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Introduction to Our ProTranslate Review

We’ve been aware of ProTranslate for a while, so finally, our Expert Review Team decided to start our ProTranslate Review. From the very start, we paid attention to the company’s name, which denotes their love for translations as well as their assurance that they are good at their craft. It’s a claim about them taking a prominent position within the industry. We are always on the look-out for the best translation companies who can meet the needs of their customers, so we were eager to explore it. claims that it hires tech-savvy specialists and that together, they aim to connect people through the use of language technologies.

The firm was founded a long time ago, back in 1973, which speaks of its great experience. To be honest, we were really impressed because it’s a rarity to encounter agencies that have been operating for this long. ProTranslate’s headquarters can be found in the Greater Miami Area, but we did not find info about its other offices. It cooperates with 5,000 translators and interpreters, which is an average number. We were pleased with it because it means that the firm is careful with its hiring procedures and doesn’t favor quantity over quality. It adheres to ISO 9001 and 17100 quality standards; in addition, it’s compliant with ISO 27001 in the information security management area. The reviews written by customers are mostly positive, but we did not like how almost all reviewers had just this one comment published. It made us doubt their authenticity, so we proceeded to fill in our order form.

Services Offered

Protranslating team offers a wide range of language-related services. These include standard and certified translation, localization, interpretation, transcription, testing, file formatting, etc. So, if you’d like to hire a translator who’ll help you complete a complex and highly specialized project with difficult terminology, ProTranslate employees will assist. If you need help with understanding your interlocutors, you could ask for consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. There is a document formatting option present, and you could also ask the firm to preserve, edit, or create the design of your file. Video and audio services are provided, including both dubbing and subtitling. If you’re looking for people who could give your characters their voices, ProTranslate will find them. If you struggle with listening, the team could produce accurate subtitles or even edit video, making sure that the spoken lines correspond to lip movements. There is a truly huge variety of services here, and we were deeply impressed by it.

In terms of languages, the agency supports 200 of them along with regional dialects. This is another great example of its diversity. There are experts from all possible industries, including engineering, education, marketing, healthcare, entertainment, as well as the hospitality sector. You can find more of them on the company’s website. Our order fell into the medical area.

Prices Set By ProTranslating

The company doesn’t deliver transparent and straightforward pricing. This is a big minus since clients can only guess how much they’ll be paying. To find out, they must ask for a quote and present their personal as well as project data, which isn’t something most potential clients are comfortable with. What we found particularly inauthentic is that in their FAQ section, there is no question about prices. We are pretty sure that this is the number 1 request of anyone, so management not addressing it is strange at best.

Our price was $0.19 for one word. This is a lot, so not everyone could afford these services. One ProTranslate review we saw mentioned how the announced price turned out to be higher later, and to our displeasure, this was our experience as well. As company’s representatives explained it, the initial price was only approximate, an estimate of a sort, but this had no sense since they didn’t warn about it in advance. This was rather misleading and unprofessional, especially for a firm with so many years of experience. Our impression plummeted down.

Quality of Services

The operators respond to clients almost immediately when they are contacted. This is an advantage. Their attention to all details is commendable because they let the clients describe just what they want to get done. Finding a worthy medical translation company is a difficult task, but ProTranslate assured that they could do what we asked flawlessly. Our order wasn’t delivered by our deadline, though. This is maddeningly unprofessional, so we immediately contacted support, demanding to know what’s happening. They explained that the translator had an emergency and our project was on the way. This didn’t really reassure us. First of all, we heard this excuse too many times. Second, we would have appreciated the chance to contact the translator personally, via messages. Doing it through operators takes too much time in a situation where every minute is crucial.

We finally got our text a few hours later. Our expert examined it and said that it looked pretty good. Some small errors were present, but they didn’t ruin the readability of the document. We still asked for the revision, so our request was fulfilled. Assigned expert corrected mistakes — the only problem was, order was once again late. This time, the delay lasted only for 20 minutes, but it’s still a bad sign.

Pros & Cons

Pro Translating has both advantages and disadvantages as our team discovered during their investigation. Let’s see their review of features this service has.


  • Company has a great team of support representatives who do extensive research into what their clients want.
  • They are technologically-oriented.
  • They have been working for more than 40 years, providing a whole array of services, supporting many languages.
  • Quality is on an appropriate level.


  • There is no mention of the exact pricing on the website.
  • Rates are too high and the system is unstable. What you see at first might not be your final price.
  • Deadlines aren’t always respected.

More ProTranslate Reviews

In a nutshell, our review team concluded that ProTranslate is a good company. It cooperates with true experts, is polite in its interactions with clients, also, has extensive experience to back its operations up. But it has some serious flaws which don’t let us label it as the best firm out there. ProTranslate employees should realize that they cannot manipulate prices. For clients to feel safe and pleased, they should see the amount to pay from the very start. It’s unacceptable to change it depending on factors that have already been voiced by a customer, such as deadlines or a complexity level.

Second, deadlines are vital. If a client gave this agency all time they had left and order is late, it won’t matter how good it looks. Timeliness is essential for successful cooperation. ProTranslation should improve its performance to qualify for a better assessment. But for now, as our review suggests, you should think carefully before hiring this agency. Quality might be good, but there is no guarantee they won’t let you down in other ways. If you try it, share your experience, either positive or negative. We could conduct another test and change our grade.

34 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I regret entrusting my translation needs to this unprofessional and incompetent service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: I ordered a business document translation service from them and what did I end up getting? A very low quality translation with lots of mistakes and inaccuracies, I knew right away that the translator didn't understand the point. Because of this, I give you the lowest rating because you do not even deserve 2 stars.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: I only wasted my time and money. The translations they provided are useless and full of mistakes, and their customer service is non-existent. I would recommend avoiding this service at all costs.

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ANdrew commented:

I certainly won’t recommend them. They did a poor job tbh

Gayle commented:

I gave them a simple task to translate my Spanish document to English and they failed.

Karim commented:

Not a good translation network. Their services are painfully poor. Really sad.

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