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Writers are known to make national literature, while translators are known to make universal literature. Translation from one language to another is amongst the most delicate intellectual exercises and needs to be done right.  The following review by is on, a translation services company.

At, we take several steps to learn as much as we can about the translation service providers and correctly write a review. We research the company online. We are interested in seeing how the process works. has no negative reports on the BBB website, although there are very few negatively written reviews by customers.

Services Offered

HonyakuCtren offers translation services for a wide variety of industries and domains including machinery, automotive, electronics, patent, legal translations service, government, accounting, R&D, education, they also promise to provide the best medical translation services. Their performance ranked them fairly in revenue in the Asia section of “The Top 100 Language Service Providers in 2017” for six straight years since 2012.

The platform also translates other languages into English, with only a few varieties of languages which are not covered here. HonyakuCtren Center has been ranked number fourteen in the world in the 2017 edition of "The Top 100 Language Service Providers" market survey; this means that the site looks forward to providing better services because of its position at fourteen out of 100.

Prices and Add-Ons

HonyakuCtren prices are very fair and slightly high, but the cost is not that bad because the quality is excellent. One has an option to add on additional services. HonyakuCtren prices are not published on the website.

Quality of Services

HonyakuCtren quality of services is incredible. The company also offers a lot of services.  These include DTP, Document, Printing, and E-Book Translation Related Services as well as other Language Services and Media & Digital Content Related Translation. With the fact that all these services are offered, customer satisfaction is almost fully guaranteed.

By using CAT tools to maintain quality, efficient processes have been used to keep the cost down, and transparent workflows have made clients informed, Honyaku Center provides solutions to various client needs, trying its best to offer full solutions for all customer needs and hopes to meet maximum customer satisfaction.

An excellent translation service has a lot of returning customers, Honyaku Center has a number of returning customers at 60%. They maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring that client feedback is incorporated, “Continuously improving our service; this has encouraged more customers to come back.”

Pros & Cons has created a summary list of HonyakuCtren reviews based on the advantages and disadvantages for translation purposes. Before deciding on using the translation service, it is necessary to consider the following;


  • The website is very easy to Navigate and log in
  • Upfront Pricing which is affordable
  • Many services offered
  • Many returning customers
  • A good track of history having won a few awards


  • Poor quality translations services with little customer satisfaction
  • Limited language support where they are few translators
  • Prices are a bit higher
  • Minimum control of quality
  • HonyakuCtren translation services are many but in some instances quite limited. Our suspicion is because of the nature of crowdsourced translating. No localization services are offered, for example. They do not provide subtitles, captioning services or video translation.

Summary is glad to help you find a good translation site, with fair translation costs. We advise everyone to look for a translation service they are satisfied with. HonyakuCtren will provide good services with only a few quality issues and the prices imposed are not that high, it is, therefore, a company you could work with if you need translation services. will also provide you reviews on other quality translation services.

4 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: ..

Negative: So unprofessional. At first, they didn't contact me at once so I didn't know whether my order was being processed (i found their confirmation letter in my spam later), then I had to call support to contact my translator and finally some of my instructions were not kept! Too stressing to work with.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Translation looks ok.

Negative: They took some time to process my order and then some more to find a writer who again didn't respond fast. Perhaps they use freelancers and my translator lived in another timezone I don't know. In short, it's too long and inconvenient. I didn't know what was happening to my order, if they received it or not and if I should give up and look for something else.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Their prices look luring but the response time is way too long. They contacted me in an hour or so after I filled their form. I already placed an order with another company.

Negative: ,

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