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Expanding the Number of GTS Translation Services Reviews

GTS is a popular company that has been providing language assistance to its customers for more than 15 years. While there are already some GTS Translation services reviews online, most of them are written either by clients or employees. As an organization specializing in professional assessment, we decided to expand them by adding our own to their number. We have a team of review experts who are capable of evaluating translated documents from an objective perspective, so within days, we started our research.

GTS is a global company that offers translation services across various continents. It is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, but it also has offices in Israel, Canada, Germany, and England, which speaks of its successful expansion. It’s not clear how many people it works with, but based on available info, its translators are spread among 100 countries. From obvious advantages, GTS is a part of ATA (stands for American Translator Association), and it is compliant with ISO 17100:2015 in terms of quality standards. This fact means that at least some of the agency's operations are done on a truly professional level. Global Translation Services doesn’t feature in the BBB website reviews, but diverse clients’ testimonials helped us gather some important opinions. There weren’t as many of them as we expected, but the ones we found were mostly positive. But of course, this was only the start of our review, so we went ahead and placed our own order, asking for marketing document translation.

Services Offered by GTS Translation

GTS services are surprisingly limited for such an old and seemingly large company. They revolve only around translation and localization aspects. Interestingly, no differentiation is made between them, so we had to read all the information to make sure that by saying “website translation,” company actually means “localization.” It is not a disadvantage since some agencies prefer to focus on narrow spheres, such as professional translation service. But at the same time, it means that many clients will end up disappointed and unable to find what they’re looking for. doesn’t offer any video or interpretation services, and it doesn’t deal with operations or activities that touch on DTP. In addition, no e-commerce or captioning sectors are covered.

As for industries, they are sufficiently diverse. Medical, marketing, business, legal, technical, engineering, and financial spheres — all of them are supported by this company. We found no specific information about certified translations, but considering that GTS underwent certification and offers legal assistance, this option must be present. About 80 languages are covered, which is not a large number. We were repeatedly taken aback by these things because most companies that have been operating for more than 10 years have a much wider range of services. The ones provided by GTS Translations are limited, which brings about questions about their helpfulness and all pleasant reviews about them online. If you’re interested in its assistance, you’ll have to check carefully to ensure that options you need are present.

Prices and Add-Ons

We decided to look into the pricing options as one of the most crucial aspects of one’s experience. Clients are concerned about how much they’ll be paying, especially if they have large projects that could cost them a fortune. But to our frustration, GTS Translation website has no prices listed. That is a bad sign because clients have to wait and submit sensitive information to find out what their final price will be like. There is no way of checking if you’ll get a higher cost just because they think you can afford it based on your project. We marked it as a strong disadvantage. Of course, for review purposes, we went along with their policies. Our rate was 19 cents per word. For document translation, it is very expensive, especially considering we didn’t ask for certified service. We could only hope that this price would be reflective of quality provided.

Quality of Services at GTS Translation Services

Our file was delivered by our deadline, which is a sign of the company respecting timing their client paid for. We immediately sent the document we got for evaluation by our experts, and they started their analysis. As it turned out, the project we received from GTS was not bad, but instructions we added while placing the order weren’t followed. Our chosen sector was marketing, and translation didn’t depict it. Many quirky phrases lost their style and appeal, turning into dull and lifeless sentences. Some key points were twisted, and there were some superficial proofreading errors. Overall, it wasn’t entirely terrible, but it wasn’t acceptable either, even more so since we paid a small fortune for this order. Traditionally, we asked for revision to test this side of the service and analyze it for our review.

Support representatives showed some reluctance, but they agreed that the work had some issues and forwarded it to the translator. In two days, we got the file back. While our experts agreed that GTS-translation has done a much better job this time, they also pointed out some mistranslations that remained. So, our impression of quality was mixed. It wasn’t bad, the file had much value, but it was also not ideal.

Pros and Cons

Getting to the bottom of the main benefits and disadvantages is what every person seeking translation services wants. That’s why we present you with a list featuring some advantages and disadvantages that will guide you in decision making.


  • Timely delivery. Neither the order nor revision was late.
  • Acceptable quality. We were more satisfied with our work than not. Even the first version ultimately looked okay, despite having some problems.


  • High prices. You’ll have to pay a lot for this service, and quality doesn’t seem to correspond to the prices they ask.
  • Uninformative site. There is no detailed information about the provided services or prices to pay for them.
  • Limited services. Only localization and translation are provided. If you want GTS transcription, voice-over, or interpretation, you won’t find it here.
  • Dubious work of operators. Support representatives were rather stiff in their conversations with us.


When picking this service, you will have to weigh your budget against your need for timely delivery while also keeping in mind that scope of services here might not be wide enough for you. Overall, based on our review, GTS clearly has some good experts working for it, but still needs improvement. Quality control team should do their job better, paying particularly close attention to orders sent for revision. After it’s done, no errors should be left. For a price they ask, quality has to be absolutely flawless. You can check out more reviews to find the best global translation service for you, the one that would match all your requirements and needs. GTS is a promising agency, but before we can include it into our “best firms” list, it has to work on its drawbacks and ensure a truly professional experience for customers.

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Negative: It took me a long time to choose a translation service and my choice fell on this service. At first I was attracted by the price and their website, which explains everything very well. So I decided to order the translation of my documents into French and Italian. One translation was good and the other was not quite accurate. Most likely the translator didn't really understand French. They offered me a small compensation, but I expected that both documents would be translated well...

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Nicolas Coles

recommended this service


Negative: Feel embarrassed saying this…i doubted you guys but you amazed me with your quality and turnaround.i also didn't expect a discount but I got it…thank you for that

Was this review helpful?


recommended this service

Positive: I thought they couldn’t get better after the excellent work they did on my website but they shocked me with another superb work. They are just really great all round. I'm looking forward to the next time I'll order from here.

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Rory commented:

I wanted to share my thoughts on this translation service. It's not the best, but it's not the worst either.

Hadiqa commented:

They did exactly what I asked of them. No problem at all

Rosemary commented:

I will recommend this guys surely. Loved it!

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