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Introduction usually relies on years of gaming XP and millions of words that are translated by veteran game translators to deliver video game localization and translation services of the best quality. Their team of freelancers has been collectively involved in a couple of AAA and major indies games and boast of years of experience in various positions of the video gaming industry.

Services Offered

LevelUpTranslation deals in expert localization services for video games. They translate indie and AAA games on all platforms which include Console, PC, MMO, browser-based and mobile games for Ios and Android.

The list of services as they appear on the site include:

  • Video game localization
  • App localization
  • App metadata localization
  • Video game website translation
  • Indie game localization
  • Video game marketing translation
  • Press kit translation

LevelUpTranslation is making the world a better place for developers by assisting them to deal with their localization challenges without needing to exceed their budget. They are also providing translators with projects they enjoy working on and are offering the best possible conditions for work and giving them the best work conditions.

The languages in which Level Up Translation does business include English, French, and Spanish. 

The translation of app metadata not only targets the app description but the keywords so it can improve discovery in the App store. The app description and keywords localized becomes the single best way that you can spend your limited translation budget. The aim is in to improve the existing description, to make sure users are can learn how to use the app in the target languages and make sure the apps have good reviews by making them available in as many languages as possible.

Their video game translation services are good because they use native speaking experts who ensure text adaptation is made in the best possible way. The translators have technical knowledge and understanding of specific terminology such as consoles, platforms, accessories among others. The freelancers also make the most of the USGA of computer-aided translation and translation memory tools.

Price and Add-Ons

Add-ons have not to be ordered by Level Up Translation.

The currencies that are accepted include Euro, Sterling, US Dollar. The prices have not been indicated on their website and also in any level translation review available online.

Quality of Services

Services are moderately good. Some translation jobs have been reported to have been done partially satisfactorily by their freelancer team. It is clear that some of the translators that have been given work on translation have demonstrated that they do not have a total understanding of some important protocols and terminology that is applicable in their services. A partially accurate translation in video gaming or applications could prove very problematic to those who are using the game considering a new gamer will need to read through the instruction manual to learn how to go about it. Translations that are not directly correct could confuse when the user of the translated information is applying it.

Pros & Cons


  • The website is easily navigable
  • Pricing is upfront


  • Costs are high
  • Language support is little
  • Translations are of moderate quality
  • Quality control is limited


LevelUpTranslation has proven time that it could be relied upon for quality translation services. They only need to improve certain aspects of their services like pricing which is a little budget unfriendly.

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Negative: Their translators are definitely not gamers. They avoided using slang and skipped some passages written by the people who are passionate about gaming. So, I suggest working on cooperation between clients and the team to ensure the results would look more "natural". All in all, the service needs some improvement.

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recommended this service

Positive: Nice, professional team. Respect!

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