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K International Review

We’ve been planning to write our K-International review for a while, and after the number of your requests exceeded several dozens, expert review team finally started it. As in all other cases, we’ve looked into its background, researched its history, looked for online reviews, and made an order so that we could acquire a client experience of our own. Our goal was to remain as objective and professional as possible — you can look through our write-up and make your own conclusion about this agency.

K International translation bureau offers diverse language services. It was founded in 1986, so it’s an old firm with a huge experience. Being ISO 9001:2015 compliant, it ensures quality and promises to meet all needs of its customers, but how authentic is this claim? We were determined to find out, so started with visiting company’s website. Only minimal info was provided there, which is why our team couldn’t find out how many employees K-International has or in what countries it operates. It has an office in the UK, but that was the extent of our findings. Refusing to give up, we turned to other sources of information. There are no details about K-International on the BBB website, but some client reviews are present on other platforms. They’re mixed: some are pleased with service and claim that they would use it again while others state their project arrived late or lacked proper quality. We placed an order for document translation from English to Polish, interested in the insights we were about to get.

Services Offered by K International Inc.

K-International offers a variety of services in linguistic sphere and helps companies operating in different industries to translate as well as localize their content. These industries entail retail, legal, medical, financial, business, government, and technical spheres, but the list doesn’t end here. For example, agency provides transcreation, transforming and adapting your messages until they look as attractive for foreign audiences as they do for locals. So, marketing and other customer-focused fields are covered, too.

Apart from mentioned options, K-International also offers transcription, design, interpreting, internalization, as well as copywriting services. Voice-over and consultancy are offered as well, so basically, whatever linguistic service you require, this agency is almost guaranteed to have it. If you need an interpreter to help you during conference, they will ask you for your location and find an expert closest to you. If you require to turn video or audio file into text, K-International will do it, promising to preserve every sigh and pause of a speaker. It supports more than 250 languages, huge amount that proves the width of its outreach. But some K-International reviews indicated that while the company focuses on providing assistance from English into variety of foreign languages, this is not the case when it comes to translating documents from other languages into English. This could be true, but you can only find out if you ask them about specific language pair directly.

Prices & Add-Ons

No data on the prices are offered on a company’s site. While we appreciated its diversity, glowing impression faded after we realized this fact. People have to know how much they’ll be paying for what service. Without it, they can’t plan appropriately, having to wait for a response, and not knowing which options they should choose. It’s particularly problematic in case their deadline is running out. Naturally, since we hired the firm to write our KInternational review, we submitted all info and waited for a quote. Pricing turned out to be a little higher as compared to the one set by other companies in the market: we paid $0.14 for one word.

Quality of KInternational Translation

When the most crucial moment of the review came, we were full of anticipation. The first quality criterion is maintained deadlines. Fortunately, we received our document in a specified period, so it was a plus. Then we sent it to our approved English and Polish experts: they evaluated prepared translation and told us what they thought. As it turned out, they spotted some relevant errors that ranged from poorly translated words to omission of several phrases. Some meanings were twisted, too, to the point of changing our message entirely. It looked like translation was done hastily and with little care for the original, so we were extremely annoyed and disappointed.

K-International.com promises to revise their work if needed, so we used this option. Our request was instantly accepted, and customer support operators apologized time and time again. We could not set our preferred deadline — apparently, the one we asked for was too short, so company offered a compromise. After revision was completed, we had our experts check it again. Quality level was sufficiently improved: all mistakes we’d pointed out were corrected, and the ones we didn’t mention were also removed. It’s clear that the second time around, we were given a true professional.

Pros & Cons

Going through all information about K-International from our review could be tiring. That’s why we created a list showing major pros and cons of this service.


  • Quality support. As plenty of KInternational reviews mentioned, support team is extremely friendly. We enjoyed every interaction we had since theirs responses were precise and helpful.
  • Support for a big number of languages. With 250 languages covered, you can use service even if you need a rare combination.
  • Diverse services. You can choose between any language-related options.
  • Functional revisions. As we made sure, if your document comes back flawed, you have every right to ask for a free revision. Note that deadline might be assigned by a firm, not by you in this instance, though.


  • Uninformative site. It doesn’t provide some relevant info, such as regarding prices. In addition, it lacks personal touch. Only dry facts about services themselves are offered, with very few details being related to the company itself along with its history.
  • High prices. They exceed market average by several cents per word.
  • Fluctuating quality. Some experts know what they’re doing while others make mistakes. There is no telling which of them you’ll get, so it is better if you have someone to look through the file before you submit it anywhere.


To sum up, K International translation services Inc. is a provider with a long history and good reputation. It offers a broad array of linguistic options, but because of its size, it’s no longer capable of monitoring the work of all its employees. You might not succeed in getting proper results from the first go, which is unprofessional and frustrating. Like many other companies, this one should pay much closer attention to its screening procedures. Clients should be confident that they’ll be getting excellent results for their money. On the good side, K International has a solid quality control system because once we asked for revision, it gave our order to someone with real knowledge. So, if you’re looking for great services, you could consider this firm, but there are lots of others you might enjoy more.

20 customer reviews of K-international.com

Andrey Stanislavskiy

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: They remained responsive and professional in the past, but not anymore.

Negative: K International of Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, stopped paying my invoices and, lately, responding to my emails. Their site www.k-international.com and vendor portal https://workflow.k-international.com/ have become inoperational. I worked for them for a few years. They were always slow to pay and had a dubious payment schedule of paying only after reaching a threshold of 100 EUR, so my first payment I received only about a year after my first order was completed. What a shame!

Was this review helpful?


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: My encounter with this translation service shocked me to the core. From the exorbitant prices they charged to the poor quality of their translations, it was a nightmare from start to finish. The translators seemed to be playing a guessing game rather than providing an accurate translation. Shipping was no better as they managed to miss a few deadlines causing a lot of inconvenience. It's safe to say that this translation service is a prime example of how not to do business. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere for reliable translation services.

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Asim Orozco

recommended this service


Negative: I encouraged the idea of having them as my number 1 go-to translation site but it didn’t last long. They failed me by missing my deadlines not once or twice…I don’t think they are good enough tbh

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Gloria commented:

Save your money. These guys are just rip-offs with zero quality control.

Sawa commented:

their pricing was fair although I’d have loved a better job

Randal commented:

They didn't do bad. I got the quality I wanted but their turnaround is quite slow. they'll need to work on it to keep customers like me.

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