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Introduction to Language Line Solutions Review

This is our review of Language Line. We are writing this at the request of several of our audience members. Before we go into our  Language Line Solutions review, we will first outline the steps we take to learn as much as possible about each official translation service we cover.

The first thing we do is search for the company on Google. We check out Language Line Solutions reviews from previous customers, and translators we have worked for the company. In this case, the customer reviews were mixed, and the Lannguage Line Solutions employee reviews were mostly poor. A check of the BBB website showed that the company had no activity there either positive or negative. They are also not accredited should that information be noteworthy to anyone.

After conducting that preliminary investigation, we ordered translation services. This is so we can judge the quality of work, pricing, and other factors. The review below reflects both our experiences as well as the information that we gathered.

Services Offered offers interpretation services including telephone, video/remote, and in person. They do have personal interpreters for hire. They offer translation and localization services, Vietnamese translationArabic translation services as well. Training and testing for interpreters are available as well. Industries covered are healthcare, business, and government. For this review, we placed an order and asked for professional business translation services from English to Hindi.

Prices And Add Ons

There are no prices advertised on the company website. Instead, consumers must request a quote. To be honest, we balked at this. We don’t believe it is good practice to force customers to provide their personal data in order to get pricing information. We also don’t approve of forcing them to upload potentially sensitive or confidential documentation before they have decided to place an order.

However, we did comply in order to properly complete this Languageline Solutions review. While the prices are not exorbitant, we will say that in our experience, they are on the higher side of normal.

Quality of Languge Line Services

This is obviously the most important factor. Unfortunately, this was where things really fell apart. In spite of the fact that there are some positive Language Line reviews, our experience did not reflect that. To begin, we received our translated documents late. There was no explanation or apology for the delay, nor were we warned that anything was wrong.

We received our translation and showed it to an individual who is fluent in Hindi and English. They were able to identify several errors in the translation, even one item that could be potentially offensive. According to this person, the translation was mediocre at best.

Pros & Cons

Here is a list of pros and cons that we have identified.


  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Several Languages Supported
  • The Company Does Have a Reasonably Good Reputation


  • Lack of Upfront Pricing
  • Poor Translation
  • Missed Deadline
  • Prices Higher Than They Should Be
  • Poor Delivery And Customer Service


While there are others who have had positive experiences with this company, our experience was bad enough that we cannot recommend using this service. If you are in need of translation, interpretation, localization, language-based e-learning services, etc. don’t fret. There are best quality translation services out there. Please refer to our other reviews. We are certain you will find a trustworthy, translation service to meet your personal or business needs.

7 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: None

Negative: I had a very disappointing experience with Language Line the other day. Ordered a French-English translation and what I got was clearly a machine work. My command of French is good enough and I also showed it to my French friends, they confirmed the text is nonsense. I ordered a revision and even this time there were many errors in the text and the original meaning of many concepts was changed. Hence, I believe Language Line does not deliver what they promise to.

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Doris J.

recommended this service

Positive: Astonishing support department! Answered all my questions. The translation is OK.

Negative: -

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Fredrika A.

recommended this service

Positive: Our company had enjoyed the cooperation with Language Line. Our employees are excited to use the techniques they were told of on the seminar on practice. We are already seeing an improvement in our working performances.

Negative: -

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