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Industry Arabic Review

Writing Industry Arabic review was a new experience for us because this company differs from the ones we usually investigate. It specializes in Arabic strictly, so its outreach is very limited. Only one person asked us for our opinion on it, but we were still motivated to conduct research because Arabic is gaining popularity, meaning that more people are going to be interested in locating quality translation service. As always, we looked into the firm’s background, experience, and level of quality.

Industry Arabic was founded in 2011, so its experience isn’t vast, but it’s solid enough to keep it in the business. It deals with many branches, some general ones, others related to the Gulf countries in particular. Its portfolio has more than 300 clients: on the one hand, it’s a very small number, considering years of existence, but on the other, it might imply that Industry Arabic works with large repeat customers. It explains how it keeps itself afloat. We looked through many Industry Arabic translation reviews, and they were mixed. This agency promises to bring forth a team of unparalleled experts within the shortest time frame, but some of its clients complain about the speed and quality. We were interested in testing it ourselves, so we placed an order for a document to be translated from Arabic into English. Our conclusions can be found below.

Services Offered by

This company focuses on such three languages as Arabic, English, and French. It’s limiting for customers, but since it is the individual quirk of a firm, we cannot count it as a disadvantage. In addition, it covers diverse services and industries, which is its strong side. There are subject matter experts in engineering, law, medicine, politics, and international development spheres. With Industry Arabic, you could ask for simple or certified translation. They also offer localization in every Arabic dialect, so you aren’t confined to one region. Arabic phone interpreting will help you use an expert as you talk to someone important while audio transcription could get you the files you need in a language you understand. As several Industry Arabic translation reviews mentioned, you could ask for editing and proofreading if you are worried about your already prepared document.

The agency supports several formats of projects. This way, you could ask for PowerPoint translation and formatting or for video subtitling & voice over function. Their video transcription services are inclusive of timestamps. Note that Industry Arabic offers free revisions for 30 days after your order was delivered, so there is plenty of time to improve quality if there are any issues with it.

Prices and Add-Ons

Company’s site is very detailed, and as IndustryArabic reviews remarked, all info is written in a way that truly speaks to a person. They acknowledge that their services are expensive, but it justifies this choice and even offers other, cheaper options in the market. We appreciated this consideration of people who might not be able to afford Industry Arabic’s help. Price itself is published openly: it starts with $0.16 for one word of content. It’s a lot, but there are several options. For example, you could ask for project between 800 and 1500 words for a set price of $247.

Agency allows credit cards and PayPal as means of paying for your order. Fees will be higher if your project is urgent: you’ll have to pay by 25% more. From the good news, there are discounts for regular customers or people who want to enter a year-long contract. Some add-ons are present since you could request certification, special design layout, and extra editing, price for which starts with $0.08 for word.

Quality of Services

Several Industry Arabic reviews we saw mentioned that this company rejects the idea of machine-based translation. We found it to be true: their team comprises carefully evaluated translators who have demonstrated proficiency in translating legal documents and challenging technical papers. It works hard to eliminate all attempts at AI involvement. It’s a good thing, though sometimes, AI could be a great assistant. As Industry Arabic promises, no document is considered finished until it is reviewed by a special quality control employee. We were eager to see if these promises would translate into reality.

Our document was late. It wasn’t by much, but we didn’t get any explanation either, so it surprised and upset us. We expected more from a firm of this level. When the file was finally delivered, we sent it for an assessment to our specialists. They concluded that the translation is pretty much accurate, but that it definitely doesn’t look like anyone had proofread it before sending it to us. This affected our IndustryArabic review. Sure, it’s great to know that it keeps its promises regarding overall quality, but extra polishing wasn’t done, so we ended up sending the text for a revision. It was done swiftly, but again, almost zero communication was present, to a degree where we weren’t sure if someone is even working on our task. The mistakes were removed, though, which pleased us.

Pros & Cons

Would you like to know about pros and cons of this service without being distracted by other details? If the answer is yes, this list is for you.


  • All translation services offered by this firm are 100% human. They don’t accept machine work.
  • Website is informative and personal. You won’t find standard ad-like info there, someone invested themselves heavily into explaining the firm’s position.
  • Good quality. Translators obviously know what they do, so they convey all meanings accurately.
  • Effective revisions. This is a relevant part of our IndustryArabic translation review since you can be certain that in case of any problems, the company will solve them.


  • High prices. You might be unable to afford this service.
  • Bad communication. Our experience with the operators wasn’t the best: they responded after lengthy pauses, and even then, their answers were extremely vague. It didn’t feel like they fully understood what we were asking.
  • Possible delays. Our order was late by almost an hour.
  • Proofreading issues. The file was riddled with small errors that damaged the overall readability of the document.

Finishing Industry Arabic Translation Review

Industry Arabic is a firm with narrow focus. If you are looking for a specialized translation into or from Arabic, then it could be a great option. The managers here follow the guidelines developed by the company, so only top specialists are hired. Every order is completed by a person with a firm grasp on Arabic and its variations. If you need translations into other languages, though, then this agency may not be suitable. Several large industries are covered here, and you could get even certified assistance if that’s what you’re seeking. Note that communication is flawed, and you might have to repeat yourself a few times before you receive an answer you need. Prices are also a problem. Still, translations themselves are effective, even if they might be delivered after a deadline. We consider this company an excellent option among different Arabic translation services, but the final decision is yours: think carefully before committing to anything.

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Negative: I had an unfortunate experience with the delivery of this translation service. Despite providing all the necessary details and payment, the translations arrived significantly past the promised deadline. This lack of punctuality caused unnecessary stress and inconvenience.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: They couldn’t even perform an on-site interpretation for my customers. Shouldn’t have used their service, at least, I would have saved some money

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: No one should pick them for urgent translation, they bound to fail for sure. I used them and I regretted my move. They billed me numerous times but still couldn’t get the work done… they're a big sham

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Alyssa commented:

NO good translator here…

Joshua commented:

I wasted my money on this crappy translation service. They didn't even bother to proofread. What a disappointment!

Sakina commented:

Except for the reduced fee they charged, their services were poor.

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