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ICanLocalize is a company that offers Ios, Android and Website translations of high quality. The reason this agency is among our  top translation companies is that translations they provide are fast, professional and affordable. It is part of the OnTheGoSystems which is the group behind the WPML plugin for Wordpress, an essential tool that makes the WordPress site available online in several languages.

Services Offered

ICanLocalize offers the following services:

  • WordPress translation - They specialize in translation for WordPress sites, running WPML.
  • Ios translation – They deal with top notch translations for IOS Apps and iTunes descriptions smoothly, quickly and at a low cost. Even the App is translated into any language of choice.
  • Android Translation – They translate Android applications in the fastest way possible to make them available in many languages and many countries.
  • Software Localization Services – They make software multilingual.
  • General Translations - They translate the text of any type in any text format. ICanLocalize translates Office documents, PDF files, and other documents. You will upload the file, pick a translator and the work will be done on time by their professional translators, who are all native speakers of the target language. The translations will read like they were initially written in the required language.
  • Instant Translation – They do fast and affordable professional human translations of very short texts. They translate anything from a single word to an email and a product description.

 They do translations in English, German, French document translation, Spanish, and provide professional Russian translation services.

Prices and Add-Ons

Translator rates are lower than traditional agencies that only accept big businesses. They charge a minimum of $0.09 a word.

Quality of Services

ICanLocalize has more than 2000 certified, native translators working in more than 45 languages. They only hire professionals with accredited qualifications. You select the translators you want and keep in touch with them. You get the best translations possible with their proofreader option to review content. Their rating system will continuously show you the best of their translators. They continually evaluate their translators to give their clients the best service.

A client registered for ICanLocalize and immediately created two projects that were to be translated from Finnish and Dutch. Upon picking translators to do the projects, they delivered quality work and the client was impressed.

Pros and Cons


  • The service is very quick and personal, as you are able to communicate directly with your translator.
  • Once you have found a translator whose services you liked, you can make them your favorite and permanent for future projects in case you are progressively satisfied with their services.
  • The review function is very useful, and it makes sure that you get a translation of high quality and has no typos or grammar errors.
  • It is cheap compared to other larger translation companies.


  • The language on the site can be a little messy
  • There are some minor bugs as one tries to create additional information for a new project.


This ICanLocalize review has demonstrated that it is a great product that will help you get your work translated easily. They have useful functions that usually make it possible to directly translate from within WordPress, which means that you need not visit their site to get it done. ICanLocalize gives you high tech translations instead of the typical Word document translation which makes it a service worth considering.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: duh

Negative: The authorized translation didn't pass verification ha ha Thanks

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: .

Negative: I tried several Dutch translation services but this one will forever last in my memory. Ordered an authorized translation into English and received something that would probably work in Nederland ok but makes little sense in UK.

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recommended this service

Positive: Affordable prices, quick translations, I'm happy with this service.

Negative: none

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