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If you have considered using one hour translation to translate documents for you, keep reading. This is our review of that service. However, before we get started, we would like to share the steps we took to investigate the company and write this review.

First, we researched 1 Hour Translation online. This revealed some pretty negative reviews and complaints from customers as well as people who have worked for the company. We searched for this translation service on the BBB. They are not accredited by the BBB. Further, there is one negative review and two customer complaints. We found the company’s response to the bad review to be quite self serving and disappointing.

Regardless, we are always committed to conducting objective and fair reviews. While we keep the information we learn from our investigation in mind while we write the review, we will always keep our experiences with each translation service as the primary focus.

Services Offered

The services offered here are translation, transcription, translation with editing included, and proofreading.  We did not find localization services, website customization or other services. The missing services include captioning, voice over, and other work.

In order to conduct this review, we placed an order to have a 1200 word business document translation. The remainder of this review will focus on our experiences with this company.

Prices And Add Ons

We paid 104 dollars to have a 1200 word business document translated. We did not order any add ons. However those are available, but they definitely cost extra. One of the available add ons was to order rush service. We would like to note here that one hour translation is not a very accurate name. The only quick translation here is machine based. To keep things in perspective, the price we paid was somewhat higher than average, but it was not outlandish.

Quality of Services

Unfortunately, this is where things go bad in our one hour translation review. To put it simply our translation was provided to us after the guaranteed due date. That was bad enough. To make things even worse, the document translation was simply not accurate. We reviewed it with a language expert who found several discrepancies and missing content. That’s not acceptable when a bad translation can have legal or financial consequences.

Pros & Cons

Here is a summary of the pros and cons we have discovered while conducting our one hour translation review.


  • Placing an Order Was Easy
  • Website is Well Designed And Easy to Navigate


  • Machine Translation Used For Touted 1 Hour Translation Service
  • Poor Quality Translation
  • Late Deliver
  • Price Higher Than it Should Be


After taking the entirety of our experiences with this translation service, and considering our discoveries regarding others’ experiences with the company, we must conclude that this is not a service we can recommend. There are two many issues with quality, delivery of services, and pricing. If you are in need of translation services, please consider another company. We believe stating otherwise would be a disservice to our audience.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The thing of a DreamTeam created of professional translators with experience, knowledge, mind, ideas and so on and so force sounds incredible, doesn`t it? So I thought until actually started my cooperation with them. I`m disappointed in the results I have as they do not comfort me or the situation with the unprofessional translation that I had at theirs. Better look for some other place to order translation help at.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Lots of dust in my eyes - I shouldn`t have believed them when a promise to complete 5 pages of English into Serbian translation was given. Of course, I have a weakness of trusting people without checking before I place my trust. Well, I had a good lesson for the future. Thanks onehourtranslation.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Friendly team, various options with languages and services.

Negative: Delayed delivery, no explanation about the abbreviations and/or used terms that I am unfamiliar with.

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