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Introduction to Our Day Translations Review

To write an objective Day Translations review, we conducted a thorough research focused on its background, history, and ratings. Day Translations is a U.S.-based translation company with several offices across the country. We are not certain for how many years it has been operating, but we’ve come across Day Translations reviews that go several years back.

Our primary objective was to determine the following: is Day Translations legit? How professional is its service and what kind of promises does it issue to its potential clients? In conducting our review, we looked at company’s website and testimonials published on it. Then, our review team talked with customer support agents, examined customer feedback on the off-site platforms, checked out the pricing. Finally, we have placed an order for a 3-page translation in a general sphere. The following article contains summary of everything that we’ve found.

Services Offered at DayTranslations

The services this agency provides are listed on a separate page, and they are quite comprehensive. They include all types of translation, transcriptions, interpretation, government services, and localization for digital needs. Languages covered by this company are also listed. There are 51 of them, including such rare combinations as Turkish translations as well as Arabic to English translation services. We liked this fact, so agency rose to a higher level in our estimation. Their translators work as freelancers and are assigned projects according to their specialization and degree of expertise. They are not official employees, and while it might not cause a problem, it means that responsibility they carry is lower than normal.

We specifically looked for guarantees of confidentiality of documents and couldn’t find any, which disappointed us. In fact, documents are sent back to clients via regular mail, and there’s a statement by the company that once a customer approves a project online, it’s no longer responsible for any changes or edits that might occur. There’s a period during which documents are not in the hands of company or client. This knowledge affected our Day Translations review because while the mailing of the files is a common practice, it’s strange how they openly remove any responsibility from itself for their safety. We believe that once order is accepted and money for it is received, they are obligated to make sure that clients get everything they’ve paid for.

The other thing about this service that’s worth noting concerns its $1,000,000 insurance policy, which is presented in the way as if it’s a benefit for the clients. In reality, this is an errors and omissions policy that protects company in the case of possible lawsuit. There’s also a link to samples provided, which demonstrates a strong advantage — however, we couldn’t access any of them. It appears that the links are broken. Company should keep track of things like that if it wants to come across as professional. So overall, at this stage, our impression was mixed.

Prices Day Translation Demands

In comparison to the industry average, Day Translations is on the expensive side in terms of prices. A negative factor is that these prices are not published on the site, so in order to understand how much you’re going to pay, you should complete an order form. Then, wait for a quote to come via email. It takes time, which business people might simply not have. We ordered a three-page letter with a focus on general topics, so our quote was $0.12 per word. This was much higher than what other services requested for the same order. It’s one thing when people ask for technical translation service, but here, we deliberately chose a simple task with no special terminology or style. There are also additional charges for some services, such as notarization, and the costs for mailing run from $30 to $60, depending on your destination.

Quality of Services

Quality tends to be determined by customer feedback. On, the comments are 100% positive. We didn’t really trust them because it didn’t feel realistic: even the best firms make mistakes and have dissatisfied customers, so for reviews to be so identically perfect, some manipulation had to take place. Another thing that is important to underline is that this company requests feedback through Google+ only. The concern is that they then have control over what makes it through their system. We looked elsewhere to form a complete and honest opinion. Off-site, the comments and reviews are not as complimentary. They are mixed, and based on them, the problem lies in the choice of a translator. Some perform brilliantly while others don’t possess the needed skills. It’s like a lottery, with some people being satisfied with the product quality and others not so much.

Customer support was friendly, we had no complaints about their performance. The piece we ordered was translated from English to Italian, and it was delivered timely. We then showed it to a native Italian translator who works as our expert. Her conclusion was, the work that Day Translations, Inc. sent to us was flawed in several areas. Some idioms were not translated correctly, many sentences were structured in the wrong way. Style was too awkward to be seen as a native speaker’s work. This was disappointing, so we asked for revision and reassignment. Our request was granted, and soon, we got our revised version. It was evaluated highly by our specialist, showing us that this firm does employ professional linguists.

Pros & Cons

There are both positive and negative things we can say about Day Translations Inc. Here is summary of our findings.


  • Site is easy to navigate;
  • Array of content translation services is vast;
  • Company is credible: has physical corporate address, phone number, live chat feature;
  • Revisions are provided for free;
  • Good translators work for this firm.


  • Cost is high;
  • Quality is not consistent. It seems to be dependent on freelancer who is assigned to specific order well as their attitude to their jobs;
  • No price details provided on the site;
  • No guaranteed confidentiality & promise of quality;
  • We were unable to access their samples.

Conclusive Remarks

Many Day Translations reviews show the customers’ trust toward this company, but there are plenty of complaints as well. After our own experience, we should say that the truth is somewhere in the middle, like it often happens. This firm has numerous advantages that make it impressive and help it stand out among the rest: it provides different kinds of services, supports various languages, has stable support system, and is always ready to engage with its customers. On the other hand, quality is flawed, and there is no guarantee that you’ll receive untouched and correct documents in case they are mailed to you.

So, in our opinion, Day Translations should review the level of their work to make sure that the quality is not compromised. They should monitor their employees more thoroughly, sending some of them for additional training or even firing those who don’t correspond to general standards. Based on all these nuances, we can give it “Fair-to-Good” rating. If you have your personal story with this agency - share with us. We will take it into account and possibly review our rating.

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Negative: The quality control of this translation service was severely lacking. The final document I received had glaring mistakes that should have been caught in the editing process. It showed a lack of professionalism and care.

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recommended this service

Positive: A couple of days ago I used this translation service for a technical manual and I was impressed with the translator's level of expertise in this field. To be honest, I didn't expect that... True, there were a few discrepancies between the original text and the translation, but they were minor. If the price had been lower, I would have come here more often.

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recommended this service

Positive: I will start with the fact that I had to translate 4 packages of documents into Chinese and Japanese. it was all done in just 2 days. Perhaps they involved all their specialists or the specialist was really a professional in his business. It was very quick and not least of great quality! Thank you for a job well done!

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Carla commented:

I enjoyed their services all round

Thalia commented:

I think this is the first translation site that didn’t disappoint me. Way to go guys!

Lori commented:

My documents were translated to english brilliantly I found no errors in the work they did

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