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Writing Language Scientific Review

Our Expert Review Team always looks for new translation firms they could test for you, and that’s exactly how this Language Scientific review appeared. They’ve noticed an increasing number of reviews about the performance of this company, so grew curious and decided to check it out. Our research entailed looking for online information about the agency, studying its website, and placing an order via it. This is what we managed to find out.

Language Scientific (formerly RIC International) was founded in 1999. It proves to have much experience and knows how to meet its customers’ needs. It’s US-based and specializes in technical translation and localization. It is particularly invested in provision of medical translation services in all major world languages. is an online platform, but it also has an office in Medford, MA, which makes it more credible and secure in our eyes. During the long years of its work, it has assisted more than 1500 companies, including those from Fortune 2000 list. It has been acknowledged as one of the best medical service providers, so we were extremely curious to establish whether such fame is deserved.

Services Offered by

Language Scientific provides only technical assistance. It focuses on four major services that can be encountered in linguistic industry.

  • Translation. This category entails transforming a written text, such as an installation guide or pharmaceutical patent, from one language into another. You could find creative translations, too, but this particular company focuses on technical sector, so your options will likely be limited.
  • Localization. It includes adaptation of software, hypermedia, or websites in accordance with norms of specific languages, cultures, and localities. It is important to note that translation is only one localization phase — a much more complex and vaster process. It is not enough to simply translate sentences with technical terms: person should understand context and situation, preserving individuality of your style.
  • Interpretation. This is a voiced method of translation that allows instantaneous communication at conferences, over the telephone, online, and the like.
  • Transcription. If you have video or audio files that you’d like to have translated, this service would be glad to help out. They have a special expert team responsible for these tasks, and as many Language Scientific translation reviews indicated, the results tend to be good.

As for languages, this agency covers 215 of them. It is a huge and impressive number that proves its extensive development. More than that, Language Scientific asks you to contact them in case you have a request they don’t have listed. The only question is, how good is this translation? Having so many freelancers is dangerous because watching them all is a tough thing. That’s why we placed our own order.

Prices and Add-Ons

No prices are revealed on the firm’s website — this is a drawback because it makes people think they’ll be paying more than they would elsewhere. They must waste their time waiting for an answer. We found our initial concerns to be true — Language Scientific is a very expensive firm. We paid $0.17 for one word. But in a way, it’s understandable.

Company’s approach to choosing their key focus is not conventional for translation industry. It is imperative to note that a vast majority of expert translators, even among reputable organizations, have little training in scientific, medical, or engineering areas. This makes such sectors more expensive. We also noticed that some of the certifications Language Scientific holds include ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, as well as ASTM standard F 2575-06. It’s one of the factors that cause them to be more expensive than other translation agencies.

Quality of Service

We asked for technical document translation services from Language Scientific, sending them a safety manual for employees. Communication process was excellent: we got swift and precise replies, with customer support operators responding to all our concerns. The order was delivered right by the deadline, too, which we appreciated. But unfortunately, quality left a lot to be desired. From what our experts said, the text sounded awkward. Yes, all terms were conveyed properly, but links between them were stifled and forced as if a non-native speaker was involved in translation. There were also some evident instances of machine use. Our review team was upset by this, especially considering the price we paid. We sent a complaint and asked for a revision. As before, the operators reacted right away. They apologized and promised that everything was going to be taken care of.

The revised file was late, but the firm’s representatives warned us about it while issuing an additional apology. Apparently, our translator had some emergency. This is a wearisome excuse, but we accepted it and continued to wait. When the document was submitted, we sent it to experts again, and they confirmed that most issues were corrected. So, our LanguageScientific review became mixed at this point. The first version of our order wasn’t good, but we liked the way it was improved.

Pros & Cons

Here’s a shortened list with advantages and disadvantages you could expect from Language Scientific.


  • Experience. After functioning for more than 20 years, this company has made an impressive name for itself. It’s a medical-oriented organization trusted by many healthcare representatives.
  • Certification present. Company is certified and adheres to international quality guidelines, so you can be certain that at least some of its experts are trustworthy.
  • Narrow specialization. If you need technical or medical translation, you’ll find the best professionals here.
  • Good communication. Operators are friendly and communicative.


  • High prices. Costs form an important part of our Language Scientific translation review. In this company, services are expensive, and though it’s justified due to its unique specialization, not everyone will be able to afford them.
  • Lack of quality guarantees. Your order might be given to a person who lacks sufficient experience. So, your chances of lucking out are as strong as your chances of failing in it.
  • Deadlines aren’t always maintained. While our order arrived on time, the revised version was late.

More Language Scientific Reviews

Based on everything we’ve learned, Language Scientific agency does a good job employing a wide range of experienced employees, but it comes with certain drawbacks. Due to its desire to grow and expand, quality control suffers. Our order was flawed, it wasn’t perfect from the start, so we wasted some time on a revision. This agency focuses only on technical kinds of translation, which results in a higher charge for a client, but it also has experts that know all technical intricacies, as evident from the revised text that we got. It was almost flawless. So, our opinion is divided. We suggest that you read more LanguageScientific reviews, consider their website, look through its offers, and make your decision. When choosing any kind of service, it is advisable to weigh your options against your needs and your budget. We sure hope you find what you’re looking for!

21 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I could have done a better job with Google Translate. And the worst part? They charged a lot of money for this junk. I advise you to stay away from these scammers.

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Bryson Rasmussen

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: i would have saved my money and used google translate instead. you guys disappointed me big time! you promised me quality, fast delivery and a discount offer but I didn’t get any of these. you lot are liars.

Was this review helpful?


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I paid more cash for instant delivery but they couldn’t deliver. To make matters worse, the quality they deliver was awful. Many amateurish mistakes. It's really bad. Very bad

Was this review helpful?


Shawn commented:

Wow. Poor services! I do not recommend.

Jana commented:

Poor quality. I know better than to use them next time.

Louiesa commented:

My team and I have been using their services for quite some time now but they are slowly declining in quality. The last few results they delivered contained a lot of errors and mistranslation. So so disappointing

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