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This is a review on the website which deals with impactful kind of translation from knowledgeable linguists who dedicate their all to this profession. Working on this review to this stage called for extensive research on what they do in their company, how they do it and why they do it in that style. We were particularly interested in why this organization values impact so much in what they do. As such, they offer free translation services to companies aligned to their social impact strategy; which, they mention according to the organization of their four pillars of the global initiative. Notably, their executive team, as in their website, is gender imbalanced.

Services Offered

Without fear or favor, I commend the diversity in which this InWhatLanguage puts on the table regarding the services that they provide. They have four main areas in which they are associated in which includes; translation, interpretation, global marketing and can help your organization in multilingual staffing.

One unique thing about this website is that it includes even the most indigenous languages in different countries from different tribes. Looking into one of the African countries; Kenya to be precise, the review shows that among the languages listed are some of the ethnic tribes that are in that country. One would expect to have only major languages like the national language, but here they have gone out of their way and are offering services on that which most organizations of such caliber would ignore

Prices and Add-Ons

A newbie would take ages to figure out translation rate and how much money is paid for what service. That has not been indicated on the website for reasons known best by the founders of the company. They mention that they offer translation for any budget, but they do not put any limits on how little or more the budget can stretch. We hardly had any add-ons when we were doing the InWhatLanguage review on their website.

Quality of Services

Since we did not ask for any service from them, we can't authoritatively give a stand on how their work looks like. We, however, looked into what they offer and what is at stake for the people who work for them. With their variety in ideology, we believe that they walk their talk and not just pull Public Relations stunts only to disappoint their clients. Based on their review on their social media platforms, Facebook to be exact, the pros about the services they offer are more compared to its cons

Pros & Cons

These are entirely on observation purposes, and the use of secondary data exclusive of the practical bit apart from just a few instances, but the feedback we got is a trustworthy one.


  • Their website is well organized so you can quickly get the service you want without struggling
  • Free services to those people or organizations that are in line with their social impact
  • The wide range of languages they have for translation
  • They have embraced technology in their organization


  • The pricing has not been openly put across


Just by reading one or two lines of the review we have made, you can tell that InWhatLanguage is not badly off. This is because of what they offer to their clients. Consider them when you want to work well done but be on the look-out on how much they charge for their work.

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Positive: -

Negative: Such a lousy customer service! Very rude and dismissive, my emails were all answered with the same generic phrase meaning no one ever reads these! I requested quotes from several translation services and In what language were the cheapest. But they sent me my translation later than expected and didn't even apologize.

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recommended this service

Positive: I had a super urgent order and no time for explanations and.. I didn't get what I wanted. The instructions were not followed. The customer support agent listened to my story, offered several options to fix the problem but I was really short on time so had to decline. Money were returned with no problem. I think I will turn to them again provided I have enough time for discussion and revision.

Negative: -

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