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Introduction to Expert Day Translations Review

Day Translations, Inc. is a U.S.-based translation company with several offices across the country. We are not certain how many years this company has been in business, but we have found Day Translations reviews that do go back several years. In conducting our Day Translations review, we have looked at the company website, spoken with customer support agents, reviewed the testimonials housed on the site, studying customer feedback on off-site sources, checked out pricing, and then placed an order for a one-page translation. This is the summary of all that we found.

Services Offered at Day Translations

The services are listed on a separate link and are quite comprehensive. They include all types of translation, transcriptions, interpreting, government documents/services, and localization for digital needs. The languages are also listed – 51 of them, among them are Turkish translationsArabic to English translation services.

The translators work as freelancers and are assigned projects according to their language expertise. They are not employees of the company.

We were specifically looking for guarantees of confidentiality of documents and couldn’t find any. In fact, documents are sent back to clients via regular mail, albeit hand delivery. There is also a statement by the company that once a customer approves a translation project on the Day Translations site, the company is not responsible for any changes or edits that occur. There is a period of time during which the documents are not in the hands of the company or of the client, in transit.

The other thing this service also touts is a $1,000,000 insurance policy as if it is a benefit for the clients. This is an errors and omissions policy that protects the company, in the case of a lawsuit from a client or others.

There is also a link to sample translations. We accessed the link but could not access any of the samples. It appears the links may be broken.

DayTranslations Prices and Addons

In comparison to industry averages on pricing, Day Translation is pricey. Prices are not published on the site. In order to get a price quote, a customer must complete an order form and then wait for a quote to come via email.

We ordered a one-page letter of 436 words – not a  technical translation service, nothing complex – and our quote was $0.12 per word, or $61.32. This was much higher than other services offered for the same piece.

There are additional charges for some services, such as notarization, and costs of mailing run from $30 to $60, dependent upon destination.

Quality of Services

Quality has to be determined by customer feedback. On the site, feedback is excellent and fully positive. Off-site, there are comments and reviews that are not as complimentary. Day Translations Reviews are mixed, and perhaps this is a factor of the quality of the translator assigned to the task. The company requests feedback through Google+ only. The concern is that they then have control over that, and, in fact, provide a guide for a customer to do so. We, therefore, looked elsewhere. Some were satisfied with the product quality; others, not so much.

The piece we ordered for $60.00+, translated from English to Italian, we then showed to a native Italian, who teaches the language too. The translation was flawed in several areas – some idioms were not translated correctly, and this was disappointing.

Pros & Cons

There are certainly some positive things to say about Day Translations. The site itself is well-appointed and easy to navigate. The array of content translation services is certainly comprehensive, and the company does have credibility through a physical corporate address, phone number and live chat feature.

What concerns us are the following:

  • Cost is quite high
  • Quality is not consistent – it seems to be dependent on the freelancer who is assigned. The company should review translations to make sure that quality is not compromised.
  • We are unable to access the samples

Overall, we would give a rating of “Fair-to-Good,” again dependent upon the assigned freelancer.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: They respond very fast and the overall process is well-set and efficient. However, the paper I received contained typos and misinterpretations. Sent it back for proofreading.

Negative: ,

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Andrie W.

recommended this service

Positive: They are fine, no worse than other translation companies I've tried.

Negative: -

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Emad D.

recommended this service

Positive: My order was completed in a surprisingly short time. I don't claim to be an expert in Hindi but as far as I can say the quality of translation is excellent. The USCIS certificate mark adds to the impression too.

Negative: There is only one thing I can't understand: since the certified translation option is free, why do they have a general translation option at all?

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