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Introduction is a company that offers language translation services, and this review is about the company, the nature of the services it provides, the quality of the services, and the advantages and disadvantages of the service. We looked at different sources of information before coming up with this review, including checking out the site online, as well as looking at the site at the BBB website.

We could not find any details about K-International on the BBB website, and we, therefore, had to place an order for document translation from English to Polish, so that we could get insights into the nature of the services provided.

Services Offered

K-International offers a variety of services in the translation space and helps companies and firms in different industries when it comes to translating documents and localizing content. K-International offers translation services in the retail markets, legal field, medicine space, website content localization, and in government agencies.

Apart from offering translation services, K-International offers a variety of services including transcription services, design services, interpreting services, and transcreation services. When it comes to the translation space, however, some language translation combinations are not offered by the company. The company provides translation from English to a variety of foreign languages, but that is not the case when it comes to translating documents and work from foreign languages to English.

In a bid to get an accurate reflection of the service, we placed an order for document translation from English to Polish.

Prices & Add-Ons

The pricing of the service was high compared to other services in the market.  However, the amount they charged was equal to the quality of the work that we received.

Quality of Services                                                                 

With the vast array of services offered by K-International, one would be curious to know the nature and the quality of the services provided. The document we ordered on the site allowed us to look into the nature of the services offered.

We received the document in the desired period, and we engaged some experts in translation, who had a concentration in English to Welsh translation and Welsh to English translation as well. They looked at the document keenly, and the document, going by standards, was adequately translated.

Nonetheless, they spotted some errors in the document, which ranged from poorly translated words to omission of phrases.  These were among some of the key shortcomings of the service, though the translators did an excellent job in translation.

Pros & Cons

Going through all information about K-International could be very tiring, if not worse. In this regard, therefore, we have created a small section that shows the pros and cons of using the service, which can help you to know about the website when deciding on a translation service.


  • Simple to use the website.
  • Well translated documents.


  • High prices.
  • Support for a limited number of languages.


To sum this up, K-International offers a broad array of translation and localization services, and individuals, as well as companies, can access the services on their website. This review seeks to offer details and information about the nature of services, and the quality of the services so that users seeking to choose a translation service can make an informed decision.

This K-International review draws from hands-on experience with requesting a document from the site, as well as relevant information concerning their services on their website, and other online sources.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: The translation is good but they cannot do the timing thing! They told us they would do it in under two days while in fact it took four, consider this when making an order!

Negative: -

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: The work process is well-organized, managers are friendly.

Negative: Not quite satisfied with the final result. It lacks a human touch.

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