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Introduction to Our Able Translations Review

Our Expert Review Team is always searching for companies that they can assess in terms of quality. Able Translations Ltd. happens to be one of them: composing Able Translations review has been on our review list for a while, and this month, we finally got to inspect it properly. Our team researched all information about it with the help of both its site and independent online resources. We read customers’ reviews, checked their background, assessed its offered services, and finally placed an order for translation with an aim to test the skill level of its employees. Here’s what we’ve found out.

Able Translations is an interpretation and translation company that was established back in 1994. Having been in existence for 26 years, it has certainly gained enough experience, outshining many of its competitors that were forced to close down as it kept flourishing. In 2016, this company got a Consumer Choice Award, a fact that we liked a lot. If you look up what this award entails, you'll notice that it is given to great businesses known for providing the best translation services online to their clients, so it is a great plus. AbleTranslations reviews are mostly mixed, but that’s to be expected from a company of such size. It has its headquarters in Toronto (though it was rumored to have closed because of debts just recently), and its other offices can be found in Asia, Europe, and the US. Its rapid growth over the years has helped it cultivate a wide range of clients. We looked forward to establishing if we were going to be pleased with its assistance, too.

Services Offered

Able Translations has invested actively in rendering different types of services over the years. It has close to 10 options concerning interpretation and translation. The latter stretches toward documents of different sizes, websites, apps, software, etc. Whatever type of work you have, it is very likely that this firm would be able to help out. Translation and localization of large projects aren’t done by one person here — they gather a team and a manager who monitors progress and final results, ensuring that everything looks good. We know that what sounds great in theory isn’t necessarily great in practice, but this still increased our belief in efficiency.

Like we mentioned, interpretation services are also diverse. You could ask for phone assistance, with someone helping you right as they listen to your interlocutor. Remote and on-site interpreting is available as well, so get it online or have an expert meet you at your preferred physical location. There is also simultaneous interpretation for cases of conferences or other important meetings. In addition, you could order transcription for audio or video content. Another significant service in the company is multicultural design, where they adopt your content in a way that appeals to a target audience. At last, there is internalization and graphic assistance provided, so the customers can select literally any option related to the linguistic field. This is done in over 150 languages. Our review experts hoped that quality does not suffer because of this number and our chosen service wouldn’t disappoint us.

Prices and Add-ons at Able Translations

This company doesn’t reveal any info about the costs it demands on its website. We found it annoying because such an unprofessional move usually hides high prices. How is the client supposed to make plans when they don’t see how much they’ll be paying? To find out, they must contact the company itself, which takes time and effort. Our suspicions turned out to be justified: price they asked us for equaled $0.19 for one word, which is extremely high, considering the simplicity of our project. Regarding add-ons, we didn’t locate any listed options.

Quality of Services

As our review team discovered in the process of this AbleTranslations review, this company holds several certification types. They include the following:

  • Canadian General Standards Board Certification (CAN/CGSB -131.10 2017)
  • Canadian Language Industry Association (NSGCIS –AILIA)
  • Language Industry Certification (LICS)

This marks the firm as a quality-driven institution, but what is the reality? Our translation arrived almost two days later than requested. During this time, we sent a dozen messages and our translator, but we didn’t get a coherent reply. Here’s when we thought back to the information we’d gathered before. Able Translations was brought to court in 2019 for not paying money to its translators, and it openly admitted its debt. Several large clients that used to cooperate with it terminated their contract, which resulted in even bigger debts. The company tried to clear its reputation afterward, but from what we saw, it didn’t work well. Its translators are not motivated to do their job properly, hence the delay we were forced to endure.

When our document finally arrived, we were pissed off. We sent it for analysis to our Danish expert, and he said that the work is mediocre. Overall, it was readable, and most of our points were conveyed correctly, but there were some mistranslations and cases of grammar as well as stylistic mistakes. Unimpressed, we asked for revision, and almost a whole day of silence followed. We did get the revised version later on, but honestly, the frustration we experienced wasn’t worth it.

Pros and Cons

Take a look at the summary of the main points we’ve composed during our Able Translations review.


  • Experience. They have been working for almost 3 decades, so it’s supposed to know what it’s doing.
  • Certifications proving quality. It holds several relevant certifications and awards that underline its excellency.
  • Diverse services. It offers almost every service one can think of in the area of foreign language assistance.


  • High prices. The costs are above average.
  • Average quality. Translation was okay, but this wasn’t something we expected from a company of this level.
  • Delays in delivery. Our order was very late, which isn’t acceptable.
  • Bad recent history. Agency has faced allegations of not paying its translators. Some reports confirm it cleared its name, but others prove the opposite. In any case, this is a mark against its reputation.


If you want to cooperate with Able Translations, you should consider it carefully. This company has done extremely well as a whole, but during the last couple of years, something changed. Numerous Able Translations reviews confirm it. Whether it’s explained by its recent problems with finances or something else, there is a serious issue with its provided quality. Our experience made us feel as if we’re dealing with a half-dead company, with a long delay, half-hearted response from a support team, and even more delays. Translations rates per word are too high here, and considering the quality we got, it’s just not acceptable. We cannot be sure what’s happening with this company now, but the service we received didn’t satisfy us. So, you can risk hiring it because after all instances of its success, chances are, you’ll get what you want. Still, keep an eye on other options. We hope Able Translations will fully get back on its feet with time because it has an impressive potential.

20 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: ..

Negative: The prices offered by this translation service were shockingly high, considering the abysmal quality of the translations provided. It seemed as though little effort was put into ensuring accuracy and professionalism, resulting in a disappointing outcome.

Was this review helpful?

Bethan Wise

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Maybe their price is too much…I really don’t care about the price. I pay extra for quality and I got a decent translation from them. They work well. They really do


Was this review helpful?


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The price was fair I think… but the paper contained few translation errors

Was this review helpful?


Jess commented:

Had issues with the pricing, I almost didn’t pay.

Vick commented:

If you like gibberish, this service is for you. Otherwise, stay away!

Genius commented:

The work they did was okay. I didn’t record much errrors.

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