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Writing Rush Translate Reviews

After seeing an exceeding number of Rush Translate reviews, we decided that it’s high time we evaluated its performance personally. This is a small company located in Washington, U.S., and it states that it only uses human translators, with its average turnaround time for work being just 24 hours. The customers place orders online, upload their documents, and receive access to a personal account to track their progress. Otherwise, you can contact them through email by using website contact form. We have conducted this review for several reasons. Our goal was to establish, is Rush Translate legit? How diverse are its services? Do its employees have enough experience and qualifications? You can find all these answers below.

Services Offered

Company states that it provides translations for different sectors, from academic and financial to immigration and medical ones, as well as for many others. This is a plus since the wider the focus is, the more chances people have to find what they want. Rush translation services, on the other hand, are not as diverse as we hoped for, but they do include some major kinds. You could hire certified experts for translations of documents that are required by governments. Some of documents must be submitted to organizations like USCIS, in this case USCIS certified translation services are required. You could also ask for assistance with standards texts, digital content, or business files. We found no info on localization, so we can’t say whether this option is covered. Translations themselves are available in more than 60 languages. It’s not a big number, but it’s enough to understand that this agency is large enough to accept multiple requests.

Prices and Add Ons

Most translation companies are divided into two major categories: they can be certified and general. Price is determined based on which type you’ve selected. In RushTranslate, the costs are presented openly, which we appreciated a lot. In fact, they are published right on the front page, so you won’t have to waste even a minute on looking for them. Documents that are in the “certified” category include birth and marriage certificates, transcripts, personal records, plus other relevant translations. They cost $24.95 per page. All other types fall into the “general” category and are priced at $0.10 per word. This places them in the low average range within the industry. Various add ons are available, too: you can ask for notarization, a hard copy of your order, or for expedited delivery.

Main Focus of RushTranslate Review: Service Quality

We were interested in legal document translation primarily, so this is exactly what we ordered. Our document had 5 pages and some special terminology. We also asked for a translation of a short personal letter as we hoped to test this agency in two major respects at once. Before we got our order back, we examined all existing reviews again. There were some negative ones about the tardiness of the company, so we kept wondering whether our order would be late as it happened with other customers. Unfortunately, it was. Delay wasn’t long, both papers arrived in 40 minutes, but it is still unacceptable as such tardiness could result in a disaster in case we really had to submit them to authorities.

We wanted to further challenge this company through a more complex kind of translation, so we asked for English to Japanese translation services. After getting the files back, we forwarded them to our native Japanese-speaking expert so that he could evaluate it. His opinion was mixed. As it turned out, the legal document was done well — terminology was conveyed properly and text itself was fluent. But with the second shorter task, some problems emerged. There were a few cultural nuances in the original letter that became offensive in process of translation. If we actually needed this paper, it could result in some serious and upsetting misunderstandings with the recipient. More than that, there were issues with meanings, incorrect phrasing, and flawed sentence structure. The work was clearly done by two different people even though we submitted both documents together as parts of one project. We wouldn’t have minded if they were done equally good, but this wasn’t the case. It affected our review a lot since any drawback in quality is serious damage to their reputation.

Pros & Cons

Like every other company, this one has both advantages and drawbacks. Here is the list of the main points you might be interested in.


  • Presence of certified translators. We got an expert who made our legal document almost flawless, taking care of even the trickiest terminology.
  • Upfront pricing. The system is stable and transparent, and the prices themselves are affordable.
  • Site with a good design. Their website looks good, and most importantly, it’s easy to navigate. All pages are titled appropriately and you can instantly find information you require.
  • Revision option is present. When we asked agency to revise a part of our order, they agreed to this without any complaints or bargaining. Our revised letter wasn’t perfect, but the improvement was evident.


  • Inconsistent quality. Many RushTranslate reviews indicate that people are pleased with a certified translation they got, but with other types of work, some problems might occur. We confirmed it on the example of our order: the more official document was translated well but personal letter was flawed as if it didn’t matter much to the translator. A respectable agency must take equal care of all orders. For example, business translation services require one kind of terminology as well as style; medical or financial ones require another. Understanding these nuances and taking them into account is essential for effective work.
  • Late delivery. Delays are never a good thing, especially when customers have strict deadlines. The so-called Rush translator must correspond to their title and actually be capable of providing rush service.
  • Limited ways of communication. There is no opportunity to speak with someone by phone or a live chat. Customers should check their accounts to see the progress made on their orders, and when one is running late, the only method of communication is via email messaging, which takes time.

Summary of Rush Translate Service

Our impression of this company kept fluctuating, so making a final decision wasn’t easy. It seems like a good place to use for certified online translation services, but for other types, some improvement is needed first. It especially concerns the areas of context and word usage because the mistakes in them have the power to twist the entire meaning of the text. For these reasons, in our Rush Translate review, we give it a “fair” rating. Our test has shown that this agency has a couple of flaws that it still should work hard on, and until then, it cannot be seen as the best. Perhaps over time, it will add stricter quality control measures and improve its communication methods. If it has already happened and you got a great experience with Rush Translate, let us know. We are always willing to review our assessment and test the company again.

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recommended this service

Negative: What a complete disappointment, the translation was not done by a certified translator, it is clear as a day.

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recommended this service

Positive: I was impressed with the affordable prices offered by this translation agency. It allowed me to translate several documents within my budget. But I wasn't very pleased with the quality, I think it could have been improved. I think my translations looked a bit clumsy or unclear. The delivery was satisfactory and I received my translations within the expected time frame.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: If you are looking for an unreliable and unprofessional translation service, go for it. For me it was a disaster: deadlines were not met and translations were of poor quality. It's not about professionalism, and everything they say about themselves is profanity. I would not recommend this service to anyone.

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Ida commented:

Not bad but I expected something better

Anke commented:

Translated the first page accurately, but few errors and mistranslations were seen in the others

Chloe commented:

Good services

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