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We offer this JKtranslate review in response to numerous requests. Customers want to learn about its services before they make their choice of online translation services. There is no better resource than our review for your decision-making. We use impartial evaluation criteria, online client reviews, and our expertise to draw conclusions. JKtranslate is a corporate member of the American Translators Association. It offers translation services in 35 languages. Their offers are grouped into two main categories: business and private. JKtrasnlate also provides legalization or interpretation.

Services Offered Based on JKtranslate Review

JKtranslate offers multiple services, including financial, legal, marketing, medical, technical, website, legal, and translations. It also works with academic documents, such as transcripts, diplomas, and degrees. If you require, the agency can also help with apostilles as well as legalization, DTP, and promotional materials.

JKtranslate reviews confirm company covers over 35 languages, including German translation companies. You can get your content translated into any major language. The company claims it employs certified language experts. To validate the quality, we decided to plan an order. It was for transcription services.

The website's user-friendly interface walked us through every step with ease. The website supports a variety of file formats. We were asked to upload the audio or video file that needed transcription.

We then had the choice of giving the transcriptionist special instructions or requirements. This included details like the formatting that was preferred, timestamps, and any possible technical jargon in the content. We valued the level of customization because it made sure the transcription would be tailored to our specific requirements. We made our choice for desired turnaround time after providing the necessary information. Because of the urgency of the project, JK translate provided a variety of options, ranging from several hours to a few days. We chose what we wanted, then visited the payment page to enter billing information securely.

Our transcript's estimated delivery date was included in the confirmation email we got after the payment was processed. We got a second email alert when the transcript was prepared. We signed in to our account and downloaded the finished transcript. The transcription's precision and high quality surpassed our expectations.

Overall, it was a smooth, hassle-free process for us to order transcription. The entire process was quick and extremely satisfying, thanks to the combination of user-friendly online platforms, clear communication, and excellent transcription quality, given the convenience and professionalism that JKtranslate provides.

Prices and Add Ons fees are determined by a number of variables, including source and target languages, delivery time, word count, level of experience, etc. For each assignment, a specific translation rate is determined. If needed, JKtranslate can have your documents legalized at a courthouse or consular office.

The minimum costs are 60 euros for sworn translations, 50 euros for certified translations, and 45 euros for regular ones. Customers get a 5 percent discount for orders exceeding 10,000 words. Standard turnaround is 3 to 5 business days. Urgent tasks can be turned around in 1 or 2 business days. The surcharge for urgent deliveries is 25 percent. Proofreading & editing cost 0.02-004 euros per word. If you require Norwegian translation services, you might get charged more because specialists well-versed in this language are hard to find.

We feel prices are a bit too high, including for JKtranslate localization services. Overall quality is good, but you get charged a lot to get your content translated. With every extra service, JKtranslate adds more fees. It finds a way to increase the total cost significantly. Take this into account because costs might spiral out of your control.

Service Quality or JK translate Is It Reliable?

You must wonder, ‘Is legit?’ Yes, it is legit. It is also reliable. Customers have generally been pleased with the quality and effectiveness of JKtranslate services. Many reviewers have praised the company's precision as well as attention to detail. Users commend the company’s professionalism & knowledge. Only several reviews are negative, pointing to slow customer support and late deliveries. Most JK translate translations are well-written and sound natural, making them appropriate for use in business documents, legal texts, and creative content. Promptness of services is a recurring theme in online reviews. Customers value quick turnaround times, and ordered papers are frequently delivered earlier than expected.

Additionally, the straightforward online form for requesting translations has received praise for its effectiveness and simplicity. It is simple for clients to upload documents and specify their needs, which paves the way for a quick, easy process. Although the majority of JKtranslate translation services reviews are favorable, a few customers have called attention to sporadic small errors or inconsistencies in documents. However, they also admitted that the company quickly dealt with these problems, either by making revisions or speaking with the translator directly.

Overall, JKtranslate has received positive online reviews. Users have a positive opinion of the website because of the combination of accurate translations and prompt delivery. JKtranslate is a popular pick for companies and people looking for expert language assistance because it comes across as dependable and trustworthy for a variety of translation needs.

Our experience is in line with the overall findings. We were pleased with the quality and turnaround time. JKtranslate can do better in terms of improving its pricing policy.

Pros and Cons Based on Reviews

JKtranslate offers top-class translation services based on this JKtranslate services review. Customers enjoy high-quality services provided by qualified staff. You can also get legalization and apostilles. The company has developed a great niche for its specialized offers, including game localization service for companies and individual customers.

Our review of JKtranslate validates most online reviews that commend JKtranslate for its services. The website also looks stylish and easy to navigate. The company lays out prices and rates clearly. We did not have problems finding the needed information on the website. The structure is well-thought-through.

Some reviews raise concerns about late deliveries and slow customer support. Our biggest concern is about high prices. If you need a combination of services, you must be prepared to pay a large sum of money. If JKtranslate addresses these issues, it may rank among the top translation companies in the world.


JKtranslate company presents itself as a seasoned organization with many years of experience, a track record of flawless service, and certified translations. Their website is cleverly created. It draws customers in with a stylish design and clearly laid out sections. Many are persuaded by information provided upfront, and they go on to order a variety of services. Our experience of dealing with JKtranslate was largely positive. It echoes many online reviews that praise JKtranslate for proven quality. Issues identified are related to less effective customer support, late deliveries, and high prices. If you decide to order extra services, be ready to spend more than originally planned. Be careful about what you order. Only choose extras if you absolutely need them.

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Negative: The mistakes were everywhere and I had no idea what they were trying to say. And they billed me for this nonsense. I advise you to stay away from this company.

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Positive: I liked the communication process with the company. The translation was easy, so it was alright.

Negative: -

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Paulina commented:

the service was good enough and prices are good as well

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