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Andovar Translation Review Process

Considering how many firms are operating in the sphere of translation, it’s impossible to know all of them. That’s why we rely on our visitors’ suggestions. This Andovar translation review was conceived after we received more than 20 requests. Our team worked hard to supply you with trustworthy information. First, we conducted outside research. Andovar is a company that offers services in translation and localization areas. It was founded in 2007, having just 10 full-time employees. Over the years, this agency has grown, so now it has 140 employees and it keeps opening new offices around the world. There are 6 of them currently, in such places as Miami, Singapore, Medellín, Budapest, Bangkok, Kolkata. More than 5000 translators work remotely — it’s a significant number that implies a successful development of Andovar.

Our Andovar Pte Ltd review centers on services provided by the company, their quality, prices, and communication practices. Before starting, we also checked some online comments in a bid to gather as many relevant details as we could. We studied the Better Business Review website, but there was no information available about this agency there, which is slightly surprising, considering how long it’s been operating. Finally, our Expert Review Team placed an order for business document translation from English to Italian so that we could gauge the nature of offered services.

Services Offered at

Andovar covers many key segments and offers a variety of diverse services. First, there is translation represented by 110 language pairs. This is an impressive diversity, so we evaluated it as a strong side of the company: chances are, you’ll be able to find assistance even with rare languages. There is no info about certified services, though. It’s a pity because many people need help with translations of certificates and records, particularly if they plan to move abroad. The second type of service includes localization. If you have a website that you’d like to promote internationally, Andovar could help you adapt it for any audiences, taking their cultural peculiarities into account. If you are software or application developer, you’ll find a qualified IT team and Andovar game localization who help with translation of any video game.

The third area is related to AI technologies. You could order machine translation for texts with technical focus — such service is cheaper. Automated subtitling is also a function you could use. If you want the same things with a personal touch, you can ask for subtitles created by experts. There are voice-over and caption options, too, so they can cope with video projects. This agency has three major departments: Andovar gaming, studio, and e-learning. It works with different industries, from financial to technical and creative ones. Several large clients trust this company, including Uber, Spotify, and Lego. At this stage of our Andovar review, we were really impressed, so we eagerly waited to get a personal experience with this organization.


This is where the positivity we felt dimmed a little. No info about prices is present on the site — to understand how much you’ll have to spend, you should ask for a quote and wait for a response. This process takes time, and not many people are willing to share their confidential files with a company they aren’t sure they’ll hire in the first place. When our quote came, it was moderately high: we had to pay $0.13 for one word of content, even though we selected a pretty basic service. The most important thing is quality, though, so we waited to test it.

Quality of Andovar Translation

The first thing we could say about service is that it meets deadlines and has excellent customer support. Our document arrived perfectly on time. Meanwhile, we kept bothering operators with different questions. They demonstrated their patience and willingness to help, assisting both in cases of emergencies and responding to other, less urgent queries regarding services they offer. After receiving the translated document, we sent it to our in-house team of experts who specialize in our ordered target language, waiting for their quality assessment.

In accordance with the report we got, the text was translated badly. Business terminology was mistranslated in more than one instance; style was awkward as if non-native speaker accepted the order, and most importantly, several key points were lost entirely. This wasn’t acceptable by any standards, so we asked for revision and voiced our disappointment. Operators remained polite and genuinely concerned — they agreed with our complaints. A day later, everything was ready, and this time, our document looked much better. A significant portion of it was well translated, though some smaller sections remained inaccurate and flawed. There were other minor inconsistencies, which resulted in decreased but still-present cases of mistranslation. So, the second time, it looked like our text got into the hands of an actual expert, but they decided against working on the entire document, choosing specific sections and ignoring the rest. Because of this, our opinion remained negative rather than positive.

Pros & Cons

For completing a detailed review, we made a list of pros and cons we encountered when testing Andovar. Check all pertinent details to make an informed choice.


  • Easy-to-use website. Design is simple but informative and highly intuitive.
  • Many services provided. Apart from translations and video adaptation, there are also Andovar localization services Pvt Ltd, which are pleasantly diverse. If you need game, app, or software localization, you’ll get it.
  • Good customer support. It was a pleasure to communicate with operators of this agency.
  • Revisions. If something is wrong with a paper you’ve got, you can submit a revision request.


  • High prices. Considering the quality we got, prices were obviously inflated too much.
  • Average quality. The first version of our order was flawed. The second was significantly better, but when combining both versions together, we can only describe it as average. More thorough quality control is needed.


As many Andovar reviews, ours is mixed. This translation service has been working long enough to acquire a solid base of customers, but the quality of its operations remains questionable. It doesn’t matter how many offices it opens — as long as it can’t ensure 100% control over its employees, results will be unfavorable. The company asks for average-to-high translation fees for its help, which doesn’t justify the quality of work it produces. For all these reasons, we can’t include it into our best online translation agencies reviews. Maybe in future, after it gets enough complaints, the firm will start trying to improve its performance, but for now, it resembles a lottery. You may luck out and get a great specialist who’ll translate everything perfectly — then again, you could get someone with no experience who’ll only waste your time and money. So be careful if you are planning on hiring Andovar. It’d be much better if you could check the quality yourself or ask someone else to do it before actually putting the translation to use.

25 customer reviews of

Aleksandar Ćosić

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: They refused to pay already billed job although the deadline has already passed. I had to sent 3 emails just to get unsatisfactory answer. They owe me 337 EUR for my freelance work for them and the deadline has passed 5 days ago. Still they do not know when and will they ever pay. It's shameless practice. Sue Lee, their PM didn't even answer my emails regarding this matter, but some other person and only after my third email. Needless to say that we have written agreement that they do not follow. Wouldn't recommend anyone to work for them as freelance translator.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: --

Negative: If you're in a hurry or need spot-on translations, you might wanna look elsewhere. But if you're just lookin' for a basic translation without high expectations, this service could do the trick.

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recommended this service

Negative: I was disappointed with the lack of customer support. It was difficult to get answers to my questions and I felt that the customer service could have been more helpful. Also, the price was a bit higher than I expected. Overall, I would consider using this service again, but only if I don't find a better option for my needs.

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Ammara commented:

I didn’t get the 100% satisfaction they promised

Kenya commented:

Their services were great. The delivery was quick.

May commented:

We encountered some errors in translation. Really disappointing, Can't recommend them.

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