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This write-up is on a translation company that goes by the moniker, Rev. Many consumers have asked us if we would provide a Rev translation review. We are of course happy to do so and have now researched the company, ordered translation services, and are ready to provide information on whether or not is legit.

To accomplish our goal of providing accurate information, we started by doing some research. We read several reviews in order to see what others had experienced. Unfortunately, these Rev reviews were largely negative. Worse, the BBB gives Rev translation a very low rating due to a high number of customer complaints and negative reviews. In spite of these negative Rev translation services reviews, we did our best to remain objective.

Services Offered

Rev offers captioning, transcription services, translations, and subtitles. They do not offer localization services. According to the company, they use human translators. Translation services are only offered from English to other languages or other languages to English. This means that you could not use Rev to translate, for example, a French document into Spanish. We placed our order for a certified translation of a five-page business contract. We asked that it be translated from Spanish to English.

Prices And Add Ons

Prices depend on the services ordered. In our case, certified translation costs 33 dollars per page. Regular business translation is 10 cents per word. They do not offer any special add ons or additional services when placing an order. There is a blog that provides some interesting reading.

Quality of Services

Unfortunately, it seems as if the translation reviews were right. The quality is simply not worth the price. Our document came back truncated with several paragraphs that were simply removed. Further, the translation was done in a way that changed the meaning of several important passages. This business contract would likely not have been enforceable after their translation.

Pros & Cons

In order to make it easy for you to make a good decision when selecting a translation service, we like to curate a list of pros and cons. These sum up our total experience with this translation service. As you can see, the cons in this case significantly outnumber the positives.


  • Easy to Place an Order
  • The Website is Well Designed
  • Received Translation in 24 Hours


  • Very Poor Reputation Among Consumers
  • Potentially Guilty of Scamming Customers
  • Poor Quality Work
  • Limited Translation Services
  • Low Rated Among Translators


Due to a  combination of factors, we strongly recommend that customers avoid this translation service at all costs. They appear at best to be a poorly run translation service. At worst, they are a scam operation that has been set up to dupe both customers and translation professionals. Whatever the case may be, the documents we received were poorly translated and not viable in any way. Fortunately, there are good translation services out there. We encourage you to read our other reviews to learn more.

6 customer reviews of

recommended this service

Positive: Order was completed on time.

Negative: Text doesn't always coincide with the speech.

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recommended this service

Positive: While the timing, grammar and all is well, I don't like the way they interpret the language as I feel that a lot of meaning is lost in the translated variant.

Negative: Feels like they take subtitles and translate them without even watching the video.

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recommended this service

Positive: The price is favorable.

Negative: The quality is mediocre. Sometimes they just pick the first meaning they find in a dictionary.

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