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Introduction to InWhatLanguage Review

In our research, our review website covers both popular and less known translation agencies. falls into the second category, and after some of you requested an investigation, we included it into our to-do list. As the company boasts, they deal with impactful kinds of translations, entrusting them strictly to knowledgeable linguists who dedicate all their lives to this profession. Our extensive research aimed to discover if that’s true. Our team kept wondering, what does this agency do in particular? How many languages does it cover? How much do they charge? We checked reviews and saw that they are mixed. On one side, they were negative. On another one, they were all positive. What we disliked about the latter is that each opinion was posted by a person who’d never written any other reviews. We can’t trust comments from those who have only ever written one review. So, our Expert Review Team decided to rely on our own experience.

InWhatLanguage was founded in 2011 so it should have some experience. Company has an office in Salt Lake City, Utah, and might expand soon. On its site, the agency states that it works with 100,000 linguists, and here is where we started to feel uneasy. A company of this size simply couldn’t have tested all of these employees and deem them worthy. It’s physically impossible, which means that people InWhatLanguage could send your order to might happen to be underqualified and clueless. Quality is better than quantity, and we believe that all respectable firms must follow this rule. The company has received some meaningful awards for its operations, though, and this gave us hope that its services would end up being satisfying. With this in mind, our experts placed an order in the marketing sphere and started looking forward to results.

Services Offered

There are four main areas that InWhatLanguage covers. They include translation, localization, interpretation, and multilingual marketing. You could send a document and ask for the firm’s experts to translate it. In addition, you could ask for adaptation that would take cultural peculiarities of a specific language into account. Oral interpretations are available, so you could book an expert close to your location for physical assistance or just ask for an online one. If you’re launching a product globally, In What Language could provide translations while preserving your special style, humor, etc. This is a sufficient range of services for a company like this. What surprised us is that this company lists content writing and voice-overs among its options, but there is no information on them, so it’s unclear if they are really available.

Another unique thing about the firm is that it claims to specialize in more than 300 languages, even indigenous dialects of different tribes. One would expect it to focus only on major languages, but they’ve gone further and cover languages that most organizations would ignore. They have even Karen language translators. The only problem is, how effective is their assistance? How can a company this small (and has less than 80 in-house employees) specialize in such a variety of services? InWhatLanguage also covers many industries, from marketing and healthcare to legal and technical sectors. Our team was eager to check how well the company copes with orders it receives.

Prices and Add-Ons

Some InWhatLanguage reviews voiced dissatisfaction with the firm’s system of pricing, and upon inspecting it, we understood what they meant. A newbie would spend ages on figuring out the translation rate and how much money is paid for what service. Nothing specific is indicated on their website for reasons known only to the company's founders. They mention that they offer translation for any budget, but they don’t disclose any limits on how far it can stretch. Confusing thing is that there are some prices mentioned, but they are strictly for large organizations interested in getting constant assistance. For smaller businesses or individuals, nothing is proposed. So, how can you find out what sum you’ll be paying? You should ask for a quote, describe your demands, and wait. This takes time that some people don’t have, so this is definitely a downside. Our price was $0.20, which is high but understandable since we requested a rare language. We didn’t notice any add-ons when reviewing their website.

Quality of Services Provided by InWhatLanguage

Our team deliberately asked for translation from English into Kamba, a Bantu language that’s mostly used in Kenya. We had one expert, a native speaker, from that region, and she was ready to provide her perspective. Unfortunately, our order came in late. The delay lasted for four hours, which is a lot. Customer support operators remained polite, but their messages started arriving with increased pauses in-between. When our file was finally submitted, our experts began to examine it with our expert. She concluded that the text hasn’t been done well. There were serious problems with meaning: it was twisted in too many places. Language itself sounded very awkward, as if someone simply used machine software to get translation done. Upset, we asked for revision, but we were told that it’s possible only in a few weeks because our translator has gone on a vacation. We don’t recall the last time we felt so frustrated.

Pros & Cons

For your increased convenience, we summarized all discovered points in the list below.


  • Many services covered and languages supported. We cannot deny that InWhat Language provides a great deal of useful services and could find translators for any language pair.
  • Use of technology at work. They rely on special tools that help synchronize the content.
  • Impressive background. The firm has been working for a long time and it collected some rewards.


  • Pricing is hidden and doesn’t correspond to quality. Our review team paid too much, considering the kind of work we received. It just wasn’t worth it.
  • Website isn’t well organized. Some links are broken and there isn’t enough specific info provided.
  • Quality suffers. We asked for a rare language and got flawed results. We could never submit this file to anyone in real life.
  • Revisions aren’t effective. What’s the point of offering revisions if they don’t want to do them? We didn’t really believe that our translator left on some urgent vacation.


As you can see, our InWhatLanguage review isn’t positive because our experience with it was problematic. Like we feared from the start, while it tries to find as many experts as it can in accordance with its clients’ requests, it doesn’t spend enough time testing their qualifications. Our order arrived late and it had many mistakes in it. It felt like someone put the original we submitted through Google and then did some surface-level editing. Our experts refused to wait for revision because making the client wait for weeks before it comes to fruition is irresponsible and unprofessional. We write translation service reviews on the best firms, but cannot put InWhatLanguage into this category. It should narrow its specialization and be more attentive to people it hires.

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Igor de Carvalho

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: None

Negative: The reason the translation is so cheap is that they never pay the translators.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: It's been weeks since I submitted my documents for a quote and I have yet to receive anything.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: --

Negative: I am an interpreter and have done work for this company. They are unresponsive when it comes to paying me, not answering my frequent attempts to contact them and be paid for my work. Be very cautious working for this company

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Micheal commented:

satisfactory services

Paloma commented:

I think it’s a custom for them to get the work done 2 days after deadline.

Serene commented:

They are very affordable.

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