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When shopping you always go for the big shop the one with everything, the one that gives you easy access to all the products you are dying to get. Today the internet is that dream shop with a shelf for everything. Just recently, we were looking for a translation service for our company. We came across many sites, read online translation services review, some companies were legit, some sham. We could not knock on every door but we came across some talked about websites. One that got our attention was the BalticMedia translation website. There was a lot to talk about the site and saw it better to provide reviews as below.

Services Offered

There was a lot that offered, but for us, it was translation services for our clients. They have a wide range of translation services that one can choose from as follows:

Translation and Localization

Today many corporations are globalizing. The need to expand the market has led to the need for professional translators all over the world. They have done the same for their clients. Multi-National Corporations with the help of translators can convert their content into the language that suits the needs of the consumers wherever they are.

Document Translation

Many books today are done in English. It makes a much more significant difference if the text can be converted into a language that can sell to more other people. Baltic media helps writing professionals across various fields translate books into languages that are easily understood by multiple market areas.

Website Translation

Websites today are not restricted to specific locations. Native Germans could understand a site in America. You could be asking how but companies such as Baltic Media help interpret, understand and localize website contents so that they meet specific consumer needs. Wherever a consumer opens the web, the website will provide options for the English or language of that particular area.

Interpreting and Subtitling

Today movies, videos, moving images, films and many other media can be done in a single language but exist as multiple different languages. They surprised us by how fast they could be able to turnaround video by using subtitles to allow for the understanding of media content depending on the language of the consumer.

Prices and Add-ons

Baltic media offers multiple services. The wide range of services has led to a split in the much that can be charged for a given service. Their translations rates are fair depending on the services you could be seeking. There are other extra translation services offered by them like voiceovers and dubbing, science, medicine, and multiple industry translations, software, and app localization and many more.

Quality of Services

BalticMedia has about 1500 translation specialists spread across the world. They also have a broad portfolio of previous clients like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Scania who have used its services. The above successes make their quality undoubtedly good. Their language specialists are highly qualified with a minimum being a Bachelor’s Degree. They have positioned themselves as a premium translation services provider.

Pros & Cons

Nothing wrong lacks something good, and nothing good lacks the opposite, which is bad. They have a fair share of what can be termed as its pros and cons.


  • High-quality translation services
  • A wide range of services
  • High-quality human translators and translation devices


  • Expensive translation services
  • Poor website experience
  • Unreliable customer support


A lot has been said about the BalticMedia translation services provider. They have a wide range of services to offer to customers. They have professional human translators backed up by highly efficient translation devices. From the BalticMedia reviews, the choice strictly lies on you to get your translation done by them.

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Negative: We are a translation company too but we don't yet work with many Indo-European languages. Our company turned to BalticMedia to get help with legal translation. The translated text we received was absolutely impossible to read. Very disappointing.

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recommended this service

Positive: I liked the translation they have done for my bunch of posts but it took several weeks and I was charged a ton! If you have a large project like a news portal + blog+SMM+an online shop you should definitely use BalticMedia services. Otherwise it's not worth the price!

Negative: .

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