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Rush Translate is a small service, located in the state of Washington, U.S. It states that it only uses human translators and that its average turnaround time for translations is 24 hours. Customers place orders through its online order form, upload their documents/pieces and then are provided a personal account to track their orders. Contacting the company otherwise is solely through email messaging, by completing the website contact form. We have conducted this RushTranslate review at the request of our site users who have been customers of this agency. Our summary follows.

Services Offered

RushTranslate states that it provides translations for all sectors – academic, financial, do  legal document translation, immigration, medical, and business translation services. Further, it offers “certified” translators for documents that are required by governments, some of which must be USCIS accepted.

Translations are available in 52 languages, to and from English.

Rush online translation services are divided into two categories – certified and general – with pricing determined based upon the category.

Prices and Add-ons

Pricing is based upon the category of translation. Documents that are in the “certified” category – immigration and naturalization, birth certificates, marriage certificates, transcripts, and degrees, etc. are a single price - $24.95 per page.

All other types of translations fall into the “general” category and are priced at $.10 per word. This places Rush Translate in the low average range for the industry.

Quality of Services

To establish quality, we relied on Rush Translate reviews we found on the web, comments, and feedback that was submitted to us, and our own evaluation of an 800-word blog post we submitted for translation. In general, these are our findings:

  • There were some complaints about the tardiness of delivery
  • While those who ordered documents received the accurate word-for-word translation, those who ordered general translations had issues with nuances of meanings, and some incorrect phrasing and sentence structure.
  • The blog post we ordered was delivered a few hours late. It was an English to Japanese translation services request. When we asked our native Japanese-speaking expert to evaluate it, we got a mixed review. There are some cultural nuances that he stated were not honored in the translation and these could result in some misunderstandings.

Customers can check their accounts to see progress on their orders; however, when one is running late, the only method of communication is via email messaging. This is a concern.

Pros & Cons

Certainly, a certified translation of documents, which are word-for-word, reflect good accuracy. The concerns come in the general translation category where there seem to be phrasing and word usage errors. And late delivery is never a good thing, especially when customers may have strict deadline requirements. The other concern, which we have already noted, is that there is no ability to speak with someone by phone or live chat.


Rush Translate has a couple of areas for improvement. Perhaps over time, it will add more languages and improve communication methods. It is probably a good company to use for certified translation services. For other prose pieces, however, there is improvement needed, especially in areas of phrasing, word usage, and accurate cultural nuances. For these reasons, we have assigned an overall rating of “Fair.”

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: .

Negative: Declined my query to shift the deadline date due to an emergency that I had.

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Pavel P.

recommended this service

Positive: Needed help with several works in German and Hungarian. German translation was perfect. As for the Hungarian piece, there were several vague moments that I had to send for revision.

Negative: -

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Got my file translated right on time. Nothing extraordinary.

Negative: -

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