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Our Gengo Review Process

The evaluation of any organization requires following specific steps to test every side of provided service. Gengo reviews helped us select this particular company: it is frequently discussed online as well as featured in various ads, and its online presence is relatively big. When you visit its site, there will always be someone ready to share more lucrative details with you in the hopes of getting you as a client. But can you really trust it?

The first question we tried to answer in our Gengo review was, what do customers think about this service? Sure, not all comments are authentic: some are written by competitors while others are published by company’s representatives. We know how to tell them apart, though. After doing our research, we determined that while there are no negative reports on the BBB website, general reviews are mostly negative. But this didn’t stop us, and we proceeded to research it further. Company is a crowd-based translation platform, and we were interested in seeing how this process works. We placed an order for technical document translation of 7 pages and started waiting for results.

What Gengo Offers

Gengo Inc.’s translation services are quite limited. We suspect that this is due to the nature of crowdsourced translations this firm practices — there is no localization offered, for example, because having many people adapt one video game based on cultural standards of a specific country is bound to end in disaster. Nor do they offer subtitles, video translation, or captioning services.

On the good side, Gengo provides translation services for a wide variety of industries, including e-commerce, web design, training, software, and more. It is possible to receive translations from English into numerous languages, but at the same time, they can only translate some languages into English. Several major options aren’t covered, so you might want to check a list before thinking about engaging with this agency further. For our Gengo review, we placed an order asking to have document with a set of safety regulations for employees translated from English into Arabic.

Prices and Add Ons at

Our professional team opted for a business quality translation. After all order-related details were presented, our rate got up to 12 cents per word. This price is a bit high, but it’s acceptable for a business level work. There is an option to ask for additional services, which is an advantage for those who seek something extra, but drawback is, these prices aren’t published on the website. To establish how much you’ll have to pay, you will need to send a clarification request. Our team didn’t order any add ons, so there is nothing to say about the quality of these services.

Gengo Translation Reviews

Many people who have tried this firm prior to us published what we call “MyGengo translation” reviews. We studied them thoroughly, and from what was established, a concept on which company operates is a good one, but Gengo applies it so poorly that bad results are inevitable. Unfortunately, this was the case with our order, too. Our document, which entailed a list of safety rules for lab technicians, had an abysmal quality when delivered. It was clear that whoever did translation had no actual understanding of important protocols or terminology that is commonly used in the labs. Safety rules not being followed because of a poor translation are disastrous. Fortunately, in our case, an order was placed for review purposes only. We have access to experts who can identify bad translations, so no one suffered as a result of this work.

Needless to say, our review team was very disappointed with our Gengo translator, so of course, demanded a revision. For the credit, they got in touch right away and promised to correct everything. But when our team got a revised document almost a week later, it was still just as flawed. Sure, some mistakes we pointed out were corrected, but new ones appeared and many others remained the same. We expected Gengo Quality Control to take our order under close monitoring, considering our earlier displeasure, but it didn’t happen. In conclusion, Gengo translation was flawed and left a lot to be desired in terms of quality as well as accuracy.

Pros & Cons

There is a lot of information to absorb and to help you focus on the most important points, we’ve created a list with the main pros and cons we faced when composing our review. Please consider them before making a decision about using this translation company.


  • Website is easy to navigate. Site design is pleasant enough, and you can find everything you need about offered services there.
  • Upfront pricing. You won’t have to waste your time on ordering a free quote, describing details about your order, and uploading the files just to find out how much you’ll have to pay. Prices are listed directly, and while yours might differ depending on your deadline, you’ll still get the approximate amount.
  • Stable communication. Whenever we tried to contact someone, we got an immediate reply. This pleased us because, with online sites like this, communication is everything.


  • Poor quality translations. Gengo translation we received was done very badly. True to its promise, agency assigned several translators at once to work on our assignment, but if anything, it made the final result even more catastrophic. The styles differed drastically, and none of the parts was good. As our experts said, the document had vivid traces of machine work, with only light and awkward editing done afterward.
  • Limited language support. The operators couldn’t speak Arabic, so we had to communicate with them in English. It might be a problem for those who don’t know English well enough.
  • Prices to quality ratio is inappropriate. Translation services rates are not budget-friendly when you consider the final result. We paid for a business level of work yet what we got could only qualify as something done by an amateur. · Little to no quality control. Even after revision, the document didn’t become better: many mistakes remained despite the fact that we listed them in our revision request.


So, is Gengo legit? Yes, it is, but only in the sense of its actual existence. Sure, it has clearly helped some clients, but based on our research, the majority remain displeased, and we weren’t an exception. There were too many issues with too many crucial work aspects, so we are sad to say that this is definitely not the best translation company and we advise you to proceed with care. You can look through many of our reviews and locate better quality translation services.

Do you disagree with our feedback? If you have your own opinion on the work of this company, consider writing “MyGengo review” and sharing it with us. Provide all the details, and if we get enough of such reports, we’ll test this agency again and adjust our review in case the new results are different. Everyone can change, and we firmly believe in giving second chances.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I was pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and quality provided by this translation service. The translations were accurate and well-crafted, capturing the essence of the original text. The competitive prices and timely delivery added to the overall positive experience.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: It was obvious that my translation was done by a professional, he understood the subject matter quickly, and in the end he delivered a quality end product. But I was a little confused when they told me the price, I did not think it would be so expensive.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I don't like the way they interpreted the language..... I think a lot of meaning was lost in the translated version, but I have no complaints about the delivery and grammar.

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Iolo commented:

We gave them a try, and they are simply fast and reliable.

Ezra commented:

Couldn’t have asked for a better job thanks guys

John commented:

I strongly recommend these guys. They’re so reliable. They never disappoint.

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