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LocalSoft Games Review

The decision to write a LocalSoft games review appeared after several of our visitors asked about our opinion on it. Upon checking the firm’s background briefly, we noticed that several respectable websites call it one of the leading video game localization companies in the world. Naturally, this intensified our interest, so we started deeper research. LocalSoft has a narrow specialization as it works strictly within the video games industry. It has been operating since 1988, which takes its experience to an impressive number of 32 years, and it has a physical office in Spain. Such key market players as Nintendo, Samsung, WB Games, Mail.ru, Pokemon, and many others have placed orders with this company, so they enhance its portfolio and make it an alluring option for potential customers. But how effective are its services? In the line of our work, we don’t simply rely on the information we find online or on the agency's portfolio. While it could have had large and known clients, there is no guarantee they became return customers and were pleased with assistance they received. That is why our review team implements several measures to form an objective opinion.

First, we conduct outside research, reading through existing reviews, underlining advantages and disadvantages listed there, as well as studying background for our review. LocalSoftGames is a known service provider, but comments about its work are mostly mixed. It appears that in the last several years, its quality has begun to deteriorate, with more and more people expressing their dissatisfaction. There are 1500 translators working for it, which is a small number for an agency with such experience. On the one hand, it means that LocalSoft won’t be able to serve many clients at once. On the other, it might be evidence of its strict screening procedures: it doesn’t strive to hire as many people as possible, choosing to focus on their professionalism instead. In the last step, we placed an order personally and then send results for evaluations by our trusted experts. Here’s what we’ve established.

Services Offered by Localsoftgames.com

LocalSoft offers premium localization services that include translation, desktop publishing, subtitling, audio testing, and other related features. It makes particular focus on audio aspects that enhance the game and boost its presence in the international market. Multilingual dubbing as well as pre-production and post-production services are also available. Сompany usually specializes in mid- or large-sized projects, breaking them into parts and assigning different team members to each separate one for matching the client's requirements more accurately. LocalSoftGames provides assistance in 50 languages. This number is pretty small, so if you need a more rare kind of language, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Still, this company creates more certainty about the high level of quality because once again, this agency doesn’t rush forward to accept all possible projects.

Over 3000 video game titles have been localized since 1988 by company’s experts. As we saw from other LocalSoftGames reviews and info shared by the agency itself, all its translators are carefully tested and trained to provide quality of the highest degree. They do translations only into their native language, and all files are then supposed to be proofread by a second linguist before they are delivered. All these experts are claimed to exhibit a lot of passion toward video games, meaning that they feel genuinely invested in their job and know the latest gaming terminology along with guidelines. At this point, our opinion was mostly positive, so we proceeded with our research.

Prices and Add-Ons

There is no information about add ons or prices published on their website. This upset us because it’s a sign of hidden policies and dishonest attitude. Customers should know how much they might have to pay for their project —they shouldn’t waste their time waiting for an answer. From the good news, there is 3% discount offer on all localization projects. We aren’t sure how long it’s going to last, but this is a nice incentive for new clients.

We prepared video game, which we got from an indie developer, and sent it for localization. After placing our order, we received a quote: for one word of content, we had to pay roughly $0.19. It’s a pretty high price, but we hoped that result was going to be worth it.

Quality of Services

LocalSoft claims that it has a very secure testing process, including involvement of native language testers who ensure that project has been completed in a satisfying way. Extensive editing and proofreading are promised, too, but as we saw, reality didn’t really correspond to what the site swore it would do. Team of operators wasn’t effective: their replies were delayed and not entirely helpful. Our order arrived on time, but while the overall translation was more or less accurate, it lacked the soul. Passion of characters in a game was lost, replaced by stilted and almost official language. There were also some proofreading issues. Upon revision, things were improved, but not by much. So, as a translation firm, LocalSoft isn’t bad, but it cannot be called a localization expert.

Pros & Cons

Every firm has pros and cons. Here’s the summary we prepared for LocalSoft.


  • Rich experience. After operating for 32 years, this agency gained impressive recognition.
  • Confidentiality is a priority. All your data is completely secure since LocalSoft follows all privacy guidelines.
  • Strict screening. Only tested and experienced translators are accepted by this video games firm.
  • Quality translation. We didn’t face any serious problems with this aspect of work.


  • Localization isn’t effective. The specifics of our characters’ speech were lost. Humor wasn’t funny after translation, and there were annoying proofreading issues related to the usage of articles.
  • Pricing is not upfront. You’ll have to ask for the price quote personally and wait until it’s shared with you.
  • Services can be pricey. We had to pay a price that was higher than average.
  • Communication isn’t stable. Operators might disappear for a while, even though they’re supposed to be online 24/7.

Concluding Our LocalSoftGames Review

In a global market, it is essential to communicate clearly and accurately so that target audience would understand the message. From this research, it is evident that LocalSoft offers acceptable translation services, but does it deserve its spot in a list of the best firms within video games industry? No really. Localization is a complex and intricate task, and it requires more than knowledge of a foreign language. Sure, this agency has strong sides, too: in case a client needs some project done urgently, its team will likely deliver it promptly. Their workflow is flexible, and they guarantee complete confidentiality. They have a sufficiently wide range of services, but quality of localization itself is dubious. So, we can’t recommend it fully, but we also won’t discourage you from hiring it. Consider your needs carefully; speak with the company’s representatives, but keep an eye out for better options. Read more LocalSoft Games reviews, check their website for more details, and make your own choice.

24 customer reviews of LocalSoftGames.com


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The delivery is very long, the quality of the translation is simply terrible. I don't know who works here, but the translation was of very low quality and not done by a professional. My best decision in this situation was that I went to another service that fixed the situation. I didn't care about the money I paid them...

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: If you have a lot of time, money, and nerves of steel, then go to this service. Keep in mind that if you are not satisfied with something, they are not responsible for their services and do not even hope for any kind of compensation, because they simply will not give it to you. So it's up to you to contact them or not, I'm just giving you some advice.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Waiting for an excuse from them… I'm sure they will blame the discount they gave me for the tons of errors they made.

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Pamela commented:

I don't understand how they mess up such simple sentences. Are they incompetent?

Alric commented:

The reviews they get are hyped. The quality they produce is below par.

Bin commented:

What’s a service without quality.

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