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Our client had a business that had just gone public and was undergoing an expansion process. At that time there was a need to translate a lot into the languages of the different programs the client had from documents to websites, pages, and documents, name them. We also needed web localization service. On surfing across the web, we came across GlobalMe reviews. GlobalMe is a translation service.

Services Offered

GlobalMe has a comprehensive service range. Translation services offered by this page are as listed and demonstrated below:

  • Localization of tech

The world today has gone technology. Everything takes in a technological philosophy. It has found its way into the field of technology. Today, they help various manufacturers localize product languages. Some of these devices voice friendly devices and Artificially Intelligent devices.

  • E-learning localization

GlobalMe translation services have also found itself in the crevices of today's education system. As an educator, you can get e-learning devices localized for use in a specific location. They take care of subtitling, and transcribing of foreign language media output, for both video and audio.

  • Software and app localization

Today many companies in tech come up with products. These products in the past could only be used in their countries of origin but then came translation. Codes, modes, ways of communication for software and applications were translated. This resulted in products localized for use in other countries. They do the same today, software and  app localization services, thus increasing the customer base.

  • Website localization

Today we do not create websites for serving a single locality. We noticed that they also test sites for different customer needs amongst them language and culture. By learning the various needs of customers at a given location, translations of sites are done in a way that ends up appealing to the want of such consumers.

  • Localization testing

Besides relevant translation services offered, they also put products by various clients into tests. Such tests are carried out on the web, phones, and software for the sake of ensuring their content meets the needs of their consumers. The test is strictly about the functionality, linguistics and cosmetic validation of the products.

Prices and Add-ons

According to GlobalMe reviews, prices by GlobalMe are reasonably fair. There is a lot that they can provide in addition to translation services like, project management, consultation services for international corporations, quality assurances and product localization.

In addition to this, most companies today specifically MNCs have had problems connecting with translation vendors. They can streamline product languages to meet consumers’ needs and increase market availability.

Quality of Services

From the many corporations that have worked with them, it is evident that many companies have enjoyed the services of this company. Each of these companies has something different to say about the services offered by them; they cumulatively rate the company at 4 out of 5.

Pros & Cons

Every product in the market has its doings and misdoings. GlobalMe has reasons to like or dislike it on the other side. The pros and cons of this site are as follows:


  • Quality translation services
  • Wide service range


  • Unreliable customer support
  • Poor website experience


We were impressed by the services offered by them. There is a lot of good things and misdoings in this company. The choice solely belongs to you on whether your needs and those of your public can be met. From document translation to product localization, from app to software localization, GlobalMe is in a position to handle it.


2 customer reviews of

Ian C

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: That's a disaster

Negative: The worst service ever! Each minute of this cooperation was a disaster for me, as a responsible manager. Absolutely disorganized team, zero ability to communicate, I had to repeat the same information to each team member. And they loked at me with scared eyes and nodded just to send someone else for the same instructions because they didn't understand something and didn't ask for some reason.

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recommended this service

Positive: We failed to reach understanding.

Negative: They went beyond the acceptable with slang usage and dubious references. We do need our message to be tweaked for interests of younger audience but we are still a respectable provider with a history.

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