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Introduction is one of the leading video game localization companies in the world. It offers premium localization services that include proofing, desktop publishing, subtitling, and audio testing. It usually specializes in mid to large size projects and setups project teams that match the client's specific requirements.

Services Offered

Localsoftgames provides professional translation services in over 50 languages for the video game industry. All of their translators are usually carefully tested, selected and then trained to provide quality of the highest level. Their translators only translate into their native language, and then all the files are proofread by a second linguist just before they are delivered. All of their translators exhibit a lot of passion in the games, and they know the latest gaming terminology and guidelines.

Localsoft usually serves the video game industry with audio services that enhances game presence in the international market. Localsoft produces multilingual dubbing, pre-production and post-production services such as:

  • Script translation
  • Voice direction
  • Time restriction and lip – synch
  • Worldwide recording studios
  • Voice – over
  • A large pool of international voice talents

Over 3000 video game titles have been localized since 1988 by their localization experts.

Localsoft offers exemplary localization testing to ensure that the final quality of localized assets in the clients’ games. In a global market, it is becoming essential for one to communicate clearly and accurately so that the target audience understands the real intent of the message.

Prices and Add-Ons

There is no add on additional services as of yet, and no costs have published on their websites.

There are 3% discount offers on all localization projects that are usually signed in a special edition of a month.

Prices are highly dependent on a task's urgency. Rush orders are charged differently from regular orders. Clients who require extra services have to dig deeper into their pockets to cover them.

Quality of Services

Mistranslations, spelling mistakes, overrunning and overlapping text, incorrect audio and cultural misinterpretations are taken care of by their teams. They have very secure biometric testing laboratories, first party test kits, and native target language testers to ensure the service accorded is satisfactory.

Through their extensive editing and re-translation proofing process, every word, meaning, and intention of a script is translated, and the result is an accurate interpretation of a script. All the comprehensive audio translations and voice over services are done by native speakers in all the major languages, and that takes out the fear of a client's work getting lost in translation.

Pros & Cons


  • Localsoft has a capacity for extensive projects
  • They follow the  latest Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony guidelines
  • Confidentiality in services is a priority


  • There is no quality control
  • Pricing is not upfront
  • Services can be pricey


From this LocalSoftGames review, it is evident that they offer priority services where in case a client needs some task done, urgently, the team will deliver promptly.  Their workflow streamline is flexible and competitive, and they guarantee confidentiality for the work product. They equally offer fresh perspectives to their clients in the services that relate to audio production, jingles, eLearning, script writing and sound design translations.

You can tell that they have a wide range of services and we would recommend anyone to try them out, but still keep an eye out for better options.

3 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: .

Negative: Ordered a script translation from this super creative service. Imagine the speaker in the video is stuttering and murmuring, going like: "I... I don't know... This is... I'm not sure... What...", you'd expect the translation to correspond to this. While Localsoftgames think it should be translated simply as "I don't know." With a remark "awkward." Very unpleasant experience.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Not satisfied with the quality.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Timely and quality script translation.

Negative: Support service is difficult to communicate.

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