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Introduction to ICanLocalize Review: Gathering Facts

Since we are always on the lookout for new translation services for a review, we welcome any requests our visitors send. Recently, many started to ask about ICanLocalize review, so we discussed this agency and launched our review investigation. ICanLocalize is a company that offers iOs, Android, website localization of high quality, claiming that its services are fast, professional, as well as affordable. It’s a part of OnTheGoSystems, which stands behind the WPML plugin for WordPress, an essential tool that makes their site available in several languages. From what we discovered, this agency was founded in 2007. Since then, it made contacts with numerous freelancers specializing in different languages. In fact, this company cooperates with more than 2000 certified translators alone, which is an impressive number and proves the company’s prestige.

We know there is ICanLocalize USA branch, but it doesn’t look like they have any physical offices anywhere. This fact surprised us because usually when an organization functions for this long, it establishes at least some physical points of its presence around the world. There are very few reviews about it written by clients — most are composed of employees and they are primarily negative. The limited clients’ comments, on the other hand, are mostly positive. Curious about the real quality of services, we placed our order, asking for French document translation. We even chose a particular language expert, wondering what job she was about to do.

Services Offered by ICanLocalize

ICanLocalize works only with 45+ languages. It’s a small number, especially considering years they spent in this industry. It means that it’s not concerned with expanding the network of its clients, choosing to focus on limited target groups instead. Languages it supports mostly fall into the popular category. ICanLocalize isn’t interested in adding rare ones to its offers. In terms of services, they are also limited and mostly centered on translation itself. Here’s what you could order from these people.

  • WordPress translation. They specialize in translation for WordPress sites due to the WPML plugin that plays a central role in their operations.
  • iOS translation. Icanlocalize.com ensures top-notch translations for iOs or iTunes apps.
  • Android translation. They work with Android apps in many languages.
  • Software localization services. This is a popular and complex service that ICanLocalize provides. Thay could always make your software multilingual.
  • General work. These experts can translate any text, converting them into any format. ICanLocalize deals with Office documents, PDF files, etc. You should upload the file, pick an expert from available offers. Project will be done on time — at least this is what the company promises.
  • Instant translation. These specialists offer fast professional human translations of very short texts. This includes anything from a single word to an email or product description.

That’s pretty much it. Audio, video or interpretation services aren’t available, so if you’re interested in them, you’ll have to find another company. This is what we marked as a disadvantage in our ICanLocalize review, but there are some strengths, too. Since ICanLocalize has narrow specialization, it possesses more chances of perfecting its provided services. It also heavily relies on technology, especially software tools its own IT team developed. WebTA Visual Editor is one of them, and it helps experts work on your projects more quickly.

Prices and Add-Ons

Translator rates are determined based on several factors that range from urgency and size to overall complexity of the task. ICanLocalize price is revealed on the website, which is great since it means that customers won’t have to waste time waiting for a quote. Company charges a minimum of $0.09 a word. It’s an average price that many traditional agencies implement. We didn’t discover any add-ons, so we can’t provide info here.

Quality of ICanLocalize Translation

As ICanLocalize states, its managers only hire professionals with credible qualifications. What we liked about the service is that once you select a linguist, you can easily stay in touch with them personally. Rating system continuously shows you the best specialists, so you’re free to choose the one you like most. Our document was rather short, with only 5 pages of content, but it had special technical terminology. Our project arrived with a delay of 30 minutes, which we disliked. Any delay, no matter how small, is unacceptable. Once the deadline is settled and agreed upon by all parties, file should be sent strictly by it.

Our French specialists began their own ICanLocalize review, analyzing the file in terms of accuracy and style. As they reported, translation was good. All concepts were conveyed properly and even appropriate technical style has been used. There were several significant grammar issues, though, so we contacted our language specialist and asked her to revise the text. She agreed, so soon, we got our order back. All problems were eliminated - we had a solid document that we could submit anywhere. So, even though not everything went smoothly, we were pleased with the final result.

Pros & Cons

Now it’s time to summarize all points we’ve found about I Can Localize and its performance. Check them to acquire an accurate picture of its services.


  • Service has personal perks. You can communicate directly with your translator. Once you have settled on someone you can add them to favorites and hire them for all future projects.
  • Focus on apps & technology. If you require assistance with software or app translation and localization, this agency will be of great help. Technology forms a big part of its operations.
  • Useful review function. It allows finding only reliable experts.
  • Affordable prices. Price is average, so most people would be able to afford it.
  • Solid quality. Like many ICanLocalize reviews expressed, the quality is consistently good. We were pleased with the work we received from our chosen translator.


  • Few services offered. Only some services and languages are supported, so you can find something like professional Russian translation services or professional Polish translation services, but not interpretation or rarer dialects.
  • There are some bugs present. As one tries to add information for a project, they might encounter some difficulties because client interface isn’t very convenient.
  • Deadlines aren’t maintained. They do not guarantee timely delivery.


As it’s clear from our review, ICanLocalize is a promising firm that specializes in app localization and technical translations. It has useful functions that help experts to directly translate the client’s content from WordPress sites, which saves time and costs for all parties. From what we’ve discovered, quality provided by ICanLocalize is on a high level, which makes it reliable and trustworthy. It also has good prices as well as a polite support team. Reason, why this agency isn’t among our top translation companies is its narrow focus and delays in order delivery. While we would definitely add it to technical translation agencies that are worth attention, from a general perspective, it just doesn’t make the cut. Few options are offered, and delivery isn’t always timely. But we still enjoyed working with this company.

18 customer reviews of ICanLocalize.com


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I'm just shocked by this translation service! The delivery time was just unbearable. I waited what seemed like forever to get my translated documents.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Pity that they couldn’t deliver on time. I planned on using them for my business translation needs because of their very fair price but they're very slow.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: it wasn’t enough. they didn’t follow the plan. Poor quality, too slow in delivery

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Levi commented:

They did okay. No complaints.

Daisy commented:

The overall structure of their website is really great. It's easy to navigate. And their customer care service are very responsive.

Abdullahi commented:

I really love their rate..

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