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Today the world or businesses have moved online. Every product is moving its shelves online. The place to start when looking for a service is online. Online services have become an element of convenience. You want something - look it up online. Recently we were looking for translation services online, and to our surprise, many people, organizations, companies, and groups offer the service. We came across many translation service reviews among them AltaLang reviews.

Services Offered

AltaLang is not a one-translation wonder. There are multiple services to its name. The services offered by this page are adequate. They are as follows: 

Professional Translation

It plays besides localization services. They offer over 100 languages in translation. The page is certified by the international standards organizations, ISO for the same purpose. The page has also provided multiple services to multiple clients. 

Document Translation

In the case, you have a document with details tied to a specific industry; we have translators who are well educated on multiple sectors. These translators can correctly drive your content from a foreign to a local language in the fastest speed possible.

Website Translation and Localization of Software

Multiple web designers and software require translation services. To its name, AltaLang can be able to handle the translation of foreign language content to local languages. On the other hand, they offer software localization services.

Phone Translation Services

For instant or real-time, telephone communications, they offer provides access to about 4000 interpreters. The interpreters can do over the phone translation between any two distinct languages.

Prices and Add-ons

They offer a fair amount for most of its products. The products range from document translation to phone conversation translation share different price ranges. The pricing is something a customer can deal with. Besides, the AltaLang translation service offers add-on translation services namely voice talent and subtitling, turnkey file layout and formatting on programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and many other media editing programs. They also offer free translation estimates; one can fill the free translation template on your right and receive a quote in less than two hours.

Quality of Services

With the help of AltaLang reviews by previous clientele, it is all too clear that AltaLang is a reasonably good service provider. This is hugely dependent on the kind of translation service you are looking for. They offer not only professional translations services but also translation add-on features in the case a service needs specific additions.

Pros & Cons

As much as something might have its good sides all the time, there is always a way to look at a service so that you do not end up paying for shoddy work. Below are the pros and cons of using AltaLang for translation.


  • Quality translation services
  • Fast translation services


  • Expensive translation services
  • Slow delivery


We looked at this site from all sides. We have all that you need about this page, as highlighted. What remains is for you to choose if the provider meets your needs. The translation page is not only available in the US; translations are carried out across continents. The translators have enough experience in many fields and can handle a lot that is thrown at them.

The service is also quite professional. AltaLang has well-stated core values that guide their day-to-day operations like integrity, innovation, expertise, and exceptional service. Make the choice today!

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Positive: I ordered a couple of blog posts to be translated to Mandarin and as far as I can judge, they did manage to keep the humor to the posts. Some jokes were gone, some replaced (some really good) but I was assured it was impossible to find an analogy. Well, we'll see how customers will enjoy it.

Negative: Not everything was kept in the posts.

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