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Stepes is a service that engages in the provision of translation services, and the following is a review of the company. This review is an end product of in-depth research into the company and the services it provides. We have done our research, and have combed online sources and websites in a bid to learn as much detail and information as we can about the company. As it turns out, the company is not listed on the BBB website, and when we scoured the web for more information, less could be found about the service.

To get an accurate picture of the services offered by Stepes, we went the extra mile and placed an order for document translation. This way, we could better analyze the work with the help of experts in the translation field.

Services Offered

The services that are offered by Stepes translation are limited.  The company does not offer a range of services in the translation space, which makes the service lag compared to other services in the field. While Stepes offers automated cloud-based translation, the company does not offer a wide range of services in some industries.

Further, the company does not translate into a significant majority of languages compared to other sites out there.  We placed an order, and we settled on translation from English to German. The order we placed was purely for review purposes, to gain insight into their services. The service offers translation from a wide array of languages but does not translate to a wide variety of languages. This is among the significant shortcomings of the service.

Prices and Add-Ons

For the document that we asked for a translation, from English to German, we paid 15 cents per word. Compared to industry averages, the price that we paid for the translation is high. This price would be reasonable if the quality of the end product was good, but that was not the case with Stepes.

Quality of Services

When we got the document that we had ordered, we looked at it keenly for review purposes. We had a team of English to German translators who went over the document from, scanned it in detail for any errors, mistakes, or cases of mistranslations. The results that they gave us were not that pleasing since they found that there were some poorly translated words and phrases.

There were some significant mistranslation instances in some sections of the document, and this has the potential for message distortion if not worse.

Pros & Cons

We have, therefore, come up with a short list of the advantages and disadvantages of using the service so that users seeking to use the service can get access to relevant information while making their decisions.


  • Good website layout, hence easy navigation.
  • Customer support


  • High prices
  • Low quality work


After looking at the document keenly and going through the website extensively, and reading a couple of Stepes translation services reviews on the web, it is safe to conclude that this is a reasonably reliable service.

2 customer reviews of

recommended this service

Positive: Translated on time.

Negative: We didn`t notice any human touch in the text. Wish these guys were more creative. Especially when it comes to translating for such a dynamic industry as video games. The text sounded a bit robotish.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Had a bad experience with this company:(

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