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Able Translations is just a year to its quarter-century since its conception as an interpretation and translation company. Having been in existence for 24 years and has had enough experience, it is expected that it must have outshone or is planning to do better than those that came after it. That, therefore, explains why two years ago (2016), the company took home the Consumer Choice Award.

If you look up what that award entails, you'll notice that it is given to great businesses that have always been providing quality services to their clients. Its rapid growth over the years has made it have more clients from around the world. It has helped companies to reach global markets thanks to their great work.

Services Offered

Able Translations Limited has invested actively in rendering different types of services over the years. It has close to 10 services related to the interpretation and translation of different languages. This is done with over 150 languages that are spoken worldwide. One reason to trustable translations is because their work; especially translation, is not done by one person. One more person double checks the translated work just to make sure that the right thing has been done.

They are believed to be the leading service providers for interpretation services, and that makes them not to be afraid of swanking on their rich language list globally in which they could interpret with ease. Their other significant activity in the company is Multicultural Design where they ask for content and design whatever is needed in a way that it will appeal to the target audience. They handle all the areas as mentioned earlier in an almost perfect way. This able translations review is not just a way to blow their trumpet but to appreciate that they are doing a great job.

Prices and Add-ons

It has relatively fair prices, and all that varies with the organization that they are rendering services to. We have not seen any of their add-ons before.

Quality Services

Quality, to everyone, is relative, my kind of quality can never be your type of class. Something qualifies to be of quality when most people agree to it or when it endorsed by authoritative members of the society. That said, it should be noted that the able translations review team noticed that great institutions that uphold companies have certified this company. They include;

  • Canadian General Standards Board Certification (CAN/CGSB -131.10 2017)
  • Canadian Language Industry Association (NSGCIS –AILIA)
  • Language Industry Certification (LICS)

That endorsement to me is enough reason to give credit to able translations as a quality driven institution.

Pros and Cons


  • Its success stories have given it more client, so it has helped in bringing the global market closer home
  • It has been certified high-quality and standard based institutions
  • Their prices are affordable


  • It has had allegations of not paying its translators but the company cleaned its name by denying the allegations
  • Has not diversified to put into consideration training of people who want to be part of them


Able translations, if it were to be likened to a human being, it would be that person who has worked with all the smartness in life, and their hard work is seen with what is put on the table. This company has done so well so far, and its ranking says it all. Their testimonials and awards show that they have not been putting so much effort into what they do, though they could do better. You could consider them with their translations rates per word but also keep an eye out for other options.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: The secret to working with this service is to repeat your instructions several times to make sure they understood you.

Negative: -

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recommended this service

Positive: I`m a project manager at a fin-tech startup which is going international thanks to these guys from AbleTranslations. They completed a few important tasks for our team. These included our website localization and some documents translation and proofreading. The most important feature of their service is human translation which guaranteed accuracy and naturalness of the content.

Negative: No significant drawbacks.

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recommended this service

Positive: Liked working with them. Pleasant to communicate and real professionals.

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