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Introduction to BalticMedia Review

The Internet has become a dream shop where clients with all possible tastes can find what they want. Apart from physical products, people often require assistance, and since barriers between countries are getting erased, translation market flourishes more every year. Still, finding reliable company is not that easy. We decided to write this BalticMedia translation review after some of our visitors drew our attention. It was founded in 1990, and since then, it has become a valuable assistant of numerous companies and independent individuals. Its performance has gathered mixed reactions, so we decided to investigate the situation and find out more. As we always do when crafting online translation services review, we conducted outside research before moving on to inside one.

Baltic Media primarily targets the region of Northern Europe. It has physical offices in several countries, which testifies to its growth and level of development. You can find it in Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, as well as Germany. From what we discovered, it cooperates with about 1500 translation specialists spread across the world: this is a relatively small number for a giant like this, so we have some doubts about it. BalticMedia reviews differ in nature, but this agency undeniably has some loyal customers. It’s ISO certified, meaning that at least some authoritative parties have acknowledged its professionalism. This is a strong advantage we took note of. They also have a broad portfolio with clients like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Scania who have used its services. Baltic Media positions itself as a premium translation service provider, but is it really so? We were eager to find out.

Services Offered by

This company provides a wide variety of services that one can choose from. First, there are basic translation and localization. You may order general translation or certified kind of it, and it doesn’t matter what size your project has: Baltic Media is very flexible in this regard. Documents, text, books, articles, short stories — this service works with everything, helping professionals from various fields to translate your content into languages that are easily understood by the target audience. Localization entails thorough and culture-sensitive adaptation. For instance, you could have developed great video game that you want to share with others. You’ll want to keep humor, drama, even curses in the same style, making them authentic for foreigners. Only localization experts could help, and as some BalticMedia translation reviews indicated, this firm is good at doing that. Websites are not restricted to specific locations either, so you could ask Baltic Media to interpret and localize its contents to meet specific customer needs. Wherever a person opens your site, they’ll see multiple languages options.

There are also interpretation and subtitling options provided. This agency sends experts to accompany you; it works with movies, videos, moving images, and many other types of media, adapting them into a required language and allowing target audience to understand content properly. You could order proofreading and editing here, too. This agency supports more than 150 languages, which became a mark in favor of it in our BalticMedia review. At this stage, we were deeply impressed, and we looked forward to the results we’d be provided with.

Prices and Add-ons

Baltic Media doesn’t hide the prices it charges for its services, and we were extremely pleased with this. Many companies choose to keep the costs hidden, wasting their possible customers’ time and patience, so we were happy that this isn’t the case with Baltic Media. Their translations rates are fair, changing depending on the services you seek. They start at $0.09 for word, which is an average price in this market. There are also great discounts offered. If your order exceeds 20,000 words per month, discount will be 10%. Regular clients might save up around 50% of initial price. Once again, this solidified our opinion that Baltic Media is a client-oriented type of service.

Translation Quality

Our document was delivered later than requested. The deadline ran out at night, and when no file came, we tried to contact the firm. Unfortunately, no one replied for hours. This damaged our positive opinion to a big extent. The language pair we chose was German and French, but while the text itself was accurate, there were many proofreading mistakes. It wasn’t just a word or two — errors were everywhere. We complained about it, and the company’s manager promised that everything would be corrected. They were polite as wellas attentive, so we enjoyed communicating with them. True to their word, in a day, file was re-delivered. This time, it was done nearly perfectly. Our final opinion was mixed: on the one hand, revision option works, but on the other, we were sad that we had to use it in the first place.

Pros & Cons

Our Baltic Media review has much information, and it could be difficult to read through it all quickly, especially if you’re in a hurry. That’s why we prepared a list of pros and cons.


  • Rich background. Baltic Media has been working for so many years that it definitely knows how to please its clients. It has a personalized approach that intensifies customer satisfaction.
  • Wide range of services. Almost every possible linguistic-related service is provided in 150 languages.
  • Qualified human translators. There are certified translators working for the firm. Many of them are capable of offering stellar assistance.
  • Affordable prices. Services are affordable, with minimal price being $0.09 per one translated word.
  • Revision option available. If you’re dissatisfied with quality of work you got, you can always ask translator to revise it.


  • No quality guarantees. Quality process reminds lottery. There is no guarantee that professional expert is going to accept your order, so you could end up with a flawed text.
  • Possibly late delivery. Since our order was late, yours could also not arrive on time. This is a possibility you should be ready for.
  • Confusing website. While the website is very informative, it mixes too much information up in the same place.

Concluding Baltic Media Translation Review

A lot has been said about Baltic Media translation provider. They have many services along with good prices that most clients will be able to afford. They employ professional human translators whose work is backed up by highly efficient translation devices. But there are some serious drawbacks, too. Timely delivery is not a guarantee, which is upsetting, considering the level and position of this agency in the market. Same goes for quality: you could get an excellent expert who’ll provide you with a flawless translation — this happened after our revision request. But you could also face an amateur who might hold a relevant education degree but know nothing about the basic grammar rules of a language they work with. So, our review of Baltic Media translation remains mixed. It’s a good platform in general, and its experience certainly creates an aura of trustworthiness around it. But it still makes mistakes, so we can’t call it the best.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: --

Negative: The delivery time of this translation service was incredibly disappointing. Despite paying for expedited service, the translations arrived late, causing unnecessary delays in my projects. It's crucial for a translation service to honor their promised delivery times to maintain client satisfaction.

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Havin Ponce

doesn't recommended this service


Negative: You guys must redo the work. The translation had alot of grammar errors. So much for a cheap service

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Had this project work which must be translated to English because it was done by a Spanish scholar. I hired them to help me with the translation but they couldn't deliver. yet they over charged me and they were also slow with their response and delivery

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Betty commented:

Seriously, don't go with this translation agency. They make more mistakes than my 10-year-old male child.

Romilly commented:

The work they did was okay

Carl commented:

They did a decent job really but they should be quicker.

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