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People will always be interested in translation companies and we’ll always need to assess them; this time, we present GetBlend review. You wanted to know more about it, so we covered all nuances a client would wish to learn before deciding if they should hire its experts. Initially, this company was called One Hour Translation. It appeared in 2008 — its experience is impressive. Instead of falling apart like many new agencies, it evolved and underwent a successful rebranding.

GetBlend .com covers over 120 languages and provides the most diverse services, focusing on them all in equal measure. It has about 25K translators, editors, and other employees, and it boasts of opening offices all over the world. You could find it in the US, China, Israel, Ukraine, and Romania — or at least the company says so. We didn’t find any relevant addresses, so we cannot confirm the existence of these offices. Reviews from clients are positive, but translators mentioned some problems. Interested in learning more? You’ll find every answer below.

Analyzing the Choice of Services for Review

Clients have different requests. We appreciate when companies provide diverse online translation services to their customers, and GetBlend scored the highest number of points here. The only major option it lacks is interpreting. Everything else is on offer: you could order general translation, video or audio transcription, localization, content writing, subtitles, dubbing, and many other services. This company helps all types of people: you could ask for assistance with a personal project in nursing, hire a transcriber who understands technologies, or give your video a professional-sounding voice. Businesses could find even more kinds of options. could educate their employees in terms of languages and develop talents following the unique criteria they set.

We felt impressed with such a great variety of services. It’s a pity that interpreting is missing; we also didn’t see any information about certified translations, but this is a very small drawback. A strong point is the number of sectors and topics. This agency is highly innovative, something you can notice starting with its website — it looks amazing and modern. As we learned in GetBlend review, even if your project is extremely complex or represents a rare sphere, these guys will do everything to find a fitting specialist. Their managers are attentive and reply to every message quickly. We wanted to receive a client experience, so we placed an order. We asked for localization of a business-based app from Italian to English. The level of support managers gave us was pleasing. We appreciated it, and we looked forward to seeing if translators were going to perform well.

How About Prices? We Have Bad News

When someone asks us about any company, they always mention prices. This is not surprising as website localization services could be expensive. We suspected this might be the case here as some GetBlend reviews complained about it. The sad fact is that when a company is old, it has a bad habit of overcharging its clients. Its services aren’t necessarily better, but it takes extra money for deigning to help you. We despise this approach. GetBlend hides its rates and for a good reason — they are extremely high, so it doesn’t want to scare off its clients right away. For learning how much they might be paying, customers should contact managers and request a free quote.

Because of this, we cannot share the general picture of prices in our review of GetBlend, but we can describe our personal experience. We paid around $0.20 per word, which is outrageous. While we ordered localization, our project wasn’t that complex, it mostly involved simple language and short sentences. It also had a lengthy deadline, and we didn’t issue any additional demands. This was a rip off. Not every person is going to be able to afford these services, especially if their order is tough.

Service Quality: How Good These Translators Really Are

Customers left mostly positive GetBlend reviews. They praised it for providing them with accurate translations and treating them with friendly professionalism. The majority of complaints centered on prices — this isn’t bad, especially for an older company. But translators had other things to say. We saw multiple negative reviews where they shared stories of delayed salaries, insulting rates, harsh conditions, and worsening quality of work. Some discussed an aspect that worried us most: apparently, GetBlend has started implementing machine translation widely, and now its experts can only edit such texts. This is concerning because quality cannot be high under these circumstances. But we decided to be patient and wait for our project.

It arrived on time. This made us hopeful, but when we began to analyze the text itself, we saw that translators’ reviews were right. What we got wasn’t localization: it was translation, and it wasn’t done well. The mechanical-sounding phrases and numerous instances of mistranslations stood out and screamed of machine work. The editing itself wasn’t that bad, we didn’t see any serious mistakes, but accuracy was below satisfactory. If you were planning to hire one of good patent translation companies for your invention or localize a game, this is not the place for you. Presenting machine work as that of human translators only because they edited it is misleading. We cannot approve of it, and we issued our complaint. Managers remained sweet, but they denied our accusations. We didn’t manage to arrive at any pleasing resolution by the end of our experience.

Does the Company Have More Good or Bad Sides? Decide by Yourself, is it reliable? Each person will have their own opinion. We compiled a list with key strengths and weaknesses of this company. Check it out.


  • A known company in the market. GetBlend aka OneHourTranslation made a name for itself in the translating market. It has been functioning for over a decade now.

  • Good reviews from clients. Most customers rated this service highly.

  • Innovative approach to services. Customers could find a great range of services in this company. Whether you need Spanish translation services or Japanese dubbing for a self-made project, you’ll find your assistants. Its website is also impressive.

  • Friendly customer support. Managers reply to questions plus always show warm attitude to clients, even during conflicts.


  • Inflated rates for translation. As we saw from review, translations are too expensive in this company. Most other services will likely charge less for the same services.

  • Potentially misleading information. The company claims that it has multiple offices but we didn’t find any direct confirmation of this fact.

  • Machine translation presented as human work. We ordered localization, a service that only a human could do, but what we received was an obvious automatic translation. It was evident that translators only edited it.

  • Negative reviews from translators. Translators themselves complain about poor conditions, low pay and few opportunities. Some mentioned that they are forced to edit machine work instead of translating projects like they used to.

Final Words to Close GetBlend Review

GetBlend is an experienced company with an amazing selection of services. Its support team is welcoming, but its work is not professional. It’ll ask for a fortune while providing you with machine translation and calling it localization. Plenty of its translators aren’t happy and quit in search of better job opportunities, and website has some unverifiable facts. We cannot recommend GetBlend for these reasons: it looks great but it doesn’t provide good services. Read more reviews from our team if you want to find actual professionals. With our inputs, you’ll do it in no time!

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recommended this service

Positive: Our firm has had technical documents translated by this service, and the translations were accurate and clear. The interpreter understood the subject matter well, but there were a few points where the translation could have been improved for better understanding. I think we will turn to this service in the future when we need to use this type of service.

Negative: -

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recommended this service

Positive: The company provides translations into a bunch of languages, so I could pick the required language and place my order at once. The price is higher than in other translation agencies, but delivery was on time. And when I found some mistakes, customer support helped me really fast

Was this review helpful?


Adam commented:

some machine translation was in my documents and they failed the delivery time. I think a reputable company could work better.

Evelyn commented:

It was my first cooperation with this service. Quality isn't bad and delivery was on time, but price could be lower

Ester commented:

The translation service provided fast fulfillment of the order and delivered the finished translation on time. But the translator made a few mistakes that needed to be corrected.

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