonably have an international market, localization will keep you from leaving money on the table.