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Dynamic Language Review

We decided to write this Dynamic Language review after suddenly getting an influx of requests from our visitors. Having been founded in 1985, it is now one of the largest US firms in the translation sphere that works with more than 3,000 thoroughly tested translators. But how effective is their work? Have they really passed all these tests and is their performance being monitored continuously to make sure they provide quality assistance? This is what our Expert Review Team strived to find out because they aren’t used to trusting claims issued by company itself, no matter how prestigious it is.

Dynamic Language is a certified language service provider with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It hasn’t changed its location since the moment of being established, which speaks of its stable and relentless growth. After visiting DynamicLanguage.com, we noticed how it boasts of having more than 720,400,000 words translated. It is indeed an impressive number, but it’s not surprising, considering years of its work. It has managed to acquire ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality certifications, so we had big hopes as we proceeded with our test. This is what we learned for our review.

Services Offered

Dynamic Language reviews indicated that this company offers a rich range of services, and it turned out to be true. It specializes in certified, general, and machine translation, software and website localization, trans-creation, and other related options, coordinating all processes with their clients even if they live abroad. More than 150 languages and dialects are supported, so you’re guaranteed to find a language pair you need. But to provide you with more thorough information, we chose six biggest categories that Dynamic Language works with. Here’s what you could count on upon hiring it.

  • Translation. As we mentioned, you could ask for a certified kind of it in case you have official documents to submit; then there is a general translation that covers different spheres, from technical to medical and creative ones; in addition, Dynamic Language center offers machine option. Your document would be translated with the help of AI before being edited by a proofreader.
  • Localization. Agency’s group of linguists studies and transforms documents, websites, and software in a way that helps you reach target audience in a culturally appropriate manner. In such projects, your unique tone is preserved.
  • Interpretation. Dynamic Language ensures that all communication kinds are covered, so its professional interpreters can assist you in face-to-face meetings, during telephone calls, teleconferences, etc.
  • Transcription. They can convert your audio files into text by providing ISO certified transcription services. Their emphasis is placed on attaining maximum accuracy with the fastest possible turnaround.
  • Deaf/Limited Vision Services. Dynamic Languages guarantees that your deaf and limited vision audiences will understand your content.
  • Trans-creation. They innovatively adjust the original meaning of your materials to cater to all audiences, irrespective of where they live or which languages they speak.

Company states that it endeavors to go above and beyond clients’ expectations. They achieve this by working with qualified people and making use of industry-leading software, including Adobe & Microsoft Suites, Access Dynamic, Dynamic’s custom Translation Management System, and others. They also have a definite procedure when working on translation as well as localization projects. All these tasks, such as legal, business, medical, transcript translations, etc., go through the hands of a qualified linguist first. This company hires only native speakers to ensure that they know target language perfectly. Afterward, project is placed under review of another expert who does final polishing.

We liked these findings. Dynamic language service provider works with different industries, including aerospace, education, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, retail, tourism, and several others. This diversity speaks of impressive growth, so we looked forward to seeing whether quality would correspond to claimed prestige.


Unfortunately, this agency doesn’t indicate any of its prices on its website. This is a huge disappointment since it’s an unprofessional approach that mostly inexperienced agencies take. If a client has no idea what they should pay, they must present all info about their order, including sensitive details. Then they must wait until someone contacts them with a price quote. It is time-consuming and frustrating, not to mention that it inspires doubts. The only positive moment is, Dynamic Language mentions that minimal price for an order is $60, so you can base your opinion on this number. Review team paid $0.15 for one word, which is a price above market average.

Quality of Dynamic Language Services

Our order arrived ten minutes later than required, but since the delay was minimal, we decided not to complain about it. Our target language was German, so we sent the completed project to a German expert we trust. He returned it a while later, saying that it was only barely passable. Apparently, there were serious mistakes with both content and language: some sentences were mistranslated to the point where the meaning was lost while the text was flawed in many instances. All in all, content looked like it was prepared by a cheap company that didn’t care about quality. We certainly didn’t see the dual input that Dynamic Translation promised.

Review team voiced all these complaints and submitted a revision request. Operators, who had been friendly before, now lost their cheerfulness. The guy we talked to was sullen and displeased. While he agreed to arrange revision, he made us feel unwelcome. The redeeming factor is that when an expert revised our file, it looked much better. This didn’t allow us to dismiss the firm entirely.

Pros & Cons of Dynamic Language Company

Take a look at the shortened version of this company’s pros and cons.


  • Diversity. They accept numerous types of file formats, including CDs, cassettes, videos, text, digital files, etc. Over 150 languages and multiple industries are supported.
  • Effective revisions. Dynamic Language’s team revised our order for free and improved its quality by a lot.
  • Impressive experience. Company has more than 30 years of experience.
  • Certified services provided. You could order certified translation from this firm.


  • Expensive services. The price is higher than in most other companies. Also, it’s not published on the site itself.
  • Insufficient quality. The first order we got was very flawed and unprofessional.
  • Unstable communication. Some operators are friendly while others verge on being rude.


When choosing a reliable company, it is important to consider every aspect representing its service. We hope that our review makes it easier for you to understand in what direction to look. Dynamic Language is an old and experienced company, but while it might have been thriving at some point, now it goes through significant quality challenges. Perhaps it has become too big, so now it struggles with monitoring the performance of every translator it cooperates with. We weren’t satisfied with the quality of our technical text. It became better after revision, but when you pay money for something, you have every right to expect stellar service from the start. For better outcomes, read more DynamicLanguage reviews, speak to the firm’s operators if you want, so that you could make an informed decision based on your needs. This company has many loyal clients, but not everyone is pleased with its work.

20 customer reviews of DynamicLanguage.com


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Overall, it's an okay service.I wish the prices were lower, though, or any discount offers for a military man

Was this review helpful?

Roan Ridley

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: you gave us discount. thank you. but we found errors in your work.but it can be fixed I guess.please fix it

Was this review helpful?


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I thought they were some regular group of translators but the work they always turn over has in depth quality. They don’t charge a lot too yet they work quickly.

Was this review helpful?


Betty commented:

Yes! I found the perfect translation service for me!

Ursula commented:

imo they’re the best they get the job done

Youssef Wicks commented:

Their services were fast, reliable, and their site was user-friendly.

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