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This article is a review of Language Scientific (formerly RIC International) which is a United States-based international translation and localization enterprise. On visiting, we noted that they focus on providing engineering, technical and medical translation services in more or less the major European, Asian, and American languages. This is what we were able to learn during our LanguageScientific review:

Services Offered

Language Scientific focuses on these three services;

  1. Translation – This is rendering a written text, such as an installation guide or a pharmaceutical patent, from one language to another.
  2. Localization – This is the adaptation of software, hypermedia or websites to particular languages, cultures, and locales. It is important to note that translation is just only one of the phases of localization.
  3. Interpreting – This is a voiced method of translation, allowing instantaneous communication at conferences, over the telephone and the like.

Prices and Add-Ons

We noted that their approach to translator selection is not generally conventional in the translation industry, even among the more reputable translation organizations. It is imperative to note that the vast majority of expert translators are accomplished in the humanities and the languages, few have had any training in the sciences, and translators with medical or engineering degrees are, apparently, more expensive.

Additionally, many customers think that translation is just a matter of exchanging words in one language with those of another and thus at most times not able to judge the value of the work they paid.

Organization of their set-ups is by subject area specialty that is their medical and pharmaceutical translation subdivision and their technical and engineering translation subdivision.

We were able to note some of the certifications that they do possess which include;

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • ISO 17100:2015 certification.
  • ASTM standard F 2575-06 for translation quality compliant.

The above certifications and mode of operation cause them to be more expensive than other translation agencies.

Quality of Service

We learned that LanguageScientific provides technical document translation services in the United States which target a professional audience or involve the comprehension of specialized material that the general public would not usually have. Such translations may comprise technical guidebooks, clinical studies, CAD illustrations, and patents.

We noted five critical reasons as to why they can convey the translation of technical projects with a dependable high level of quality, and they include:

  • Vast knowledge of their translators/engineers.
  • Reliable and Consumer - intensive project management.
  • Fast project dispatch.
  • Exclusive emphasis on translation of technical issues.
  • Quality management system.

Pros & Cons


  • A project manager response time of fewer than 2 hours.
  • 99.5% of projects conveyed by the agreed-upon deadline.
  • Medical resources translated by medics and later revised by linguists.
  • Their three-step authentication system guarantees quality translation.


  • Insufficient investment in discovering the newest in translation technology and having internal technical resources.
  • Micromanagement in some areas whereby employees are tasked with too much work leading to mediocre service.
  • They are not as advanced on the cutting-edge technological developments in localization as some other corporations.
  • Insufficient investment on their employees which can at times diminish the quality of work delivered.


From the above LanguageScientific review, we notice that technical translation is a bit more challenging as compared to other kinds of adaptations that do not require specialized personnel.  This agency does a good thing in employing a wide range of experienced employees which then comes at a higher translation charge to the client. When choosing the service, it will be advisable to weigh your options.


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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I don't know what was that but I received a poorly translated document and wanted to request a revision but found out that I was banned...

Negative: /

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recommended this service

Positive: Quick service and pleasant managers.

Negative: Didn`t like the quality.

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recommended this service

Positive: Quality medical translation is hard to find today. And this company manages to provide it.

Negative: The biggest drawback is price. As a medical student, I cannot afford such services at all times.

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