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Writing Level Up Translation Review

In our research and review process, our Expert Review Team usually studies companies that provide a wide range of services. But agencies with narrow specialization are also worth our attention. After getting a request, our team decided to focus on writing a Level Up Translation Review.

Leveluptranslation.com is a service that has found its niche in the gaming sphere. In accordance with the site, it has already produced millions of papers, entrusting its translation to top game translators. Their freelance team has been collectively involved in a couple of AAA and major indie game projects, so they boast of having years of experience. But is that truly so? We decided to check it ourselves by conducting our personal research, collecting information from various sources, and placing an order.

There are very few Level Up Translation reviews available online. Those that we found were mostly positive, but they did not have enough details to form any concrete opinion. From what we established, the company has been founded in 2011, so it spent 9 years in this unique sphere. For delivering video game localization services of the best quality, experience is essential, and it is clear that Level Up has it. But we didn’t find anything else — there is no information about its physical offices, meaning that it likely doesn’t have them, and we couldn’t check how many employees it has or which quality standards it follows. This did not inspire trustworthiness, but we checked the agency's existing list of customers and hoped for the best. We struck an agreement with an indie game producer and submitted this small project as our order, asking for French translator service.

Services Offered by Level-up Translation

Like we mentioned before, Level Up Translation specializes in localization services for video games. They support all possible formats, including Console, PC, MMO, as well as browser- and mobile-based games for iOs and Android. But that’s not the end of its offers. Company promises to ensure quality website translation, so you could ask for its assistance if you want to go global. Marketing translation is offered as well, just as adaptations of small texts of different kinds. For example, if you want to translate summaries or descriptions of your product for Google Play, they’ll happily help you out. They could localize an app for you, regardless of which format you prefer. Adaptation of app metadata covers not only app description but also keywords, so you have a chance to improve discovery of your product in an online store. Level Up Translation aims to improve existing data about your project to generate more positive reviews. Finally, a press kit translation is available. All in all, it means that if you are involved in the area of game, software, or app production, you can ask for Level-up localization of any kind.

Their video game translation services look promising in particular because the firm uses native speaking experts who ensure that adaptation is made on the highest possible level. They are claimed to have technical knowledge and understanding of specific terminology, such as that related to consoles, platforms, and accessories, among other things. Experts make the most of company-provided translation memory tools.

We liked the diversity provided by LevelUpTranslation. It included some more sectors into its spheres of operations to cover wider markets, which is always a plus. It supports more than 20 languages, focusing on English and Spanish translations. This isn’t much, so here, we felt a little displeased. It would be better if apart from supporting various projects, Level Up would also reach out to more countries. Still, we felt intrigued. Firm provides its translators with projects that they truly enjoy working on, which increases likelihood of excellence and client satisfaction.

Price and Add-Ons

Level-Up game localization agency claims that it is making the world a better place for developers by assisting them in overcoming various localization challenges for an affordable price. Naturally, we wanted to check it, but the company's website did not give us this opportunity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t list any costs — it provides some generic info but nothing beyond that. We believe such an approach to clients is unprofessional because they should immediately see how much they should pay. Why should they upload the files, waste their time on providing instructions and deadlines, and then wait for a quote? This takes time that many developers simply don’t have.

The prices for LevelUp games happened to be higher than average. We paid $0.23 for one word, which is a lot. Accepted currencies include Euro, Sterling, and US Dollar. We’re aware that translation pricing is affected by many factors, but since it has not been disclosed on a website, we can’t say what they are in this specific case. We could not find data on add-ons offered by Level Up.

Quality of Level Up Game Translation

We gave customer support representatives much time to work on our project. After two months went by and the due date approached, we checked in and saw nothing. The game wasn’t delivered, and after we demanded to know the reasons for it, we were told that some members of our localization team had an emergency and that we’d have to wait for a few more hours. This didn’t sit well with us. Some prior warning would have been nice, and frankly, what kind of emergency could happen to several people at once? We had no other choice but to wait. Only four hours later, our Level Up video games project was finally ready.

We quickly forwarded it to our translation specialists. They said that translation is pretty average. It’s clear that some translators didn’t have a total understanding of important protocols and terminology applicable in their services. More than that, the actual lines within the plot were overly formal. Some places preserved the developer’s jokes or insults, but many others didn’t. The lines spoken by characters sounded dull and lifeless. It took three revisions to improve the project, and by the end of it, we felt exhausted. So, our impression was mixed.

Pros & Cons

Here’s the summary of all points we discovered in our LevelUp Translation review.


  • Narrow localization focus. The firm focuses on game and app localization services.
  • Friendly team. If you drop them a line, they’ll respond quickly.


  • High costs. Our project was very expensive.
  • Limited language support. Less than 30 languages are covered.
  • Average quality. Project translation that our review team ordered was rather dull.
  • Quality control is flawed. It’s not normal to get good results only after 3 revisions. Besides, the delivery was late.


Level Up video game localization company is a promising place, but it needs much stricter quality control to be effective. They are also a little budget unfriendly, which doesn’t correspond to promises of flawlessness. They should definitely work more on their website. include more information and make it accurate. If you had a different experience with LevelUp, leave your comments. We may investigate this service once again later just to check if quality changes. You should check out other agencies as well before making your decision — maybe you’ll find a better fit elsewhere.

22 customer reviews of LevelUpTranslation.com


recommended this service

Negative: The translations I received from this service looked like a mixture of good and bad translations. Some parts were good, others not so much as if several people worked on the document. It seemed to me that they didn't quite put in the effort to make it perfect. Not to mention the waiting time.

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recommended this service

Positive: The prices of this translation agency were quite reasonable for me, and this was the main factor that influenced my decision to use their services. However, not everything went very smoothly. There were some nuances that I couldn't help but pay attention to: grammatical errors in the text. Nevertheless, the translation was completed on time, and I highly appreciate their efficiency in this aspect.

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recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: After reading the feedback about this service I thought the quality of translations would be better, but I had no luck... The only thing I was unlucky with was the delivery, no problems with that. Now I doubt whether I can trust these reviews if they are not true...

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Mercedes commented:

Won’t deny the great service. They get the job done.

Wilson commented:

We recommend this guys. They never fail to beat the deadline.

Roscoe commented:

Always a joy to work with them. Couldn’t be happier with the work they did.

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