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Andovar is a translation company that offers services in the translation and localization space. This review centers about the services provided by the company, and the quality of those services as well. Before coming up with this review, we checked out some online sources in a bid to gather as many relevant details as we could. We checked out the service on the Better Business Review website, but there was no information available about the service.

We checked out the Andovar website for more information about the service since we could not get the much-needed information about the company on other online sites. Further, we placed an order for document translation from English to Italian, so that we could gauge the nature of the services offered, for review purposes.

Services Offered

We looked at the company online, and we found that the company offers translation and localization services. These services – are the forte of Andovar, since it has based most of its offerings on these two key segments.

The services include multilingual desktop publishing, eLearning Localization, Gaming Localization, Software Localization, Mobile Apps Localization, and Language Technology. Andovar allows for translation from English to a variety of languages, but the same cannot be said of translation into different languages.

However, we placed an order for a document – a manual to be exact – for translation from English to Italian.

Prices & Add Ons

The prices for the offerings by Andovar are in the neighborhood of the industry averages, and this speaks a lot of details about the quality of the content that the service churns out.

Quality of Services

Since we did not get much information from multiple online sources, placing an order for document translation on the site was the best chance for us getting to know in detail about the services offered by Andovar Thailand.

One thing about the service is that it meets deadlines, and they have excellent customer support that is willing and ready to help clients in case of emergencies, or other queries regarding the services they offer. After receiving the final work, we had our in-house team of experts look into the document so that they could give us an assessment of the quality of the work.

After going over the work, our translators gave us a report. The work was well done, a significant portion of the document was well translated, but some minor sections were not translated accurately. There were inconsistencies in the translation, which led to cases of mistranslation.

All in all, the document retained the content and the context, and there were only some instances of mistranslations throughout the document that could not have a significant impact on the overall content.

Pros & Cons

For easy reference, this pros & cons section allows for quick access to pertinent details regarding Andovar, the services it offers, and the quality of their services.


  • Easy to use the website.
  • Average prices.
  • Good customer support.


  • Limited language support.
  • The average quality of work.


In summary, Andovar Pte Ltd is a translation service that can help you get the job done since they charge affordable translation fees for their services, which evens out with the quality of the work that they produce.

This review will help you to learn the essential details about the service so that you can be in a position to decide well when selecting a translation service.

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Negative: I'd better translated it myself. Very low quality.

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recommended this service

Positive: The Andovar team has done a timely and good translation of legal documents. Thanks a lot!

Negative: -

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recommended this service

Positive: Fast work but lots of mistranslations.

Negative: .

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