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When reviewing, we figured out what the company name denotes from a literal perspective. It implies therefore that they are good at their craft in the linguistics point of view, the crème de la crème of the industry. In this widely competitive field, sometimes a name can do magic for your company as long as you know how to sell the name. When we were looking into the core values of this organization, we noticed how chic and modernized the person who came up with them, thought of the generations to come.

It is a company inclined to the language industry; they appreciate cultural diversity. Still, on that artistic vibe, they say, culture is their currency. Who doesn't desire to be associated with what they define as their currency? Interacting with their website, you'd notice that they are ready for a tech-savvy generation and they aim to connect people and technology through the use of language.

Services Offered

Protranslating review team noticed that it has a wide range of language-related services. With that, we saw that they are champions of technology in all that they do. They respond to their clients almost immediately when they are called upon. Their freedom with clients is a commendable thing because they give room for their clients to exhaustively speak on how they want their job done. We thought that that helps in getting all the possible details that can be included in or excluded from their final work. They do not just offer translation services but a whole list of other praiseworthy work that is pointed out on their website.

Prices and Add-ons

In their words, they say, they deliver transparent and straightforward pricing. I think if they go by what they have written then we believe that they must be offering affordable pricing for those that work with them. The only type of Adds-on on their website is one that asks whether or not the people who stumble upon their site can allow their information to be shared with the organization using the cookies.

Quality of Services

Protranslating gives its clients work well done. This is because of what they have invested in research. They have case studies related to language that helps in finding solutions for the problems that they have previously faced. Technology always makes things go on smoothly since they have capitalized in technology as well, it is undoubtedly that they are doing a great job.

Pros and Cons.


  • They do extensive research on what clients want
  • They are technologically oriented


  • There is no mention of the exact pricing of their work done


In a nutshell, our review team concluded that the future of translating would be technologically based, thanks to the mention of technology on the website in the discussion. And since protranslating is geared toward that direction. They seem to have figured it out what the future in language will look like and have found out that it cannot do without embracing technology.

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