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We received lots of requests for reviewing OrbitTranslation services to assess the pros and cons and determine the degree to which the company meets promised quality standards. We assigned our team of expert reviewers to learn everything there is to know about it, including its history, location, and range of translation services. In addition, we used online customer reviews to contrast our findings with those of clients.

Services Offered

OrbitTranslation offers certified immigration, legal, academic, business, and website translation services. As an American Translation Association Corporate member, OrbitTranslation boasts a broad range of subjects under each type, covering more than 110 languages. It also claims a 95% customer retention rate. Regular service should take no more than 24 hours for a 4-page document and 72 hours for 2,000 or more words. Rush Service and Super Rush Service deal with orders within 12 and 6 hours, respectively. Many clients use these additional options for legal document translation services because they need these papers done urgently.

The only way to validate these claims was to place an order and see how OrbitTranslation meets or does not meet the advertised image. Our task was for transcription services. We used a 10-minute audio text for our order. The content was academic. Judging by company claims, we expected both high-quality and fair quotes. We also checked out OrbitTranslation reviews by other customers.

Prices and Add-Ons

Prices start from $19.95 with OrbitTranslation. This is for a 300-word page. For Rush Services, you will be charged $39.99 per page (same length, 12 hours). The rate for Super Rush Service is $59.85 per page (6 hours). In addition, you can order Notary Services, which will set you off $18 per notary seal. You can pay extra if you want your documents shipped via Standard USPS. does not list prices for transcription services or eLearning translation, so we requested a free quote via the website. The quote form is pretty simple, so it did not take us long to provide all the necessary information. Within 24 hours, we got a response asking for more details about the field and its complexity. We responded by providing the requested information. It took them another 24 hours to get back with a specific quote of $5 per minute. This was more than we expected. On average, prices range between $1 and $3, so the offered quote was beyond that range.

We accepted an offer, wondering if the quality of transcription would justify the high rate. This is what the company came up with based on our review of OrbitTranslation. The review is based on evidence and is free of any bias against this company.

Service Quality Based on OrbitTranslation Review

It took them 48 hours to complete our task. Timewise, this does not look bad. But what we received was below our expectations. Since we were familiar with the audio, checking the text for accuracy and quality was not difficult. We were taken aback by multiple errors. Clearly, our OrbitTranslation services review showed that it was done by a non-native speaker who did not have a good command of the language. This does not bode well for the reputation of Orbit Translation.

To address the issue, we went back with a request for revisions. Apparently, there is no such thing as a revision policy with OrbitTranslation. Despite 2 days of trying, we did not get anywhere. No revision policy - simple as that.

We requested our money back, expressing our dissatisfaction with the end product. Unlike previous messages, this one fell on deaf ears. During one week, we kept knocking on their doors, but we could not break through intransigent silence, as our messages were being snubbed. OrbitTranslation language solutions do not include refunds. No money-back guarantee, so be prepared to face the music if you have already made your payment.

It will be difficult for Orbit Translation to stay afloat without developing credible refund policies that are enforced. Earlier or later, customers will start looking somewhere else to obtain more reliable services and guarantees.

Other online reviews

To make sure it was not just us unhappy about quality, we went on to check online reviews of OrbitTranslation translation services by other users. Unfortunately, they validated our conclusions. Clients had issues with delivery, quality, and customer service. One review highlights a 4-day delay in delivery. No status update was offered. The customer tried reaching out to customer support but without any success.

Another customer had a similar experience. His task was delivered in 5 days instead of the promised 24 hours. He tried getting his money back, but it has been radio silence since he put in a request by email. In general, most people complain about the unresponsiveness of company staff. Once your order is in, you are left to your own devices.

One more user chose Orbit Translation for a high-quality Bulgarian translation service. She was pleased with the overall results. Despite spotting several typos and stylistic inconsistencies, the customer thought the quality was up to snuff. We were really happy when we saw the positive results the company was capable of producing for some clients.

Pros and Cons Resulting From Our Review

OrbitTranslation has a stylish website with lots of flashy information that is difficult to turn a blind eye to. It is easy to navigate. You can access needed information within a few clicks. We got our task within the agreed deadline, but many other clients had issues with on-time delivery.

OrbitTranslation language services look fine overall, but customer service leaves us with mixed feelings. They do their best to respond, but when push comes to shove, they go radio silent. This is far from being professional.

Quality is mediocre. We would not choose the company for a similar order in future. Relatively easy text but has unexpected errors. Orbit Translation must use non-native speakers. The quality of our transcribed text is proof of that. The absence of a revision policy and money-back guarantee must keep those assessing OrbitTranslation translations at arm’s distance from them. If you still decide to place an order, be mindful of related risks.

Summary of OrbitTranslation Review

Orbit Translation positions itself as an experienced entity with multiple years of experience, a proven track record of impeccable service, and competitive rates for OrbitTranslation localization services. Their website is designed smartly, and it attracts clients with a stylish layout and well-structured sections. Many are convinced by all these details put up front, and they go on to place orders for various services. Problems start if you make up your mind to hire them. If lucky, you’ll get your translated or transcribed text in time. But even if that happens, quality and accuracy are not guaranteed. If you ask, “OrbitTranslation is it reliable?” we’d probably say no. If worse comes to worst, be prepared to lose the money paid because Orbit Translation doesn’t make refunds.

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Negative: The quality of translation was bad as it seems to me that the translator was not very knowledgable in medical sphere. a lot of terms were translated wrong

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Nick commented:

Do not recommend for urgent translations

Cleo commented:

I think it's a not bad translation service. The quality is so-so, but in most cases they manage to get the job done on time. Just keep in mind that there may be a few delays along the way. Overall, it's an average experience.

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