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There has been a sudden flood of requests for us to write EspressoTranslations review from visitors to our website, so we decided to meet their demands and conduct our personal research. The modern translation market has many companies in it, both new and old, and EspressoTranslations takes a place right in the middle.

It was founded in 2011, so it has a solid experience. It also has an office in London, and it follows a classic business model. In other words, it provides different kinds of translation in 150 languages instead of specializing in some narrow area. With 2000 translators at your service, you could find assistance very quickly. But is it worth the price? Our review team endeavored to find out.

General Overview & First Impressions

First, we focused on answering the main question about is it reliable? Its London office is real, just as certificates it holds, but its website is a little misleading. It lists many different cities, including San Francisco, New York, Dublin, etc. as if it has an established physical presence there, but nothing confirms this fact. More than that, website content isn’t written well.

Here's one of its sentences: “We will send back a fully transparent quote form a certified translation either in a form document form of video.” As you can see, it makes no sense, and it has so many issues that describing them would take a whole passage. If EspressoTranslations didn’t bother hiring good copywriters for its website, what translators are working for it? Reviews from clients are mostly positive, but some among them look suspicious — company replies to them in such a shallow way that it looks like it knows these are not real customers. To find truth, we continued our evaluation.

Placing an Order for Our EspressoTranslations Review

When searching for professional translation services, our reviewers always place sample orders. This helps us understand what real customers should expect and gives us a deeper insight into the company. EspressoTranslations offers many types of translating help in different spheres. Here’s what you could order here.

  • Simple & certified translation. This company cooperates with certified translators, so you can expect a verified type of help.
  • Localization. If you’d like to adapt your content and make the target audience relate to it, order localization. EspressoTranslations has this option.   
  • Voice-over. Several Espresso Translations reviews mention this service. It’s for videos where experts describe what is happening aloud for your audience.
  • Subtitling. This is an alternative to voice-overs.
  • Transcription. Want to make audio into text? These guys could help.
  • Transcreation. This translating form is complex: it requires a complete transformation of original text into something that target population would be able to understand 100%, with all the humor, quirkiness, etc.

There is also desktop publishing and other language solutions you could ask for. The company supports different industries: they range from financial to technical, creative, medical, and other sectors. For this EspressoTranslations review, we asked for translation for our marketing research into Chinese. The order was for 5 pages, and we set a deadline for 14 weeks. This is a standard timeframe that shouldn’t cost much, and it doesn’t put much pressure on a translator. We were curious whether everything would be delivered on time.

Prices and Other Fees

Several EspressoTranslations reviews we saw complained about the fact that this company charges too much for even basic orders. Because of this, we went to look for prices, but unfortunately, we didn’t find anything published on the website. It means that EspressoTranslations refuses to share the details, and its customers need to send a request for a price quote before they find out how much they’ll have to pay. This approach is frustrating and we dislike it. Just imagine: you need to get the best Spanish translation services ASAP because the deadline is running out sooner than you expected, and instead of seeing whether you can afford help from EspressoTranslations, you’re forced to wait until managers get back to you. It’s time-consuming and unnecessary. Firms with acceptable prices usually disclose such details from the start for everyone to see.

Translation project our review team ordered cost them $0.21 per word. This is a lot, especially when you remember that our deadline was pretty long. For example, the best Chinese translation agencies charge between $0.12-0.16 for one word of content. You’ll be overpaying for the same services at this company. From better news, there are no extra fees. Clients pay via bank cards or through PayPal, so transactions are completely safe, too.

Quality: General and Personal Observations

As most reviews indicated, this agency offers a great level of quality. Most clients seemed pleased with what they got; some of them even claimed to have long-term cooperation with EspressoTranslations that goes on for years. Because of that, despite our doubts about legitimacy of these reviews, we were optimistic. We enjoyed speaking with our translator and with managers — everyone seemed professional and understanding. Unfortunately, though, our translation didn’t arrive when it had to. We waited for 3 more hours and got nothing but vague promises and apologies. Finally, we got the order, but the impression was already damaged.

The quality of translation was relatively high. There were some proofreading issues the experts working on review of EspressoTranslations noted, but they weren’t terrible. We still asked for our translator to revise the text, but mostly because we wanted to test this function. To our surprise, it was faulty. Some mistakes disappeared, but most others remained. It means that while the quality is decent, this company’s employees don’t care about improving it.

Pros and Cons: Informative Summary

In the process of our review, we took careful notice of both advantages and disadvantages of this service. Some things about it impressed us, others were disappointing. We’re going to list their short summaries below. Make your own judgment!


  • The company has mostly good customer reviews. On various websites, there is a consensus that EspressoTranslations is a great company. Most reviews about it are highly positive.
  • A lot of translation services are available. At, clients are allowed to choose between different translating options, including localization, transcreation, voice-over, etc.
  • Quality. Our team was pleased with the quality we got. Translation was accurate and mostly clean; even our original style was preserved.


  • High & hidden prices. This is an expensive firm that not everyone could afford to hire. It hides its prices from customers, asking them to place a private inquiry.
  • Revisions aren’t effective. Our reviewers outlined our demands clearly, but our translator didn’t follow them. The order wasn’t improved properly.
  • Late order deliveries. Being late even for a few minutes is already unacceptable for good companies. EspressoTranslations delayed the delivery for 3+ hours.

Finishing Up Our Espresso Translations Review

All in all, our review team cannot recommend EspressoTranslations since there are too many risks you’ll be facing as its clients. Yes, it has great diversity and its quality is good, but you could find Chinese, Italian, or the best German translation services for much lower prices and on better terms. Late deliveries should never be a part of professional business, and revisions should be there to correct the problems, not ignore them. If you are interested in finding another service, check our reviews — we have plenty of them for many industries. If you decide on hiring EspressoTranslations, after all, proceed carefully. 

13 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: ---

Negative: What a disappointment this translation agency turned out to be. I sent them my important document, hoping for an accurate translation, but I was so wrong. This was my first and last time using this service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: This translation service provided me with a completely unusable translation. The grammar and syntax were completely wrong and it was obvious that the translator did not understand the source language. In spite of numerous attempts to contact the support service I failed to solve the problem...

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Kamile Parrish

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Made sense at the begin. But later, it was like the writing was a mix of multiple languages. Please fix this or send my money back. I paid for this and after keeping me waiting, i deserve a better service

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Jena commented:

My friend, native, read through their translation and found some mistakes. Nice price but average quality.

Malaikah commented:

Imagine them delivering a service I paid for after 3 weeks despite we agreeing 6 days. Shame on you people.

Fred commented:

Their turnaround is like the slowest I've ever encountered

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