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Alconost is a Translation Company that provides web application translation; IT companies Translation services and security software application translation. Other services offered include online advertising, PPC services, SEO translation services, and localization translation services. The website also creates video content for clients. The following is a review of as well as a few recommendations for readers considering seeking their services shortly.

Service Offered

Editing and proofreading of textual material are one of the services that Alconost provides. Editing involves checking the text for grammar and spelling accuracies, while proofreading involves checking the material for word order

The company provides game localization services. This entails voice over on games audiovisuals, continuous localization which may require adjustment of the game designs for specific audiences and alternative game scenarios.

The localization of mobile application services includes continuous localization and adoption of additional localization scenarios. Mobile application developers can upload application files into the website’s cloud and have the files translated by Alconost experts. also provides online advertising consulting services. This includes branding and rebranding, marketing analysis, client Website audit and competitor audit. An online advertising audit from the company would consist of keyword analysis, landing page analysis and a report on ad campaigns and recommendations for optimization options to clients.

The website has multilingual SEO services which include full website optimization and SEO audit and an international promotion strategy. The website also produces articles which it promotes on affiliate websites with larger audiences to promote customer’s interaction with the content. A comprehensive SEO audit includes analysis of Key Performance Indicators. The website uses data from this analysis to make website placement decisions.

Alconost creates turnkey pay-per-click advertising. The website can leverage on other advantages it has accumulated such as it partnered with Google to provide clients with a detailed and effective PPC campaign. The website has in the past offered services to clients from multiple countries and takes advantage of their long portfolio to benefit new clients.

Payments and Add-ons

Payment for translation services on Alconost is made through Public Offer Agreements, and generally, the currency is the US dollar. One thing to note is that prices depend on the difficulty of the material to be translated and word count. The word count is generally charged in groups of a thousand. Languages like French are charged $7.8 for thousand words while English UK $11.1 for every a thousand words.

Quality of Services

The editing and proofreading process involves multiple experts working on the same material to ensure the material is accurate.

The prices the website charges are essentially fair as compared to other websites. The website, however, charges according to the ease, complexity, and availability of translators for particular languages.

Pros and Cons


  • Translation services provided by Alconost are carried out by translators in their native language.
  • The website offers multiple editing and proofreading to improve the accuracy of material to clients
  • The translation services have a heavy focus on the IT field.


  • The localization services offered on android and IOS applications are limited to just five languages.
  • Most of the translation services provided by Alconost are specialized in the Russian language, Russian to English translation services.
  • Knowing for certain the accuracy of the translated material is difficult as most of the translators are natives with limited knowledge


As you will have seen in the Alconost review above the company provides a wide range of services as well as the best translation sites. A big concern to clients who are not native to Russia or Russian speaking countries is whether their projects will be translated accurately. Clients should, therefore, consider consulting the company to ensure that it provides its particular language scope. The company also does not focus on other non-IT related fields.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: We used this service multiple times for different tasks. I have to say that, while we're quite happy with their translations, sometimes they do mess up. They can send files later than agreed, confuse requirements or even go creative and forget about guidelines altogether. We like the price though.

Negative: See above.

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recommended this service

Positive: Alconost did our website translation just right. There was a small delay due to high season but the quality is good. Price could be lower but I wouldn't risk ordering at a cheap company.

Negative: .

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recommended this service

Positive: They work real quick. This, however, does compromise quality at times and the time is spent on revisions.

Negative: Revisions

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