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Click For Translation Review of Services

There are many companies on the Net that we don’t know about. Some time ago, we received a request to do a Click For Translation review. This was the first time we heard about them, but even one request is enough for us to start our review. This service offers many kinds of text-based translation such as book, document, diploma in more than 100 languages. 

Their site is rather cluttered and old-looking, but it has all the necessary information such as pricing, list of services, contacts, certifications, etc. Click For Translation has two offices in New York and Fredericksburg. There aren’t many online reviews about this company, but all of them are good to very good. Before we jumped to any conclusions, we decided to conduct our review to see if Click For Translation is legit.

Services at Click For Translation Review

There are a lot of services that you can get at Click For Translation. Read on to see all of them.

  • Audio & Video. If you are a large organization and need to transfer lots of audio files, Click For Translation can help. They will transcribe and translate your audio or video.

  • Certified. The company has many certifications, including ISO and ATA. They give Russian document translation service and deal with many popular languages. Click For Translation can certify your documents such as birth certificates, passport, thesis, diploma, marriage certificate, or a lease document.

  • Books. Click For Translation works with book publishers and provides high-quality book texts. They deal with different subject matters, from science fiction to specific industries.

  • For businesses. ClickForTranslations can give you USCIS guaranteed service and can notarize your documents on demand. Also, they offer a free certificate by native and ATA certified linguists.

  • Personal documents. Click For Translation has 24/7 support and quick service for individuals. They deliver files by native linguists whose work has 98% accuracy.

For our Click For Translation reviews, we decided to order transcription services. We had a business meeting audio to transcribe for further use. We were pleased to find out that the service works with all types of projects and file formats, so we didn’t hesitate to make our order. The company offers a 5-minute free trial for new customers which we were glad to review.

Prices & Add Ons

Click For Translation prices depend on many factors. First of all, different types of service are priced in different ways. For example, audio services are priced per minute, starting from $4.90/min. On the other hand, when you translate/localize plain text, you pay per word - the starting price is $0.10/word. If you need the best online translation services, you can find a very good price here. The company charges certified documents per page, starting from $25/page. These figures are reasonable. Also, pricing depends on the type of document. If you translate for business, official use, personal use, or multimedia use, the figures will be different. Also, ClickForTranslation says that the price can change depending on the industry and the language pair. 

Our Order

We needed a plain transcription from Click For Translations, so the price for our review order was $0.10 per minute. This is much less than the marketing minimum, so the whole 35-minute audio was just $3.5. However, this was unedited text, so we ended up paying more for a well-formatted transcription. The whole order cost us $45, which is close to an average. Our audio was rather difficult and had speakers with different accents, so the price is justified.

Quality of Click For Translations Review

Our experts have analyzed several websites with reviews to get a grasp of Click For Translation review. For example, on Trustpilot, 67% of reviews were “excellent” and 33% “great.” Customers stated that their pricing is transparent and standard, and they can recommend this service to their colleagues. Clients also praise the professionalism of this company, saying that it exceeds all expectations. A company has a high ranking on Google and Facebook, which is also worth a mention. Our specialists didn’t find a single bad ClickForTranslation review. 

Support & Speed

Before placing our order, we communicated with a support team. We want to admit that support members are always online and you can contact them via a special form. We liked their speed of response and willingness to help. We know that the best website localization companies always have fast support. Order placement and payment processes went smoothly. We didn’t like the speed of transcription, because we got our order in 4 days. We expected to have it earlier. This company set a deadline and followed it but, compared with other firms, we got a rather slow transcription.


When our order arrived, we gave it to experts who compared it with the original audio. There weren’t many mistakes in the final version. When the speech was “clean” and one person was speaking, transcription was fine. Still, when speakers had accents, the text was erroneous. Also, when several people were speaking, words and sentences were omitted. That is why we cannot say that has superb quality transcription. Perhaps a company used transcription machines, and human experts weren’t skilled enough to perform accurate transcription. We cannot say that the final result was completely bad, but we also cannot say it was perfect.

Pros & Cons

Our Click For Translation review showed their pros and cons. We did our best to structure all of them, and this is what we got.


  • Fast and helpful support team

  • Good Click For Translations reviews

  • Many language options

  • Great pricing


  • No pricing lists on the website - only general information

  • An inconvenient, cluttered website

  • Slow transcription

  • Mistakes in difficult audio parts

We think that accuracy of transcription, speed, and prices are very important to any company. Click For Translation has great prices, but it also has slow delivery and mistakes in texts, which is bad.


Click-For-Translation is a USA-based company with offices in several cities. They offer many services such as certification, transcription, audio localization, document, and book translation. People turn to this company when they need diploma transcript translation services or a birth certificate translation. For a review, we ordered a transcription of our 35-minute business meeting to see if they can handle it.

While we liked customer support and prices, the speed wasn’t great. The company only could do our order within 4 days, while usually, it takes much less time. We think that the company could improve this aspect. Also, we got erroneous transcription. Click For Translation specialists had difficulties with accents and multiple people speaking. Our review of Click For Translation showed that their specialists have room to improve.

16 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: ...

Negative: This is the 4th service I've used to translate my documents, and it hasn't met my expectations either. The manager took a long time to respond to my messages, the translation was of poor quality and not quite close to the original. The only thing that saved their reputation was fast delivery, otherwise I have nothing good to say about them.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The translation made by this service was not only inaccurate, but full of grammatical errors and clumsy phrases. It was obvious that the translator had no dupes in this subject. It is better to pay a little more money for a high-quality translation than to spend your time and money on something you do not understand.

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Dorothy Williams

recommended this service

Positive: I really enjoyed using the click for translation platform for a quick document translation. It's hard to find fast reliable translation services and the fantastic UI that they have built is a pleasure to use. Great follow up by the team as well... It's nice to have an actual human check in afterwards and I've found them to be very helpful.

Was this review helpful?


Amelia-Grace commented:

They've really helped us to sell our products to customers around the world. It's something we appreciate hence the reason why we always use and recommend them.

Izabela commented:

tanks for the quality, weldone

Terence commented:

We've been using them for quite some time now and they've been helpful in our business.

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