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Introduction to Rev Transcription and Captioning Reviews

Before doing business with any company, one should investigate the agency and the quality of the work they provide. Accuracy of translation, transcription and captioning services is paramount for any customer but finding a reliable company is difficult as the internet is full of fake information. Thus, we reviewed platform that offers transcription service and asked an important question, is legit? Based on that we’ve developed an independent and objective Rev review that does not depend on negative feedback found on the Internet but on our own experience. Reviews In Terms Of Provided Services

Apart from translations and transcriptions, we checked offered subtitling services along with Rev video captioning reviews. Localization and translation services are not provided so that customers who want audio files translated from Spanish to English will need cooperation with another independent expert. Completed Rev transcription review proves the company's claims that all transcription services are completed by human experts who work as freelancers. Technical means could not always recognize required text based on a low-quality audio file. Only English audio files are accepted in work and both Rev reviews and our experience confirm that various accents should not be a problem. Background noise could cause problems though, so if one wants accurate business translation services ordered based on completed audio or video transcript or captions, the quality of the initial file is essential.

Associated Prices

The budget that one needs to have for a required project depends on the type of service ordered. Transcription and captioning services are offered at a price of $1.25 per minute while one can also order automated transcription completed by speech recognition software without human experts’ review for only $0.25 per minute. Rev captioning reviews prove that not clear audio files with multiple speakers, constant overlapping, especially background noise will not be transcribed properly by software tools. Only hiring experts from the company’s 50.000 freelance professionals can allow capturing all details as well as avoiding essential content being omitted.

Benefits and Drawbacks Based on Rev Transcription Reviews

We have ordered captioning service of a business meeting’s video recording to check whether the provided transcript will be accurate. Received file was full and appropriate, ready for further application of translation service. Conducted research on Rev customer reviews shows that it is not always the case, and complex recordings may not be as accurate as customers want them to be. We came across negative customers’ reviews related to unsatisfactory quality and accuracy, as well as Rev’s freelancers complaining about inappropriate content or low-quality audio recordings. As for other features, it was easy to place the order thanks to the convenient website’s design and order form. We can distinguish the following strongest positive aspects upon Rev captions review:

  • Delivery time since the transcript was received within requested 24 hours.
  • Customer-friendly interface.
  • Clear distribution among offered services’ types.
  • Usually appropriate completed transcripts’ quality.

Final Notes

Even though we could not complete Rev translation review since this service is not offered. Completed research convinced us that proper transcribing of audio or video files such as conferences, cases, meetings, or presentations’ recordings is important to have an accurate textual file for its subsequent translation into a target language. We can say that this platform is worth checking considering this specific service provided, but it is to every customer’s discretion whether human expert’s help or automated transcription should be ordered. We recommend refraining from using speech recognition software for achieving a higher level of accuracy.

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Positive: Fair price, quick delivery, low quality, nothing more nothing less.

Negative: .

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recommended this service

Positive: I had my doubt when they charged that small fee, the quality of work done was simply average.

Negative: Okay, for this price

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Positive: The turnaround was light speed, but I’d have like a better job.

Negative: They aim for fast service, yet I'd like to receive paper right on time (not earlier) but proofread.

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Drina commented:

the turn around time was great

Leonora commented:

Service was okay

Belle commented:

They charged less, but I wish they’d charged more, I’d probably have gotten a better work delivered.

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