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Introduction to Our Morningside Translations Review

By following all trends in the translation industry, we either pick companies ourselves or rely on our visitors by fulfilling their requests. This Morningside Translations review was a mutual decision. We were always aware of this popular company, so finally decided to move on with our research. Morningside Translations was founded in 2000, so it’s been operating for 20 years now. This is one of the largest service providers in the US. During this time, it opened four physical offices worldwide, in such places as San Francisco, Hamburg, London, Jerusalem. It has received ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications, which pushes services ahead of competitors. From what Morningside claims, it cooperates with more than 8000 professional translators. Our Expert Review Team was suitably impressed with these findings, but of course, they didn’t stop here.

An in-depth look at revealed that it specializes in legal and patent translations. It is not featured on BBB site, as most reviews from the clients we found are mixed. Employees are similarly divided in their opinions, so we grew really curious about how well this agency will cope with our order. Our experts asked it for a translation of a 6-page life sciences document.

Services offered by Morningside Translations

Company’s focus on patent, life sciences, and legal translation service intrigued us since it’s a narrow specialization where accuracy and subject matter proficiency are vital. It can make or break a company and its reputation. In the case of Morningside Translations, considering that it’s still functioning, we believe the latter applies. It works with 150 languages in addition to various dialects. This is a vast number and a sign of its impressive development. Whether you need assistance with common or rare languages, you’re almost bound to find your option here. Besides, Morningtrans offers a huge variety of all possible services, including translation (usual & certified kinds), transcription, interpretation, litigation support, document management, filing, website globalization, voiceovers, subtitling provided on a multi-national level, etc. There are also client portal training sessions that are conducted online two times a week. Many different industries are covered, but the major focus has a technical nature.

Undeniably, our opinion brightened even more because it seemed like this firm has absolutely every language-related service one could be interested in. Whether you want the experts to work on your textual documents, find an appropriate voice for your videos, adapt a game so that more audiences could enjoy its charm and politeness, or create your website in different languages, Morningside Translation will help. The only thing we had to find out now was the price for these services as well as their quality. Until then, we couldn’t make any conclusion.

Prices & Add-Ons

This firm doesn’t list prices on its site. We believed that a giant like Morningside Translations wouldn’t have anything to hide. Forcing its clients to share sensitive data about their project to find out how much they’ll spend is a bad and unprofessional move: it takes time, creates uncertainty, and contributes to annoyance on both sides. We discovered that for most projects, Morning Translate offers an all-inclusive rate per word. Our price was $0.19, which is a lot, especially when compared to what other agencies demand. For interpretation, MorningsideTranslations charges on an hourly basis. We were sad to note that the only currencies it accepts are Euro (EUR) and the U. S. dollar (USD), whereby the minimum project cost is 90 USD. This is restrictive for a client, and not every person will be able to afford it. Besides the add-ons, the company provides both standard and notarized certifications at no cost while also delivering Apostille for a nominal fee.

Quality of Services Provided by Morning Side Translation

Morningside employs Machine translation (MT) for various projects, which can be a powerful tool for lowering prices and quick dispatch. But it cannot be used without human touch or heavy expert involvement, and unfortunately, this is what we believe happened with our order. It was delivered to us on time, and when experts began to analyze it, at first, they liked what they saw. Formatting was preserved along with a unique design, language sounded sufficiently formal. But then we began to notice that it was overly formal. In fact, it was so heavily technical that it just didn’t make sense the more pages we read, with the text turning into some exercise where the linguist boasted of knowing complex terms. Many sentences were incoherent, some phrases were twisted until they lost the initial meaning, and some terms were made up — we didn’t even have them in the original. Revision improved the situation only slightly. Many mistakes remained, so we were unpleasantly surprised and bitterly disappointed.

Pros & Cons

As always, there is a lot of information to grasp. Due to this, we have come up with a summary of pros and cons to enhance our Morningtrans review. Consider them all before deciding on using this service.


  • Company has ISO 9001 & 13485 certifications, meaning that it definitely has good specialists working for it.
  • They use a variety of industry-leading translation memory (TM) along with glossary tools to guarantee precision, consistency, and to streamline the process.
  • Many services are offered and lots of languages are covered.
  • Timely delivery is a guarantee they don’t seem to break.


  • Quality suffers because of employees’ overreliance on memory tools, with some vital information getting lost or misinterpreted. Some other Morningside Translations reviews described the same problem, so we can assume it’s an unfortunate pattern.
  • High prices.
  • They do not have ISO 17100 certification, which is surprising, considering the number of years it spent in this business.
  • Revision options are present, but they don’t mean your content will be improved sufficiently. Ours lost some grammar mistakes yet remained nearly unreadable due to heavy technical focus and lack of human expert’s intervention.


Morningside Translations, previously known as Net Translators, is an interesting company. Without a doubt, there are some significant advantages that it offers, such as a wide range of services, constant assistance, friendly support team, and a degree of prestige associated with its decades of operations within a translation market. However, aspects like pricing, excessive automation, and flawed quality control systems may put some people off. You should visit this website for your own in-depth analysis of what they offer. We can’t recommend it as the best translation service online, but we hope that in future, it’ll make its HR policies more severe, improving their quality. We are willing to write another Morningside Translation review if our customers report significant improvements in its service provision, but for now, our opinion isn’t positive.

28 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I'm utterly disappointed with the snail-paced delivery of this translation service. It feels like I'm waiting for the translation to arrive via carrier pigeon. The lack of urgency and commitment to timely delivery is simply appalling. I had important deadlines to meet, and this service has thrown a wrench in my plans. Their excuse of being overwhelmed with projects is no justification for such a significant delay. Save yourself the headache and seek a more efficient translation service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: When it comes to quality, this translation service missed the mark completely. The translations were filled with mistakes, demonstrating a lack of attention to detail and linguistic expertise. It's disheartening when a service fails to deliver on its promise of providing accurate and high-quality translations.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: This service provided me with a poor translation that was not only inaccurate but also poorly written. Their customer service did not respond to any of my messages and it was clear that they do not care about the quality of their work. I do not recommend them.

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Nina commented:

I was disappointed with the results

Jim commented:

All I wanted was quality, guess it was too much to ask of them.

Rochelle commented:

I was really disappointed in them.The impression they gave me was great, but they didn't do what I asked of them.

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