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Not many people asked for LinguaLinx review, but even three requests were enough to inspire us to start in-depth research. This company appeared in 2002: having over two decades of experience and still going strong is an impressive achievement. While it focuses on online services, it also has an office in New York, so you could contact its representatives in different ways. As most best document translation services in this market, LinguaLinx specializes in translation and localization. The surprising thing is that the majority of reviews about it are mixed, closer to negative. Clients say they aren’t always satisfied with quality and delivery, while translators claim they feel overworked, underpaid, and uncomfortable with work environment. There were enough curious elements that made us intrigued, so we proceeded — and we discovered multiple things you’d wish to know about as a potential client!

Beginning of Review: Scope of Services

All translating firms offer similar services to clients, but there are always some nuances. You could need online birth certificate translation because you plan to travel abroad and need verification: only some agencies will help you with it. LinguaLinx works with over 200 languages. This is a great result that we appreciated. It’s clear that the company didn’t sit idly as it managed to develop a huge network of translators who represent different languages. Its services are as diverse as we hoped, too. Clients could order LinguaLinx localization of their websites, apps, and other projects. These experts understand nuances and comprehend the culture they’re working with. They guarantee that the localized order will produce the same impact as its original version does. Simple translation is available, too, and it comes together with machine work. If you don’t want to pay much for your order, you could ask this firm to use their automatic tools for translation; then, they’ll get editors to proofread it.

Other LinguaLinx language services include video and audio transcription as well as transcreation. These are essential creative services that come in handy in business. The company helps with design and organizes subtitling. It also has an impressive range of voice talent options for those who want to add a speaker to their videos or dub something. Finally, there are different kinds of interpretation, including by phone, physical, synchronized, and even via sign language. Needless to say, we were impressed and thrilled. is clearly a big company, and it provides almost endless opportunities to its clients. Whatever kind of help you’re searching for, you’ll find it here. But we wanted to know more about quality. That is why we placed an online order for Spanish translation. It was a chance to receive an authentic customer experience.

Are These Services Expensive?

Prices concern everyone. People want to know how much translation services for marketing or business cost and whether they can expect a discount. As we discovered in our review of LinguaLinx, this company will not please you with how much it charges. We suspected this would be the case from the start because all prices are hidden. The only way to learn it is by sending a request for a free quote. It takes time, and you share sensitive information with people you might not hire in the end — this is not an ideal situation. Then there are grand phrases like “translation is more than transaction.” This is an immediate red flag hinting that the firm might rip you off. And sadly, this is exactly what happens.

As we mentioned, for creating authentic LinguaLinx services review¸, we hired its translators. Our order was relatively simple, but it cost us $0.18 per word. This is a very high price for this kind of order. We basically paid a dollar for three translated words! If you have a large project, you might end up becoming bankrupt. There are no discounts either, so the price remains high in all cases.

Opinions about Quality: Is This Company Sufficiently Professional?

To determine if this translating agency is reliable, we read LinguaLinx reviews from other clients and focused on our personal experience. The results were mixed. At least half of the reviews are negative: clients complain either about late project arrival or criticize the quality they got. Translators and other employees also don’t seem to be happy. Some praise the firm for great opportunities, but others say that turnover rates are too high, salaries are low, and conditions are overly strict. Managers apparently spend a lot of time gossiping and lazing around: multiple reviews mentioned this exact problem. These findings weren’t encouraging.

Our translation got to us on time. We took it as a good sign, but quality concerned us the most. LinguaLinx: is it reliable? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The first version of our order looked unprofessional. There were numerous language mistakes, several serious mistranslations, and chunks of content that were simply not there. It seemed that translator dismissed them as unimportant. We were shocked by the such abysmal quality and asked for a revision. At this point, the picture changed. Managers apologized profusely and stayed supportive. A new translator was assigned, and they did an excellent job. The revised version was professional, and it fully met our requirements. The conclusion is some of these guys know what they are doing, but others lack appropriate qualifications. You’ll never know for sure if you’re going to luck out or end up with an inattentive amateur.

Strong vs. Weak Aspects of LinguaLinx

So, should you hire LinguaLinx translation services? We are presenting a list that goes through the company’s strong and weak sides. Follow it and see if the former or the latter matter more to you.


  • Very experienced company. LinguaLinx has been functioning for more than twenty years. This is an impressive result that not every agency can boast of.
  • A huge number of services present. Every client who needs linguistic help is going to find LinguaLinx language solutions specifically for them. With over 200 languages and endless list of services, you can be certain that the company will meet your needs.
  • Friendly managers around. Managers support their clients and offer advice whenever things become difficult or unclear. They are on your side and they’ll help resolve conflicts.
  • Efficient order revisions. If you didn’t like the quality of your order, you could ask for revision. The company will find another translator and they’ll likely do an excellent job.


  • Negative reviews online. There are plenty of negative reviews about LinguaLinx translations. No one’s experience is universally accurate, but when the number of bad comments is high, it’s a reason for concern.
  • Prices are too high. Clients overpay for services by a wide margin. LinguaLinx clearly thinks that it can charge more because it’s an old firm. It doesn’t have any discounts as well.
  • Quality is unstable. You might not receive the quality you’re hoping for; based on reviews, your order might be late. Some translators show great results while others lag behind.

Summarizing LinguaLinx Review

Our research revealed that LinguaLinx is an old but careless company. It can help with all kinds of language projects; its support team does an outstanding job, but quality is not fully satisfying. Accidents might happen and they seem to be frequent. The agency also asks for huge prices — these services aren’t worth them. If you need the best Korean translation agency that wouldn’t let you down or you’re interested in another language or service combination, read other reviews by us. Some of them will give you exactly what you need.

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Negative: I had a bad experience with this translation company. The translation was delivered late, and the quality was poor with multiple errors. I wouldn't use their services again.

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doesn't recommended this service

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Negative: I tried this translation company, but I was disappointed with the quality. The translation was inaccurate, and there were several mistakes. I would not recommend their services.

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Yoni commented:

very poor quality

Vince commented:

"My instructions were not carried out... Unfortunately, no one heard me and probably wasn't going to hear me... They deceived me! The translation was very bad. When I went to them for compensation they refused."

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