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JR Language Review: Starting Out

The following review is our JR Language review, a company that specializes in translation, particularly to and from Spanish. It doesn’t mean that other languages or services aren’t covered. As we established in our investigation, this agency is quite large and has been functioning since 2006. During this time, it has had a chance to expand and solidify its presence in the worldwide market. Considering its popularity, conducting research into it was at the top of our to-do list, so we were eager to explore it and present evaluation in our review.

Most JR Language reviews have a mixed nature. Ironically, we saw lots of complaints about Spanish translations, in particular, so we decided to focus on this issue in our test. The design of the company’s website is very simple, but it’s sufficiently informative. All relevant sections are included. There are even reviews allegedly written by its clients and presented on the central page. We don’t put much trust into such opinions since it’s easy for the company to manipulate them, so we went further and placed our own order. Our Expert Review Team ordered English to Spanish translation in the sphere of marketing. Here are the results they got.

Services Offered

JR Language translation services are many-layered, which is definitely a plus. You could request either simple or certified translation, meaning that company employs at least some certified experts. It’s always a strong advantage. Then there is localization — you could order it for video games, your website, application, software, etc. Desktop publishing and interpretation are available as well. If you want help with a phone call, during a meeting or conference, you can place your request and the company’s operators will quickly get in touch. More than 100 languages are practiced here, which is a large enough amount. We appreciated this diversity and marked it positively. It means that rare language pairs are here, too. For instance, if you need Vietnamese or Turkish translation services, JR will gladly provide you with them. This overview left us satisfied, but we looked forward to finding out whether such diversity is justified and if the quality corresponds to voiced promises.

Prices and Add-Ons

JR Language translation doesn’t disclose its prices properly. There is some information about certified work starting at $58 — apparently per one page. It is an average-to-high price for certification, but how about general translation? No data are available, which we find upsetting. Certified work includes birth certificates, death and marriage certificates, affidavits, transcripts, diplomas, or other documents. Most people need different help, so they deserve to know how much they are going to pay without ordering a quote.

JrLanguage offers completion of a minimum of 1500 words within three days. If you’d like add-ons, they are present for an extra payment. For example, you could ask for 24-hour rush completion, which costs an additional $20 per page. It’s expensive, but then again, urgent orders always are. Some additional services include the following:

  • Notarization (it costs $10 per page).
  • Apostille.
  • Certified hard copies (you have to pay $10 for the 1st page, then $5 for every other page).
  • Shipping (international options are present, so it won’t be a problem regardless of where you live).

Quality of Services

As claims, it is founded on fundamental values that it upholds in all cases and under any circumstances. Apparently, the firm only considers a project successful if the client confirms his or her satisfaction with it. We were prepared to test it personally, but things began to fall apart very quickly. Our marketing document was delivered later than we were promised, which ruined our most positive impression. Deadlines are an essential part of such services, so not following them means showing an absolute lack of professionalism. We got an apology, but it sounded reluctant, and no discount for further services has been offered. Slightly upset, we sent a document for evaluation to our Spanish expert.

To our further surprise, text turned out to be riddled with errors. There were proofreading, grammar, semantic, even stylistic mistakes. Where our text sounded quirky, the translation was dry. Where we used ironic lines to enhance our imagined ad proposal, the translated sentences were flat and uninspiring. We clearly indicated “marketing” as our area of focus, so we expected more from JR translation services. They had to give us a specialist who understands and is professional in marketing specifics. Completely annoyed, we asked for revision. JR agreed that the file has some serious issues, which comforted us. They promised to find another expert. When the revised file was uploaded, we tested it and realized that the quality was enhanced to a significant extent. This time, JR evidently found a real native speaker with specialization in marketing, so the results were much better.

Pros & Cons of JR Language Translation Services, Inc.

If you want to get a quick glimpse into what you could expect from JR, here’s a list with a summary. Some pros and cons to consider include:


  • Solid background. Agency has a recognized history of operations and a seemingly high customer preservation rate.
  • Wide range of services is ensured. This organization focuses on certified and multilingual translation, website translation services, localization, interpretation, as well as desktop publishing.
  • Thorough recruitment process. JR requires its translators to not only be native speakers but also to live in a specific region to ensure their understanding of local culture.
  • Fast Dispatch. Company is capable of meeting even the toughest deadlines, though it might be expensive, especially for large orders.
  • Privacy. JR Language service follows government privacy regulations and takes sufficient actions to guarantee discretion. So, your property is secure.
  • Revisions are present. If there are errors in your document, ask for corrections without any hesitation.


  • Pricing system is confusing. If a customer wants a project done, they have to ask for a quote, which might take time. Only the price for certified service is disclosed.
  • Quality is inconsistent. As numerous JR language translation services reviews indicated, quality fluctuates. One translator may do a good job, but another one may ruin your task. Consistency is essential here.
  • Late delivery is possible. Accidents happen, but if they let you down once, it can happen again.


From information above, we can note that JR translation agency has its advantages as well as its drawbacks. On the one hand, it employs real experts who can convey all intricacies of your project in a target language, showing flawlessness in every aspect. But on the other, some translators lack qualifications, and if you can’t check the order you got because of your inability to understand language, you might find yourself in trouble. Our JR language review is mixed for this reason — we can’t include the company into our top list because it failed to meet our initial deadline, not to mention the first version of text was very flawed. But there are some strong positive sides, too, so it would be best to think carefully before deciding whether you want to use services that JR provides.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: They are fine. I like the format of the translated document, it fully copied the original. ANd delivery is fast. There were some mistakes that I corrected myself. If that wasn't for a certified translation, I would never mention it, but for this type of document, mistakes are unacceptable. Fortunately, I received a draft so the final document was good.

Negative: .

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: no

Negative: JR Language says they have offices everywhere in the US, while that's not true. Look at their addresses: it's either a virtual office or a parcel service. If they do you a bad service, you'll have nothing to protect your rights.

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recommended this service

Positive: Properly performed website translation. Recommend!

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