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Our Team

Dina Indelicato is a highly skilled and experienced linguist here at PickWriters. She is deeply passionate about the origin of the development of languages around the world and invests a lot of her time into traveling and learning from native speakers across the globe. Dina’s other passion goes hand in hand with her interest in linguistics – she applies her knowledge to white interesting and diversified articles. Her extensive expertise and masterful use of words allow her to create one-of-a-kind articles for readers to get inspired by. Dina loves to connect with people. Over the years she experienced both living and working in different environments, alongside diverse people and within multiple companies, which led her to obtain a truly unique experience that everyone can learn from. Traveling also made it possible for Dina to encounter other cultures, sample local quinine, and visit historic sites, which she considers her main hobbies. She also loves horseback riding and fishing.