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Acclaro Inc is a Translation and localization Company that is headquartered in the United States that operates in more than provides services in more than a hundred languages. The company prides itself for housing a team of veteran translators with years of experience in the translation industry. While having a big team of translators is not the only thing that makes for a successful translation company, there are a few services that make Acclaro a critical player in the translation market.

Service offered

Acclaro offers various services which we will break down into five categories of software localization, website translation, marketing translation, document translation, and audiovisual translation. In addition to these services, Acclaro also provides interpretation services.

Acclaro provides both Android and iOS-based mobile application services. The software translation service platform supports a variety of file types from the standard development platform. The company offers localization services to clients intending to make an application for markets in different parts of the world. The company has an automated translation API that helps developers to speed up localization of application that synchronizes with other development processes.

The company provides a Content Management System that allows clients to integrate their website content faster. This also allows clients to optimize their content through international website audits that present the material to larger audiences.

The company's document translation is not notably different from other websites in the market. However, the services are of good standards.

Under audiovisual Acclaro translation produces video content for educational, e-learning and training purposes for clients. Acclaro Inc. has its own in-house video production team to keep their projects harmonized. From camera, lighting and audio professionals the team works together to produce e-learning videos that are translated for audiences in diverse regions. The company uses some post-production tools such as Avid Media Composer and SmartBuilder iSpring, to keep the content up to the client’s standards.

The company’s interpretation services include on-site interpretation and over-the-phone interpretation. Over-the-phone interpretation is basically where a client patches in an interpreter to allow two people to communicate during a phone call. On-site interpretation, on the other hand, includes simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for meetings and events.

Prices and Add-ons

The company’s website does not include a pricing system for its services. A quotation can, however, be sent to clients on request. Comparing Acclaro translation services with other translation companies in the market it is fair to say that the services would be highly dependent on the language to be translated and the complexity of the material to be translated.

Quality of services

The company’s services are generally of good industry standards. The company’s team of experienced translators can be depended on to deliver well thought-out results for client’s projects. Looking at the services, it would only be fair to note that the Acclaro translation services are not as diversified as some clients would want. Clients who require translation from unique or narrow industries may, therefore, encounter difficulty using the service.


  • The Acclaro team is made up experienced translators with many years of experience.
  • The company has a translation API that can make clients translation projects faster and cheaper.
  • The translation services have a heavy focus on Software development and online education fields.


  • It is not clear how many languages the mobile application translation can accommodate.
  • Document translation services are of average standards.
  • Knowing for certain the accuracy of the translated material is difficult as most of the translators are not experts in particular fields


As you have seen in the Acclaro reviews, the company has a proper understanding of translation services. Clients may, however, have to decide between their extensive knowledge of translation and accuracy in specific fields. Clients should also consider interrogating the company to get the right translating rates for their projects.

2 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Easy to use

Negative: I'd been working wth Acclaro for over two years and have noticed that their quality has dropped significantly since last half a year or so. Switched to another translation service.

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recommended this service

Positive: Worked with them to get my app localized to work if former USSR countries. I must say I didn't quite imagine the amount of work so it took much longer than I thought. Eventually, we launched, everything seems to be fine.

Negative: Endless revisions and discussions, can't say that's their own fault tho

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