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HonyakuCtren Review

Writers contribute to the national literature while translators work on a universal level. Translation from one language into another is amongst the most delicate intellectual tasks that require a lot of knowledge and experience from a person responsible for completing it. There are numerous agencies promising to provide you with high-quality work, but only some of them can be trusted. This HonyakuCtren review is informed by the comments we received from our audience, research we conducted, and our own experience.

At PickWriters.com, we take steps to learn as much as we can about the selected service provider and complete an unbiased review. Honyaku was established back in 1986, meaning that it has a long history and an impressive experience. It was conceived as a medical agency, and now it has expanded its range of operations, covering several industries and supporting various languages. It copes with about 54,000 orders yearly and boasts of having 4,400 clients along with a high recurrence rate. Hon'yaku is Japanese-based, and it has several physical offices in both Japan and the US. Reviews about its performance vary: some customers are pleased but others issue complaints. This agency has no negative reviews or reports on the BBB website, though, which we took notice of. It’s a certified service that holds several popular memberships, and it cooperates with 522 official employees as well as freelancers. Find information about our experience below.

Services Offered by Honyakuctren.com

HonyakuCtren offers assistance with a wide variety of industries and domains, including machinery, automotive, electronics, government sectors. You could find help with translation of a patent, accounting, R&D, education-related documents, or ask for a legal translations service. There is also localization: if you have a video game or a project that needs complex adaptation where your unique style would be preserved, you’ll be given a qualified expert from Honyaku. Its performance in the Asian region got the company included in “Top 100 Language Service Providers” list, and not just once, but for six subsequent years! This impressed us, so we hoped we would get stellar service.

In addition, you could request transcripts translation services from this agency. It deals with many tasks of this nature on an everyday basis. But its main focus still lies on medical assistance: medical documents, files, reports, patient histories or records — if your order falls into this category, you’re guaranteed to find a helper here. Honyaku lists all its services on its site, which is a plus, but unfortunately, we have no idea how many languages it works with. No such info is provided. We found it strange and unprofessional. Based on some Honyaku translation reviews, this information was available at some point, but upon checking it personally, we haven't found anything. The firm should definitely include it to save the time of its clients.

Prices and Add-Ons

Once again, our review team was disappointed to see that HonyakuCtren has no prices listed on its platform. It means that you have to contact the firm’s representatives, provide info about your project, upload relevant files, and wait for a response. It might take hours until someone writes back, which is inconvenient and frustrating. We had to wait for almost 2 hours. When the price quote arrived, it was a little higher than normal. We paid $0.15 for one word while the norm should be $0.12 at most. With this, we hoped that we’d at least receive great quality of our medical project.

Quality of Honyaku translation

Our order wasn’t submitted on time. After half an hour passed, we contacted the operator to clarify what was happening. No answer came, so we were forced to wait without knowing if we’re going to get our translation at all. Finally, after two more hours, the order arrived. No apology, no explanation was provided. Annoyed, we tried to find out what had caused delay, but each answer was vague. They all came after long pauses, too, so we eventually gave up and focused on checking the content. When placing this order, we asked for Japan translators, considering company’s focus and sphere of operations: based on it, customer satisfaction was supposed to be almost guaranteed.

Unfortunately, our opinion wasn’t entirely positive. According to our expert, there were no problems with target language itself, but interestingly, phrases from the original document were conveyed incorrectly. It felt like our translator was indeed Japanese native speaker, but they didn’t know English well, which led to some mistranslations. Revision option was present, but we were told that we’d have to wait for more than a week until it’s completed. It frustrated us enough to reject this option.

Pros & Cons

PickWriters.com has created a list of pros and cons of HonyakuCtren’s Japan translation services. Before deciding on using this company, consider the following.


  • Website is very easy to navigate. You won’t have any problems understanding where to find info about services of this company.
  • Impressive experience. Honyaku USA and Honyaku Japan divisions have been working for decades to take care of clients worldwide.
  • Various services offered. You can find help with lots of industries here.
  • Focus on medical texts. Due to its nature, this firm specializes in medical translations and ensures a high level of its quality.


  • Long delays. Everything about this company is slow. Other HonyaKuctren reviews indicated the same problem, so we can confirm what they said. Price quote, order placement, communication, revision — all these processes took ages.
  • Ambiguous overall quality. Text we got was smooth and fluent, but it wasn’t translated correctly in many instances. Translator must understand two languages, not just one.
  • Timely delivery not guaranteed. Your project could be late, with no justifications offered.
  • Vague info. It is unclear how many languages agency covers, how high its prices are, etc. You have to find that out by yourself.
  • High prices. Price we were asked to pay was high, and considering the result we got in the end, it wasn’t really justified.

Concluding Honyaku Translation Review

PickWriters.com is glad to help you find good site with fair translation costs. That’s the whole reason for our existence! We advise everyone to look for service they would be personally satisfied with — people’s needs and preferences differ, so what works for one person might not work for another. HonyakuCtren provides many different services that stretch from translation to localization and transcription assistance. There are some issues with their performance, though: the prices are high while the quality solely depends on a person assigned to your project.

Also, everything takes a lot of time. First you have to wait until someone tells you how much you’ll be paying. Then translator is found — the search for them could take days. In our case, the order failed to arrive on time, so we didn’t even get any explanations. Revision would take ages as well, so if you have an urgent task, you should look elsewhere. So, we can’t place Honyaku center and their review among the best medical translation services, but it is still a firm that might be worthy of your attention if you aren’t in a rush.

19 customer reviews of HonyakuCtren.com


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Despite providing clear instructions, the translated document did not adhere to the requested style or tone. It was a frustrating experience to have my guidelines ignored.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: If you have any desire to receive your translated documents within a reasonable time frame, steer clear of this translation service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The delivery service provided by this translation company was extremely disappointing. Despite paying for expedited delivery, the translations were delivered well beyond the agreed-upon timeframe. This lack of punctuality caused unnecessary delays and frustration.

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Jaye Bax commented:

I’m sorry but I can’t sugarcoat it, your services are terrible.

Hubert commented:

I do regret using them. It was an awful translation. So many errors in the files they delivered. I don’t recommend them.

Romario commented:

they stopped being reliable a long time ago. The last work I gave them had just one week deadline attached yet they couldn’t deliver on time. And even when they did, the quality I received was really poor.

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