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Introduction to GlobalMe Review is a translation service that we stumbled upon when browsing forums with different customer reviews. After a short hesitation, our experts decided to give it a try and compose a GlobalMe review. This company earned distinction for the fastest growth in the industryю It also claims to be client-obsessed, which is always a plus. Here’s what we found out.

GlobalMe was founded in 2005 under the name “uniQode.” In 2010, it underwent the process of rebranding and moved its headquarters to Vancouver. Based on Global Me reviews, it continues to expand even now, even though service delivery receives mixed opinions. Its second office is in Hillsboro, the US, so it operates in several large markets simultaneously. The front page of agency’s site looks interesting and relatively modern. Our experts liked seemingly frozen photos of founders that come to life abruptly and begin to move before freezing again. But other than that, the site is lacking. Almost no info is provided there, but you can get in touch with them only by filling in the contact form. No online chat is available. It’s unclear how many employees it has: GlobalMe mentions “dozens”, but that’s not much. We didn’t find anything else, so proceeded with order placement.

Services Offered by GlobalMe

GlobalMe has a limited yet comprehensive range of options you could choose from. First of all, it specializes in app localization services, supporting different formats, and working with a variety of languages. So, if you developed an app and want to share it across the borders, these people will be glad to help you. Our review team had no idea which specific language pairs they work with because their site isn’t informative at all. But you can always clarify it through contact form if you intend to place an order. This firm also operates within an e-learning sector. As an educator, you may get e-learning devices localized for being used later in a specific location, with all features of the target audience being taken into account. We noticed that GlobalMe also tests sites belonging to different customers, checking how well language and culture are combined there, so if you need advice as an owner, they’ll give you a professional one. Company takes care of subtitling, and it provides transcriptions for both videos and audios. It converts your files from speech to text and vice versa. Normal translations are also offered, so you just should select the service type that interests you.

We were pleased with a variety of services provided, but some things annoyed us, coming across as unprofessional. Site of GlobalMe doesn’t share any details about the specifics of each service. There is much generic information but nothing that could help clients make a decision. No FAQ section is present, not even basic info about languages support isn’t provided. In case of questions, all of them should be addressed to operators, which is unnecessarily time-consuming.

Prices and Add-ons

There is no data about prices published on their website. We always see it in a negative light because we believe it’s wrong to ask clients for their data before learning how much they’ll be paying for any assistance. Our review team asked for website localization from English into French and received an answer about price after almost 24 hours. What if our order was urgent? What if we were anxious to choose a company and spent hours waiting for a reply that should have been provided automatically? Our price was $0.19 for one word, which is slightly higher than average for this type of service. We couldn’t say what determined this cost, so it’s definitely a downside.

According to GlobalMe reviews, there is a lot this firm provides in addition to translations, including project management, consultation services for international corporations, etc. But naturally, you should ask about the price personally because the site reveals nothing. We stopped at translation and didn’t ask for any extra options.

Quality of Services

Our team gave their translator enough time to complete our project. Since it was needed only for composing our GlobalMe review, it was small, so could be done within a day or two. Instead, our experts agreed on a 2-week deadline. Imagine our surprise when our project wasn’t delivered on time. We quickly contacted their support team, trying to understand what’s happening and when our order would be delivered. They promised to find it out ASAP and disappeared. We tried again an hour later and got a new operator: they issued the same promise, but nothing followed. Our third message went unanswered. Only a few more hours later, the project was completed. We were upset and angry at that time. If we were real clients, we would have likely asked for a refund.

Localization itself was passable, but there were some issues with the text. Some awkward phrasings and mistakes were present, even one whole sentence was missing. All in all, we weren’t pleased. So, if you want professional web localization service, you should think twice before hiring this firm. The translation aspect wasn’t bad, but the delivery process had too many flaws, so it can’t be viewed as reliable.

Pros & Cons

Every entity in the market has its pros and cons. This is what can be said about GlobalMe:


  • Good services. We didn’t have major complaints about GlobalMe translation. It was okay, and if not for other issues, we would have been satisfied.
  • Localization focus. The firm pays particularly close attention to this service, so expect solid results.


  • Unreliable customer support. Our team was ignored repeatedly when they faced a problem with delivery.
  • Poor website experience. We liked some aspects of the design, but too little info was provided. Many relevant details about the specifics of services were lacking.
  • Late delivery. Your order might not arrive on time.
  • Questionable prices. They are a bit higher than the norm.


To conclude our Global Me review, we can say that we liked the offered services but disliked the delayed delivery and lack of communication. The company stated that it’s extremely focused on customers, but we did not find it to be true. Our requests went ignored several times. The final choice is yours, though! We can’t deny that the quality of translation was acceptable, and while the price was higher than usual, it wasn’t abysmally high, so chances are, you will afford it. Our experts won’t be including GlobalMe into top 10 translation companies you can find online, but we’ll keep watching it for a while. Maybe it’ll improve its performance with time, thus warranting a second review from us. What is your experience with this agency? Let us know!

17 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The lack of respect for customer satisfaction is evident in their prolonged delivery time and lack of communication.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The errors were a lot and my deadline was missed. For a paid service, I can't tolerate something like this. I wonder if they truly have a Spanish native translator cos most of the errors were amateurish mistranslations made probably by a machine

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Your prices are rigid and you don’t complete translations on time and when you manage to complete them you guys fill them with lots of mistranslations. Really disappointing

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Davies commented:

They need work on their delivery service.

Maddox commented:

I can’t and won’t recommend them. Their work didn’t please me.

Wade commented:

I found so many errors in the document they translated. I guess I'll have to start over with another translation service.

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