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New All-Round PoliLingua Review for Customers

Recently, we received lots of requests to make a PoliLingua review. Our review team was interested to do it because it has reputation as a reliable company. It is a member of ATA, Institute of Translation and Interpreting, as well as some other prestigious organizations.

Polilingua.com was founded in 2020. It operates in many locations, such as London, UK, and Chisinau, Moldova, with representatives in Milan, Paris, Berlin, Madrid. This company offers mainly translation and transcription services, along with voice-over, subtitling, interpreting, desktop publishing, typesetting. There are many languages and industries available, so the service range of Polilingua truly impressed us.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many customer reviews online about PoliLingua. There are both positive and negative ones, but all of them are scarce and aren’t detailed. So, here we are to give you a full review with prices, pros & cons, service quality.

Polilingua Reviews of Services 

The company offers a large quantity of services related to translation, localization, and even SEO. Here they are:

  • Translation services. PoliLingua offers commercial translation for companies who want to go global and maximize their worldwide profits. PoliLingua translation services have certified, technical, financial, medical, website, software, game, legal, video translation, localization. You can also order first draft translation, editing, or transcreation. There is a possibility to combine translation with professional desktop publishing.
  • Transcription. It offers typing and transcription in various industries in over 40 languages. All you have to do is upload your dictation, audio recording, or any other document and wait for your text version.
  • Voice-over. You can order voice-over in different languages by different artists with various accents. There are also commercial, informative, character, and other types of voice-over.
  • Subtitling. Review of Polilingua showed that it provides subtitling for advertising, public information videos, films, instructions, etc. The company will provide your subtitles in SRT format and provide service by native speakers.
  • Desktop publishing. The company helps to create materials for printing files, brochures, user manuals, promos, retail packaging, etc.
  • Interpreting. You can order interpreting services such as phone calls, conferences, personal interpreting, etc. PoliLingua provides telephone, consecutive, and simultaneous interpreting.

There are also many industries available, such as technical & manufacturing, legal, law, life sciences, IT, finance, game localization, retail, government, automotive, energy, and hospitality. There are an impressive 320 languages to choose from.

As for our order, our expert review team decided to test a rather unusual language pair. They chose Japanese translation service for general knowledge documents. Japanese language has many linguistic nuances, so we hoped that everything would be correct.

Prices & Add-Ons

On its site, Polilingua doesn’t have an upfront pricing list. Still, there is a convenient price calculator where you may enter language sources, industry, type of service, word count. All these factors influence the price of your order. Also, there are three types of projects at Polilingua Translations:

  • Economy - involves machine translation and light human editing.
  • Professional - hires a professional translation with quality assurance.
  • Premium - professional translator and specialized editor work on your order. After it’s finished, it undergoes a quality assurance procedure.

Economy variant is the cheapest, while a premium project can be twice as expensive. For our 500-word Japanese document, the price for an Economy project was $45, Professional was $75, and Premium would be $105. So, average translation rate per word for an Economy order would be $0.09, Professional is $0.15, Premium will be $0.21 per word. Most translation bureau provide “Professional”-like service as their main one, so PoliLingua has $0.15 per word as a “staple.” That is rather expensive, above market average, and full Premium pack is even higher than that.

As there’s no option for choosing specific translation industry, our reviewers decided to go with a Professional project, as it delivered good quality with QA. This is enough for general knowledge text.

Service Quality

Customers mostly wrote good PoliLingua Translation reviews. There aren’t enough reviews online, which is surprising, but they are mostly positive. Customers liked that support was accessible 24/7, documents came on time. Reviews didn’t specify quality, instead of saying that everything was “great.”

Of course, our team was intrigued and tried to be as unbiased as they could. When they first entered company’s site, they found it rather informative and convenient. The support contact form was annoying at times, but in general, they liked what they saw. There wasn’t direct information about pricing, but there was a good online calculator to get the estimated order price.

When our team spoke to support, it was indeed polite and fast. Our order went smoothly, and PoliLingua set reasonable deadline, which was neither too short nor too long. Our reviewers cannot say anything particularly bad or good about delivery time, as it came just before deadline, which is a normal practice.

As for the text accuracy, our experts had some concerns. For our Polilingua translations review, they gave our order to Japanese native speaker to evaluate how good the text was. Unfortunately, he found some mistakes in our order. These mistakes distorted the meaning of the text and made it sound funny. It wasn’t machine translation, but native speakers would not write like this. So, they concluded that order was done by non-native who wasn’t qualified enough to produce an error-free text.

Our experts decided to give PoliLingua a second chance and asked for a revision. They received it rather promptly, which was fine, as the new text was much better looking. Still, after this, they couldn’t recommend this company or say that everything was flawless.

Pros & Cons

Ordering at PoliLingua has its advantages and disadvantages. We can't say this is one of the best translation companies online, but it delivers on time and has revision options if something goes wrong. For our order, main advantages were editing, speed, while the main disadvantages were text flaws as well as rather high price. Here are general pros and cons according to customer reviews:


  • Informative site
  • Timely delivery
  • Friendly support
  • Revision option


  • Mistakes in the first order draft

  • Pricey services

Summary of Our Polilingua.com Review

Overall, Polilingua is not a bad company. We can see that they try hard and provide nearly all translation-related services in many languages. There is smart pricing system that we liked, but at the end of the day, prices are higher than average. So, if you search for an affordable translation service, read reviews at PickWriters to choose a less expensive one. PoliLingua also offers industry translations, but we didn’t get to check them.

To our regret, the first draft of our Japanese document wasn’t perfect. When we read all the rave reviews, we were expecting an immediate good result. Still, we got a decent text only after revision. We value that company made changes fast and for free, but still, we understood that our document wasn’t by native speaker. You can use this company service without hesitation because it is legit, but we advise you to prepare for an additional revision - at least, that was what we got.

25 customer reviews of PoliLingua.com


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I was very disappointed with the translators. The translations they provided were of such poor quality that it was very difficult to read how many mistakes and inaccuracies there were. They also had problems with the deadlines. In short, I have nothing to praise them for.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: This is not the first time I have ordered from this site. so far they have never let me down. I hope they will continue to do so.

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recommended this service

Positive: I have already used the services of translators three times, and I am satisfied with everything. Moreover, translations were made from different languages. I see no reason to go to another company. We will need translations more than once at work, so we will continue to cooperate.

Was this review helpful?


Pauline commented:

You better give up on this low quality service.

Eamonn commented:


Sidrah commented:

not satisfied with their quality

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