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When dealing with professional translation agencies, it is hard to choose when there are interesting language services like the British company that we shall evaluate in this Andiamo review. What we have here is a famous service (based in Leeds, UK) that has been around since 1998. They offer linguistic assistance in over 75 languages with the main focus on subtitling and spoken interpreting. Their general document work is also on offer with good online testimonials. Charing 0.09 GBP per word of basic translation that already includes editing makes them among more or less affordable solutions but it is quality that matters. Our experts shall check both written and verbal services to see if they belong to the best online translation services.

Trying to contact the company as we placed our request, we received detailed guidance. There was an option to contact Andiamo via their British phone or by sending a message. Our experts could encounter an online chat where representatives of Andiamo have been responsive and friendly. The offices are located in Leeds and in London, which shows that this service probably takes a specific niche for those who want to deal with native English speakers and relevant language standards.

Pricing & Rates

Our specialists could not encounter any price calculator or at least an approximate of how much one might expect for localization help or not-so-common languages like Russian or Welsh. For this review, we have chosen a Russian tourism leaflet that had to be translated from English. Comparing prices to the best Russian translation services, Andiamo belongs to moderately-priced offerings by starting at £0.09 per word. What makes them stand out is that they already include formatting, style analysis, and editing.

Approaching for interpreting or subtitling services, we could not find sufficient information regarding how exactly their pricing scheme works. Asking for a business help conference interpreting assistance, we have been charged £15.00 for an hour. It also belongs to an average. It is safe to say that Andiamo provides affordable verbal guidance for various cases like online conferences or business negotiations. Their film subtitles are also affordable at £10.00 per hour. It may be a bit more expensive if you are dealing with Korean or Icelandic movies where Andiamo professionals may charge a little bit more, which is understandable.

Speed of Delivery

One of the first questions our specialists had when reviewing this offering is asking: is it reliable? They may be considered as a trustworthy company based on our request because our paper has been delivered on time. Still, we could not find reviews on Trustpilot or Sitejabber. The scarce information that our experts could see on Reddit spoke in favor of this service. What makes things uncertain is that we could not find anything about how fast their website assistance is. It’s strange because the majority of website localization companies always provide an approximate.

Analyzing our paper’s delivery, it’s good to state that language work has been done on time but required additional editing as there was machine translation involved in certain parts. It might have affected the deadline that has been met but our experts could not locate any relevant information about what methods are used. Since Andiamo approaches subtitling and creative works, there are high chances that the share of AI-based tools is not that high. Checking various passages, it cannot be said for certain that Andiamo is mostly a human translation.

Trabsation Accuracy

This is where things got a bit complex because half of our translated document had relatively good quality but the second half was rather poor. One can suspect that it has either been done by two different translators or machine translation has been used. Our experts have checked things with a Russian native speaker who mentioned some stylistic aspects that had to be improved in the first two pages while the rest of our request sounded like a collection of odd sentences. Asking for a basic revision, Andiamo customer support has told us that everything looks fine to them since we had a touristic leaflet where they had to add some creative work to make it right.

Exploring various reviews, it has been noticed that translators did not follow instructions, especially where precise assistance had to be provided like medical website localization or video games for the youngsters. It’s hard to say whether this is a special policy practiced at Andiamo but our expert team for this review decided to take a point off.

Andiamo Review: Customer Satisfaction

This service can be placed somewhere in the middle because they do not have basic online profiles on review websites. Approaching Quora and Reddit, we could see that they do not have late delivery times or poor grammar. What makes them earn a somewhat negative reputation is possible usage of more than one translator and machine translation methods. As for interpreting and subtitling services, they have a much better online profile since it might be that this is exactly what they provide best.

Some Andiamo reviews mention subtitling for Asian movies that have been done in a very good way with various formats for DVD players or rare media centers. Comparing their prices to the best Vietnamese translation services, we could discover that they keep subtitling services affordable. What makes them unique is that translators remain friendly all through the course of translation. Our personal experience has been not so good as there was no revision or additional editing. They have a good QA team based on online reviews but our order has not been handled well.

Certified Translation Services

Andiamo is a corporate member of the Association of Translation Companies. As we asked for certified medical translation, the customer support agent mentioned their membership in the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Requesting individual certification of our specialist who was approached for this Andiamo review, we did not receive a reply but ended up with a list of ISO standards that could be downloaded online. These include ISO 9001:2015, ISO 171100:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and Environmental Standard called ISO 14001:2015. Coming back to medical assistance, customers may turn to ISO 13485:2016, which lets Andiamo deal with typesetting, interpreting, subtitling, or voice-overs. Based on our review experience, not all language agencies provide samples of their certification.

The Andiamo reviews that are offered among case studies on this service’s website provide detailed information that shows how exactly certain tasks have been handled. There are different cases ranging from Smyths Toys to WDS Component parts where engineering, aeronautical, and manual processing aspects have been done correctly. Still, it would be much better if our experts could discover individual testimonials based on meeting certified translation benchmarks.

Andiamo Review: Cons and Pros

We can give this service 3.7 stars out of 5 based on quality, timely delivery, customer support, and interpreting services that we have used for this review. There were both pros and cons but this language agency can be considered safe for subtitling. The negative sides include the possible use of machine translation and lack of instructions being followed.

  • Pros

Our review of Andiamo has given this business almost four stars, which is because of good delivery times, affordable prices, great customer support, and a presence of certifications in PDF. The presence of 75 languages and availability of case studies is another positive point.

  • Cons

Although our paper has been delivered timely, there were certain stylistic mistakes that have not been addressed by company’s QA team. There was no price calculator or any discounts mentioned for the first-time users. The only way to contact this service by phone is a British number, which may be a deal-breaker for some customers.

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Negative: I ordered and paid for the project but got nothing - no confirmation to email and support did not reply a few days. I had to request a refund via PayPal. They replied to me only after I got my money back. I do not know what it was and why they did it

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Delivered my translation later than promised. not professional

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Omg so expensive that I wanna cry!!!

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