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Our Propio review is here thanks to your constant flood of recommendations. Your interest is incredibly motivating and makes us even more eager to work hard and deliver the lists with the best translation services to you. Propio appeared in 1998: it is an old company that specializes in interpreting. While it covers multiple spheres, the majority of its customers ask for help with healthcare projects. This is where it truly excels. Over 10K professional interpreters work here; Propio handles 350 languages and it is located in Overland Park, Kansas. You could contact it by making a call, faxing your request, or using the website online form. Reviews from clients are mostly positive — in fact, this agency earned several awards for its performance. All these benefits made us optimistic, and we expected to find a high level of quality. But before we get there, let’s tackle other questions.

Which Services and Languages Could Clients Find Here?

One of the first steps we took for writing our review was exploring which Propio language services are available to clients. Like we’ve already mentioned, there are over 350 foreign languages here, so you could easily find the best English to Hebrew translator or a French-Italian interpreter. Even rare languages are present. The company focuses on interpreting of various kinds, but it provides other services as well. This is what they include:

Remote interpreting

Clients could order help from interpreters via phone or some online app like Skype. could also ensure the provision of synchronized interpretation — you need to let them know your wishes in advance and they’ll prepare the ideal candidates. In case connection fails or the interpreter turns out to be unable to help for whatever reason, you will instantly be connected to someone else. Calls may last as long as you need.

In-person interpreting

Order your interpreter’s physical presence by specifying the place you want them to attend and the kind of content they’ll be dealing with. There are no Propio reviews discussing this service in detail, and we think it’s because it isn’t common. Propio doesn’t have workers in every country and city, and even if an interpreter lives where you do, there is no guarantee they’ll specialize in the sector you’re interested in. The outcomes depend on your luck.

Document translation

Clients could ask for simple document translation, which is what we did when working on our review. Beware that the company might not accept your document. There is no information about them handling all requests, such as translating marriage certificates or student records. Still, the number of languages and industries is beyond satisfying.

Training of interpreters

If you have a business and you’d like to hire interpreters of your own for it, you could use These guys offer training in this sphere and they apply a variety of tactics for making certain that your employee becomes an expert. You can work with them on a long-term basis by signing a contract — this could result in some discounts, too, but each case is discussed individually.

Assessment of interpreters

This is another service that we discovered during Propio Language Services review and which relates to business. If you have an interpreter in your team or plan on hiring one, you might want to learn how honest they are about their skills. It’s difficult to check their fluency if you don’t speak their language. Propio offers to do it for you: it performs full-scale assessments in several formats.

Overall, we were happy with this diversity. There is no transcription or subtitling, but the fact that the company decided to focus on interpreting is great. There are plenty of medical translation services online in the American market, but only some of them provide interpretation. Such focus deserves applause.

What About Money? Propio Review Found Out!

Clients worry about their money because no one wants to overpay. Some might be unable to afford overpaying in general, which makes the financial part of our review one of the most important ones. Unfortunately, we don’t have good news. These services are expensive and Propio clearly asks twice as much as some other agencies because of its reputation. It’s a sad but understandable fact: older companies feel entitled to receive better payments. We paid $0.16 per word for our document. We chose healthcare as our industry, but the text wasn’t complex and barely had any terms. This price is too much. Interpreting is expensive, too: from what we discovered, clients pay around $3 per minute, sometimes even more. This is too much.

What You Need to Know about Quality

Clients always hope for great quality. They want the best English to Japanese translator and top interpreter, but can they find excellence in this company? Propio Language Services reviews from customers say yes. Most of them are positive: people praise friendly service, convenient interface, and solid quality. But translators and interpreters aren’t this satisfied. We located multiple reviews where they complained about inadequate payment, discrimination based on gender and race, unfriendliness and lack of care. More than one employee claimed that they felt like an object: the company even refers to them by numbers instead of using their names. We were appalled. We always take such matters seriously because pleasing clients is not enough when you cannot treat your workers right. Eventually, this is going to have a bad impact on quality of services.

But for our review of Propio, we wanted to form our own opinion. As we said, we ordered a medical document from this company, and it arrived five days later. We appreciated these guys’ timeliness, it’s always a good sign. Quality itself was average. Most sentences were conveyed accurately, but some were mistranslated. We found several language mistakes that ranged from typos to more serious grammar issues. One sentence was skipped over entirely. The final result wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t flawless either. We expected better for such a price.

List with Pros & Cons based on Review

It is time to sort the most relevant features of Propio based on their positive and negative attributes. Every client has their own preferences. What are yours? Keep them in mind as you read this list — make your hiring decision on its basis.


  • Experienced company. Propio has been working for several decades. It has rich history and it can boast of receiving several important rewards for its services.
  • Emphasis on interpreting. You could find simple translation in this company, but most of its services revolve around interpreting. This is a strength since interpreting is not a common option in other agencies.
  • Communicative managers. We liked this team: they answered questions quickly and helped us whenever we needed.
  • Acceptable accuracy. Our document had an acceptable degree of accuracy. It was not perfect but it was good enough.


  • Bad reviews from translators. Plenty of translators are not happy with this company’s rates and approach to them as individuals.
  • Very high prices for services. Clients are overpaying for services when they hire Propio. You’ll be paying for experience, and this is not what every person is comfortable with, especially if their project is big.
  • Proofreading & consistency issues. Translators might miss sentences; documents need help of editors. We found several frustrating mistakes in them.

What’s Our Conclusion?

Time for a final assessment! is it reliable? Mostly yes. It is a solid service with years of translating experience. It specializes in different kinds of interpreting and has good translators, but its prices are extremely inflated. You might not be entirely satisfied with assistance since translators make mistakes; besides, several of them rated the agency poorly. That’s why we have an average opinion. Propio is neither the best nor the worst choice. If you want to see more suitable or cheaper services, go through other reviews on PickWriters. We have lots of insights to share!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Pretty average service. You won't get a stellar translation here, but with a few edits your final order will be usable. You can pay more and get it done better elsewhere.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The experts were not very attentive to my requests, so, unsurprisingly, the final translation was not the best. Honestly, I could've done it better myself. Will definitely NOT be using it again.

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Jessy commented:

I was not impressed by the translation speed and quality I got here. There are better services online for this price.

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