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Starting OneHourTranslation Review

The decision to write OneHourTranslation review was born after hundreds of requests from our visitors, expressing their wish to know more about this firm. PickWriters always strives to meet your needs and help you find the best company, so we quickly launched our investigation. If you are considering using One Hour Translation, you might be interested in our findings. But before getting started, let us share the steps our Expert Review Team took when preparing for this review.

First, they researched the company online. This revealed a surprising amount of negative OneHourTranslation reviews, both from the customers and from people who worked there in the past. Sure, many of them might be subjective as every party has its story to tell. In this case, though, we checked the company’s responses to each negative comment and found them to be quite self-serving and harsh. It didn’t feel like they tried to explain the situation from their point, it sounded like an attack on the reviewer. The service is also not accredited by the BBB. All these factors made us wary, but there was also some positivity present, which made us hope that agency might still surprise us. Besides, we’re always committed to conducting objective and fair evaluations, and while we keep the information we learn from other parties in mind, we tend to focus exclusively n our own experiences. This is what we’ve found out.

Services Offered by One Hour Translation

This company supports 120 languages and provides many different types of assistance. They range from simple translation, audio transcription services, editing, proofreading, desktop publishing, voice-over, as well as content writing. There is also localization present, although we didn’t find any info about certification. Since this is a vital service, its absence was a bit concerning: considering that company boasts of employing over 25,000 translators, we’d expect at least some of them to be certified. But overall, diversity that OneHour Translation ensures is a strong advantage. Still, it cannot function on its own.

Their employees have to do their jobs correctly for the large range of services to matter because quality always prevails over quantity. To determine which is more important to this agency, our team placed an order to have a 1200-word business document translated. There are many representatives of business translation service around, and we were curious where One Hour Translation would stand out.

Pricing and Add Ons

One Hour Translation pricing is transparent, which is an excellent thing. These days, many companies try to hide how much they charge their customers. Sure, they don’t want their competition to know something this important, but it backfires on the clients as well since they are forced to waste their time contacting a firm they might be unable to afford and waiting for a response that could take hours. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with One-Hour-Translation. Our expert team immediately saw a table with prices and an online calculation tool in the “Pricing” category. For our 1200-word business document, they paid 104 dollars.

We didn’t request any add ons, even though they were available. They cost extra, so if you’re interested in these expanded options, clarify their price first. One such add ons entails the so-called rush service. This is where our experts faced confusing state of facts. “One Hour Translation” doesn’t seem to be an accurate name since speed isn’t the focus of this company. In fact, the only quick kind of translation here is machine-based, so the name is misleading and inappropriate. But this is a technical detail, so it damaged our impression only a little bit. While the price we paid was higher than average, it was not outlandish, and our view remained neutral at this stage.

Core of Our One Hour Translation Review: Quality of Services

Unfortunately, this is where things took a turn for the worse. We asked for Turkish translation of a business document because we knew it might be a tricky language to translate it into. Our order was delivered after the guaranteed due date. When we demanded to know a reason for this, no one replied. We kept leaving increasingly panicked messages. Finally, support representative responded, apologizing, and promising that our document would be delivered as soon as it’s done. No discount or refund was offered, which is both unprofessional and offensive. We paid money for our order and gave sufficient deadline for its execution. Yes, everything can happen, but the company was obligated to inform about their delay timely and apologize properly.

To make things even worse, when our translation finally arrived, it was very, very flawed. We reviewed it with a language expert who found several discrepancies and chunks of missing content, which is astonishing, considering how short our order was in the first place. That’s not acceptable, particularly as bad translation can have serious legal or financial consequences. Some relevant nuances were lost, too, twisting the meaning of this document and rendering it useless. Our revision request was granted, but frustratingly, it led to nothing. Some mistakes were corrected but new ones appeared in their stead.

Pros & Cons

Here is short summary of the pros and cons we have discovered while conducting our review.


  • Placing an Order Was Easy. This company has convenient and intuitive order placement procedure.
  • Website is Well Designed & Easy to Navigate. is designed in a modern and appealing way. All pages have clear titles and disclose relevant information.
  • Diversity of services is provided. 1 Hour Translation offers so many services that you’re almost guaranteed to find the option you need here.


  • Poor Quality Translation. The work we got was inadequate. It’s evident that machine translation was involved, even though we were promised flawless performance of human experts. Revision failed, too, which is a serious red flag. Every proper quality control team must pay close attention to orders that were sent back for whatever reason.
  • Late Delivery. Numerous One Hour Translation reviews complained about failed deadlines. Sadly, our order wasn’t an exception. It arrived late.
  • Uncommunicative support. Everyone responded quickly before we made an order, but afterward, it was miracle to have someone reply in a speedy manner.
  • Price Higher Than it Should Be. Paying more than $100 for 4 pages of content of such quality is definitely too much.


After analyzing the entirety of our experiences with 1 Hour Translation, and considering our other discoveries about its performance, we must conclude that this is not a firm we can recommend. There are too many issues with quality and delivery of orders. Based on other comments online, it’s a pattern, not an accident. If you are in need of trustworthy translation services online, please consider using another company. We believe that stating otherwise would be a disservice to our audience. If you had positive experience with this agency, though, let us know as we’ll be interested in details. If many people reveal that they were satisfied with their orders, we’ll be willing to write review anew, after another test, since we think everyone can improve if given a chance.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Great terms for freelancers. I worked there for over a year and loved it.

Negative: It was one of the best companies for freelances, a few years ago. But as an in-house editor I faced a bunch of drawbacks. First, they pay a hilarious sum, all other is bonuses. Thus they encourage editors to find as many errors as possible in a paper to charge money away from translator. Next, they don't have a solid system to track who made what changes to the document so many editors can change the text and then claim they found a mistake in it. This creates a very unhealthy atmosphere within the team. I quit after working for a month.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: One hour translation lies and conceals many details about their work! I'm positive the information about their clients they present on their website isn't all true. Anyway, our company will never be among their clients anymore! They failed us a super important project and currently we've been trying to file them but they are located out of the USA.

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Amy H.

recommended this service

Positive: My order came late. I did expect that as it was large, but shouldn't they assess their own capabilities?

Negative: -

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