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Multiple visitors urged us to write an InternationalTranslating review throughout the years, but since this company is already popular, we waved these requests away. We tend to focus on less-known translation services that few people have discovered. Lately, though, the number of your demands has doubled, so we decided that it’s time to do something. This decision turned out to be more productive than we expected!

InternationalTranslating is a very old agency that has been working since 1969. It covers over 230 languages and specializes in numerous linguistic services that range from translation to interpretation and transcription. It has an office in Utah, US, and you could get in touch with it physically or by using email, fax, phone number, or the website itself. It has mixed reviews from both clients and employees. Despite the impressive experience, InternationalTranslating website looks outdated; the quality of images it uses isn’t high, and content is flawed. Typos like the phrase “moments notice” is just one example of these mistakes. Our research hadn’t even started in earnest, yet we already felt disappointed.

Translations? Transcriptions? Subtitles? What Services Clients Can Order

At the start of our InternationalTranslating .com review, we made a detailed overview of the available services in this company. Their variety truly amazed us. Clients could order simple translation in legal, technical, scientific, healthcare, or marketing spheres; they could also request an interpreter in almost every country. The company claims to have over 2400 translators in each sector, so you stand good chance of finding what you need. Phone interpretation is also an option. Audio and video transcription is on offer, too, with any formats being acceptable. You could request voice-over services, borrow special equipment from this company, receive help with localization, try desktop publishing, or even order training for your own team or for yourself. Such a vast choice is impressive because every client is guaranteed to find what they’re looking for.

The only missing service we noticed was certified translation. No InternationalTranslating reviews talked about it, and it isn’t listed among the available options. The company often discusses its certified linguists, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into actual certified services. This surprised us because, in so many decades, such an option had to appear. This agency cooperates with various reputable clients, such as Disney, Harvard University, Yale, etc., although we cannot know how frequent or lengthy their cooperation is. For the most part, our team liked what InternationalTranslating offers, and we rated it highly in this category. But as we search for the best game localization services or translation assistance, we always place personal orders. We need to test quality and professionalism of translators before deciding how to rate them. This time, we asked for technical localization of a made-up project. The deadline we agreed upon was one week.

Will Hiring This Company Devastate Your Budget?

InternationalTranslating reviews don’t share info about how much people paid for translation help, and that’s unfortunate. Prices always mean a great deal to clients. Almost every person needs assistance in the sphere of foreign languages at least once, but only some can afford it, especially when their project is large. Getting a medical translator online is more expensive than asking someone to help you adapt a letter from a friend, but ultimately, everything depends on the company you decide to hire. InternationalTranslating doesn’t specify its pricing range. The fact that it hides this info is highly suspicious — in most cases, it means that prices are too high, and the company doesn’t want to scare away its potential clients.

Since we placed a personal order at, we can share details about our experience. We paid $0.19 per word for localization of our project. This price is incredibly high. Sure, old and reputable companies often charge more than younger agencies, but this is a clear rip-off. Managers told us there are no discounts, though maybe the situation would be different if we returned with more orders. In any case, these services are expensive.

Truth about Quality Based on InternationalTranslating Reviews

Quality is the major factor that determines people’s hiring decisions. Some are prepared to pay a fortune just for the certainty that they’ll receive the best possible translation, but this isn’t always the case. InternationalTranslating is extremely old, which is why many individuals automatically assume that it’s reliable. While we waited for our project, we delved into multiple reviews, and this was underwhelming. Some clients commend it for its excellent work, but others criticize it for failing their expectations. Even more shockingly, employees seem resentful and angry. We discovered many disturbing details regarding their cooperation, including the outrageous politics of the owner, lack of stable salary, and cultivation of an unfriendly work atmosphere. This made us wary because unhappy translators won’t provide solid results.

Our task arrived just on time. International Translating did a good enough job, but there was one problem: this wasn’t localization. Special terms, context, and meanings weren’t conveyed the way we expected. This was a translation, not more, which wasn’t a service we ordered. Some language mistakes like typos and awkward phrasings annoyed us even more. We tried to ask for a revision, but managers began to ignore us. Eventually, they stopped replying altogether. This was terribly unprofessional. If we had taken this matter further, maybe we would have gotten a revision or even a refund, but we weren’t willing to start a court case, so we left with the project these guys sent us.

Strengths & Weaknesses: List with Our Impressions is it reliable? Our review had its ups and downs. Now we’re sorting our impressions based on pros and cons of this company. If you are still unsure whether you should hire these guys, look.


  • One of the oldest translating companies. InternationalTranslating has been working for over 50 years. It’s one of the most impressive backgrounds a company like this might have.
  • Huge variety of services. Clients can order anything they want here. Translation, localization, transcription, interpretation, training, and even equipment lending are provided in more than 200 languages.
  • Adequate basic translations. If you need help with a simple task, you’ll likely find it in this company. It has adequate translators who could adapt your content and make it understandable for your audience.


  • Overly high prices. InternationalTranslating overcharges its customers by a lot. Its prices exceed those of other services considerably while the quality of service is not the best.
  • Indifferent managers. As our review of InternationalTranslating showed, if clients voice their dissatisfaction with anything, they are being ignored. It means that any problems with orders might never have a solution since you won’t receive a reply to your complaints.
  • Failure to follow client demands. Our review team ordered localization, but we got translation in its basic form instead. The same might happen to you.
  • Concerning reviews. Some clients and particularly employees point out that this agency is indifferent and wouldn’t have a problem misleading others as long as it earns its income.

Drawing InternationalTranslating Review to a Close

InternationalTranslating is a highly experienced service provider, but its level of quality is imperfect. You won’t be able to find the best English to Hebrew translator here unless your order is simple because translators might confuse what you ordered and provide another service entirely. Proofreading is weak, costs for translation are high, and the rich array of available services doesn’t compensate for failures. We cannot recommend this company. It needs to remember that being old doesn’t equal being the best and start improving itself.

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Negative: The translation was not sent to me on time and I failed to submit it to the authorities. Complete fail, waiting for a refund, at least partial.

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Fiona commented:

Very poor quality. My Mandarin translation was not completed right - many mistakes!

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